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Hire Our Mobile Game Developers To Redefine Industry Standards

You know what they say! Behind every successful project is a well-coordinated team of skilled people equipped with the best of modern technologies.

We have some of the best mobile game app developers who have produced an incredible array of highly engaging games. Putting entertaining gameplay together with user revenue generation models, we build games that become sure-shot user favorites in no time at all.

As a top mobile game development company, the technologies we work on are top draw. From isometric, PhoneGap, 2D, and 3D games, Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, Starling, HTML5 and Unity, we have built games using the most cutting edge platforms to achieve maximum engagement for players.

Top Game Developers

Creating Games For All Operating Systems & Screens

We can develop games to suit a diverse set of OS and screens. Our platform centric approach provides users with the purest and most unhinging form of experience. We know our clients expect nothing but a highly engaging, quality user experience from what we create, so we make sure to deliver exactly that.

Android Game Development
Android Game Development

An integrated, in-house team of game developers for Android game development.

iOS Game Development
iOS Game Development

Specialized process for top notch iOS game development that rules the iTunes Store.

iPad Game Development
iPad Game Development

Same process as iOS game development for iPhone, but customized to suit the suit the screen perfectly.

Wearable Game Development
Wearable Game Development

Android game development or iOS game development for specific wearables, we do it all.

TV Game Development
Android TV/Apple TV Game Development

Exploring this new niche, we have done some remarkable work for Android and iOS game development in the Big Screen Format.

How We Work?

Smashing Graphics, Low Ping Rates & Incredible Features

With all the competition in the gaming industry, users can easily lose interest in a game, even with the slightest of glitches or low-work gameplay. With Tekrevol, you won’t encounter these problems.As a mobile game app development company, we not only ensure technical perfection, but also make sure what we create is backed by the latest trends.

So whether it’s Android game development or iOS game development, the in-game graphics we create are of the highest quality, with incredibly detailed characters, background score and progression.

Top Game Developers
Platform Centric Development

Game App Development For Unity Platform

The most popular game development platform these days, Unity, is our go-to choice for starting any sort of game app development project.

As a specialized mobile game development company, we ensure that this platform offers real time development and top notch scalability for Unity game development, allowing us to build games that can compete with the best of the best.

When you hire mobile game developers from us, you can count on years of experience in building countless 2D and 3D games utilizing this gaming platform.

  • Integrated Unity Game Development Platform
  • Diverse Platform Compatibility
  • One-Time Engagement Supported
  • Hire Game App Developers For Unity Based Games
HTML5 Centric

HTML5 Centric Mobile Game Development Company

If you don’t want to port your game for every specific platform, then opting for HTML5 based game app development is the way to go.

Powering incredible cross platform and cross browser compatibility and automatic updates, hiring our team of HTML 5 game app developers can bring your idea to life and provide you with an excellent cost advantage in addition to lowered market delivery time.

Our team also has extensive experience working with HTML5 Game Frameworks like Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz and Booty5, so you can have your game ready for your target audience in the best way possible.

  • Integrated Gaming Experience
  • Preferable Across Multiple Streams
  • Reduced Market Delivery Time
  • Top HTML 5 Game App Developers
HTML5 Centric
Platform Centric Development
Platform Centric Development

2D & 3D Game Development Arm

No matter what your vision is, our team of top rated game app developers can pull it off for you. We have built multiple games in the 2D and 3D format to suit audience preferences across multiple verticals for platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Facebook among others.

We are among the select few in the industry who focus on 3D game development for mobile apps, so if you want an idea like that to be executed with panache, we can be your partners in it.

After you share your game brief with us, we handle everything else as your trusted mobile game development company. From asset creation to custom game development and final acceptance on the app store, it’s all on us.

  • 2D and 3D Games For All Web & Mobile Platforms
  • Custom Animation
  • Asset Creation and Audio Builds
  • Optimization and Updates
Market Leaders In Game Apps

How Much Does A Game App Cost In 2020?

Game apps can be really expensive to build and maintain, but don’t worry, we do everything in our mix to ensure that you get the best, for the best cost.

When you hire our mobile game developers, rest assured you will get the most engaging game apps built without overburdening your budget. Want an estimate for your app's cost?

Leverage Emerging Technologies

We Are Leaders In Disruptive Game Technologies

Envisioning a game as massive as PokemonGo or trying to replicate the success of PUBG? For that, you would need something extra and that’s exactly what we bring to the table as a specialized mobile game development company.

From Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality, we can retrofit your game with the most innovative technologies to power unparalleled, cutting-edge gameplay.

Leverage Emerging Technologies
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About How We Make Game Apps

What is mobile game development?
Mobile game development is the process of transforming a game idea into a digital product for smartphones. After comprehensively going through several mobile app development stages, a mobile game is built. The game development process also includes the maintenance stage to ensure that user experience and performance are intact. Additionally, a mobile game is packed with intrinsic features, functionalities, and captivating graphics to keep the users engaged.
The game development stages can vary from game development company to company. However, in most cases, the outcome or result of every specific stage is similar. For, i.e., the game development process at Tekrevol includes six basic stages;
  • Ideation and sprint planning
  • Selecting the game engine
  • Choosing game development language
  • Create graphics assets.
  • Designing and development phase
  • Q/A testing
  • Launch the game
As a beginner in game development, note that providing smooth and seamless gameplay and a revolutionary user experience is crucial. Also, game developers must be familiar with popular game development languages and game engines.
Following are the steps you must follow to excel in game development:
  • Pick an easy game development, preferably of the game you enjoy playing.
  • Select the game engine or framework you wish to master
  • Create game prototypes
  • Find and develop graphics or visuals of the game
  • Design and develop your game
  • Test your game and update to remove bugs
  • Publish
The average cost of developing a mobile game app depends on the cost breakdown, majorly the features and complexity of the gameplay. Similarly, the location and hourly charges of the development team also impact the entire game app cost.
However, the average mobile game development cost ranges from $50 to $150.
When hiring a game developer, our recommendation would be to create a checklist that details project guidelines and scope to help you make a better decision in the long run.
Also, since game development is a complex process, choosing a team of experienced and skilled game developers is critical to the app’s successful completion and success. To select a mobile game development team you can check out a game development company’s portfolio, experience in the market, technical expertise, and more.
The cost of hiring a programmer varies from location to location. Game developers in Europe would have different charges per hour than in the USA. A primary aspect in evaluating the cost of app development is the hourly charges of a programmer. Secondly, it also includes the experience and level of expertise they have to offer, along with the technical needs and complexities of the mobile app.
As the average hourly rate starts from $50, the overall cost can be calculated by adding it to the total time required to develop the app.
Outsourcing game app development services can help entrepreneurs and startups in the following ways:
  • Game development outsourcing can provide affordable services with a detailed cost breakdown.
  • Collaborating with an experienced game development company can provide a dedicated team of developers and managers to ensure productivity and result.
  • Outsourcing services offer high-level expertise in cross-platform, programming codes, and other crucial game development aspects.
  • From ensuring game quality to providing fast communication, outsourcing game company takes care of everything for you.
  • A leading game development company, along with development services, also offers marketing services if you want to ensure your app makes it big in the market.
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