Top Advances in Gaming Technology in 2024 – Everything That’s Important for Gaming Entrepreneurs

Author: Mehreen Saleem | February 11, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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The game development industry has experienced continuous evolution and growth, all thanks to advanced gaming technologies.

While many of these trends couldn’t sustain for long and were replaced by more complex yet approachable gaming technologies; many of them revolutionized the entirety of games.

And since the internet is filled with leading technological innovations that played a part in developing incredible games; we are more interested in what’s next to come.

Today we are going to talk about some amazing futuristic gaming technologies that will rule the world in 2024 and beyond.

However, before moving on, let’s have a sneak peek at how technology disrupted this industry in the previous year.

So, let’s get started.

Tech Advancements – Gaming Innovations in Numbers

There is no doubt that technological innovations have resulted in the development of incredible games that are high-functioning and grab massive market traction.

However, with the significant integration of modern technologies in games, the future of gaming has been worthwhile for investors, developers, and definitely gamers.

The tech innovations like AI in gaming are focused at creating smart – more interactive games for efficient user experiences.

Talking in numbers, the annual revenue for tech gaming apps in 2021 was a 4.4% increase, making more than 180.3 billion USD.

The image below shows a clear segmentation of gaming revenues based on platforms and gaming categories for 2021.

2021 global gaming market infographic - tekrevol

As per research, the industry experienced slow yet consistent growth in 2021, as compared to 2023, with the lowest number of game app releases in the last ten years.

The primary reasons for this were drilled down to consistent lockdown and prevailing work-from-home culture.

Moving on, while we enter 2024 with partially similar yet improved conditions, there is expected to be a surge in the game development industry.

With consistent year-on-year growth, the game industry is expected to go beyond a whopping 200 million by 2024.

Out of which, mobile gaming would bag almost 50% of the entire revenue with a total of $95 billion. This would be followed by $61 billion and $39 billion from Console and PC gaming, respectively.

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So, while the gaming market for 2024 is filled with opportunities, let’s dive into what technologies would drive these growth prospects.

Top Technological Advancements in Game Development

1. Gesture Control

Introducing new ways to interact with gaming apps, Gesture recognition game technology would offer new frontiers in the user interfaces.

Over the few years, gesture control and recognition have become a popular choice for tech games developers by employing Intel 3D cameras that can track 22 separate points in your hand.

Gesture control technology would basically allow users to connect with the games by simply using their natural movements.

Subsequently, reinventing the conventional means to interact with games, this technology would pave the way for new gaming innovations in 2024.

Here are the five popular games leveraging the gesture control technology;

Why Should you Invest in Gesture-Control Game Technology?

Any breakthrough in technological innovations is incomplete without setting its foot in the game app industry.

And as for Gesture control technology, researchers predict a whopping rise in the global market by 23.5 billion in 2023, which rounds up to a 27.9% CAGR increase.

Also, considering that the gaming market would continue to experience a surge in trends like Augmented reality and Virtua Reality (find below in the article), motion control technology in gaming would come along.

So, gesture control will definitely emerge as one of the future gaming technologies in 2024, providing notable investment opportunities.

2. Facial Recognition

Face recognition will soon be the key driver to reshaping and expanding our smartphone gaming experiences.

Over the past year, China has been using face recognition technology in the game industry to limit the playing time for minors.

However, as a gaming technology, face recognition would allow systems to actually create a likeness in the gaming world by creating your avatar, transferring expressions, and adapting emotions.

All thanks to the Intel RealSense 3D cameras – which would allow the developer to scan more than 78 different points of the face.

Moreover, as face recognition would be one of the prospective technological advances, it would have endless possibilities for app developers and investors.

The following are some incredible games leveraging facial recognition;

Why Invest in Face Recognition Technology?

Among some of the leading technological advancements in the past few years, face recognition emerged as a game-changer.

Over the past few years, face recognition technology has already made its mark in industries like security, banking and finance, healthcare, government, and more.

However, leveraging this technology to build incredible games would create new opportunities, trends, and revenue streams.

On the whole, the face recognition industry has a market share of approximately 4.45 billion USD.

This, however, would grow at a CAGR of 15.92% by 2028, ranging up to 10.2 billion USD – making it a potential investment opportunity.

3.  Voice recognition

Apart from Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, voice recognition technology has also been revolutionizing the gaming industry for a few years.

Subsequently, this modern technology would continue to evolve the gaming experience for users by offering voice recognition and command support.

The speech recognition technology would offer an immersive gaming experience through an additional layer of integration.

Also, this would emerge as a prospective video gaming technology for people with visual impairment or disabled people.

Have a look at some amazing games leveraging voice recognition technology.

Why can Voice Recognition be a new Gaming Technology for Entrepreneurs?

Apart from some popular games mentioned above, voice recognition would be seen making a surge into more complex games like Starship Commander and several eSports games like Overwatch and Call of Duty.

Also, Text-to-Speech technology is experiencing a growth surge in demand – which indicates an inclination of game developers towards the technology.

Moreover, with an annual market value of more than $145 billion in 2019 for the speech recognition technology in the market, it isn’t really hard to do the math for future predictions.

Subsequently, investing in a technology that has both a market value and would offer a definite user acquisition can be worthwhile.

4. Cutting-edge Graphics

The game development industry has significantly evolved from 8-bit graphical resolution with 256 colors to 64-bit realistic 3D images.

The continuous technological advancements in the game development industry have made a shift towards personalization and user-centricity.

Subsequently, another gaming tech trend in 2024 would be cutting-edge graphics offering bold and expressive designs, purposeful and pragmatic concepts, and photo-realistic textures.

In order to offer a more realistic gaming experience, the developers would focus on graphic design that would increase playability – taking the user in the game.

With more user traction and likeability, the trend can definitely be a growth opportunity for game developers.

Here are some gaming inspirations employing high-tech graphics

How Can Graphics be an Opportunistic Technology for Game Developers

Moreover, since 3D graphics offer a simulation of the natural movements of characters and objects, the gaming experience is definitely much more heightened and innovative.

And as 3D gaming continues to evolve, it would be a simpler yet attractive approach for game developers to offer an unforgettable gaming experience.

Subsequently, with a consistent gaming inclination towards 3D graphic technology, the market overhead would also increase with a CAGR of 10.3% from 2020 to 2024.

Also, since a majority of gaming engineers are driving interest in this gaming technology, it would be the right time to join the bandwagon.

5. High-definition Displays

If you wish to offer good graphics in the video game, the resolution is arguably the most critical graphical setting.

Henceforth, in 2024 high-definition and extreme high-definition displays will be another trending gaming tech.

The HD ready or Full HD trend offering 720p and 1080p, respectively, would experience a significant change in 2024.

While many seasoned gamers won’t be able to find a proper 720p gaming monitor, 1080p would continue as the popular high-definition display trend – that too for several reasons;

  • New GPUs, both mid-range and up, would easily achieve a considerable framerate in this resolution.
  • 1080p would offer a very affordable and budget-friendly solution
  • It would offer a perfect ratio of performance and visuals.

On the contrary, HD trends like Quad HD and Ultra HD or 4K would also make a wake in 2024.

Offering new gaming industry standards, game developers would be found gravitating towards these trends in 2024

A New Gaming-Technology Requirement for Professional Gamers

In 2024, the game development industry will make a move towards cutting-edge graphics incorporating high-resolution aspects.

Subsequently, gamers would not only need the right graphical setting on their systems but would also require the right set of hardware.

So, as the game developers are driving towards Quad and Ultra HD, it’s about time for gamers to adapt to systems like PlayStation 4 Pro and X Box One X.

6. NFT Game Development

After blockchain technology is experiencing a greater application across industries, NFTs have surfaced as a substantial profit-sharing model.

Subsequently, NFT in gaming has led to limitless opportunities for investors and gamers, leveraging the play-to-earn model.

In 2022, the trend will continue to make notable impacts on the gaming industry in terms of user acquisition and revenue earned.

Since OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, has already emerged as a significant player in gaming, some popular and upcoming NFT games would enhance the business.

NFT Gaming: A New Technology for Gamers and Investors

After a massive business worth $4.8 billion in 2021, NFT games would become a more mainstream approach for investors.

Since many crypto investors own their own assets, NFT games would help them generate new revenue streams.

However, innovation would be the driving force in the gameplay and mechanics of the game.

Similarly, NFT would provide an easy way to earn while playing their favorite games; gamers would have new crypto earning opportunities.

The following are some NFT games ruling the market;


7. Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality: Extended Reality

With popular AR and VR video games like Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and SteamVR, the gaming industry has offered some exceptional gaming experiences.

And it will continue to do so in 2024.

With game developers and manufacturers are eager to innovate the gaming industry beyond imagination, they would prioritize offering smooth gaming experiences.

On the whole, Augmented Reality games, along with virtual reality, would create new and virtual realities for gamers in the following ways;

  • Integrating 3D imaging and effects.
  • Offering captive experiences with real and virtual environments.
  • Ensure real-time interaction with digital information for better engagement levels.
  • Enable versatility and innovation as the key drivers.

Extended Reality – A Lucrative Gaming Technology for Entrepreneurs

Apart from gaming, AR and VR would experience growing popularity in different industries like healthcare and wearable app development.

However, for all the existing AR-VR hype in the gaming market, this technology would create numerous potential opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The AR-VR market is forecasted to go beyond $10 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 18.5%; it would definitely drive some notable market trends.

Ultimately highlighting a rise in demand for AR-VR in mobile gaming.

For more insights on VR games, here is an entrepreneurial guide on how to develop a VR game.

8. Offline Gaming Apps

Since mobile gaming has bagged a significant value in the gaming industry, high priority is given to games that users can play whenever they want without needing the internet.

While the app stores are saturated with all-time favorite and award-winning offline games like Subway Surfers, Crossy Roads, and Once Upon a Tower, the number would continue to grow.

In 2024, the development of offline games for android and iOS platforms will continue as a leading trend.

Offering convenience, engagement, and interactivity to get more traction and generate more revenues, offline game development would continue as a reliable approach for entrepreneurs.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest in Offline Game Development?

Over the years, there has been a clear gaming inclination towards offline games.

Although, with new trends making a wake in the gaming industry, gamers are equally interested in playing online games with friends.

However, the offline gaming trend would continue to entertain users while offering;

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience
  • And, continuity

The following are some notable examples of popular offline games and the revenues they earned;

9. Cross-platform games

Next up, cross-platform game development would also continue to drive more engagement and revenue to the industry.

Since developing games that can run across different systems and consoles has had its share of road bumps in the past, 2024 would be the end of this barrier.

New technological advancements and innovations are enabling development of multi-platform games.

Not only would this benefit gamers to access their games via different platforms; it would help entrepreneurs to attract more audiences and widen their target market.

Certainly, 2024 would be the year for cross-platform games.

Cross-platform Games as a Game-changing Technology for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, what makes an idea a suitable investment opportunity includes the following factors;

  • Cost or budget required
  • Market traction and acceptability
  • Revenue earned

Similarly, when it comes to cross-platform game development, it not only increases the market traction and revenues by multifold; it keeps the investment minimal while doing so.

Subsequently, entrepreneurs can earn while staying within their budget – ultimately optimizing the game development cost for multi-platform games.

Here are some popular cross-platform games as strategic and technological inspiration;

10. Cloud-based Games

Cloud applications and services have readily changed the industrial dynamics by offering cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions.

As for video games leveraging cloud infrastructure, the trend would surge specifically for AAA games without needing any complicated or hard-to-find hardware.

While several cloud services providers would urge toward GaaS (Games as a Service), cloud gaming adopters would also continue to subscribe to the services.

In the past years, there were several cloud games that could not receive traction due to the lack of hardware resources; 2024 would offer new solutions to such issues for both manufacturers and cloud game investors.

Cloud Gaming as a New technological Advancement for Investors and Manufacturers

For starters, the cloud gaming market was worth $244 million in 2023 would project at a CAGR of 57.2% to reach $21,954 million in 2030.

The stats provide a clear picture of where the market is headed and why this can be a profitable idea for entrepreneurs.

Apart from that, since cloud gaming requires suitable high-end PC computers, this can offer a prospective revenue-generating opportunity for hardware manufacturers.

Previously, as gamers prioritized Nvidia’s GeForce NOW and Google’s Stadia, the platforms experienced a concurrent growth in usability – which justifies the above-mentioned point.

The following are popular cloud-based games that ruled the charts last year;

The Way Forward

While everyone is still trying to get their head around concepts like Web 3.0 and Metaverse, the game app development industry is busy making its way forward.

And as some amazing advanced gaming technologies will make a breakthrough in the industry in 2024, there’s significantly enough room for growth.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a game development investor, finding the right opportunity to leverage this projected growth is what you get to decide.

For insights on how you can leverage any of these technologies and incorporate them into your gaming models, you can always consult a leading game development company like Tekrevol.

Not only would the company help you in making the right decision, but it would also guide you through the entire game development process.

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Author : Mehreen Saleem

Mehreen is an avid tech-researcher and thrives on accelerating business value by sharing her research that spans the intersection of technology to business resilience and sustainability-related topics. She’s also an advocate for ensuring that every content created at TekRevol is epic.

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