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We are your mobile app development Bahrain partner in building smart, innovative, and user-friendly business tools. Our team of design and development personnel works to push your business capabilities by integrating robust technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and more.

Acquire market-leading innovations and cross-platform applications that stand out and meet the highest coding standards of iOS and Android.

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Expert App Developers In Bahrain Helping You Tap Region’s Technology Potential

TekRevol is a mobile app development company in Bahrain, and our development team perfectly understands GCC's digital and technology potential. Our clients in GCC get to work with a custom team assembled per their specific requirements for cross-platform development, API integration, business analysis, and consulting services for secure and performant apps.

Customer-Oriented Mobile App Development Company In Bahrain, Build Next-Gen Digital Solutions

TekRevol is a mobile app development company Bahrain that assures clients by developing robust and top-tier software products aligned with their organizational goals.

Our app development services include native and performant apps for iOS and Android, tech stack consultations, testing, deployment, launch, and after-sales support and marketing services.

Moreover, we also encourage clients to outsource their software development outsourcing by delegating all or part of their development work to us. The idea is to help them with business growth by making up for their lack of internal resources and expertise.

The benefits of outsourcing IT support include faster time-to-market, reduced resource and technological risks, and better application quality and performance.

Our vision in Bahrain and GCC is to help businesses prepare and succeed in the highly competitive digital era by using strategy and leadership for their digital transformation journey.


Expansion & Growth Plans Of TekRevol In GCC

TekRevol understands that businesses in the GCC region are well on course to leverage robust information and communication technologies for their economic development and digital transformation excellence.

Enterprises in Bahrain and the GCC sector are hustling to serve their clientele and acquire new businesses through out-of-the-box digital solutions and tech stacks. This is why the entire GCC region is now heavily investing in the following digital transformation building blocks—strategy, focus areas, digitization engines, skills and partnerships, and investment opportunities.

TekRevol has entered Bahrain with sound expertise in specific focus areas, including full-cycle iOS and Android app development and efficient solutions to fit your business domain and budget requirements. Our focus is to facilitate clients in various industries, including retail, healthcare, logistics, on-demand, music, real estate, etc., with robust native applications, top-quality features, and integrations at the hands of a dedicated development and support team that acknowledges your market and business needs.

The purpose of equipping ourselves with versatile design and development solutions is not to be any mobile app development company next door but a team that completely supports your brand identity and crafts digital solutions to help you settle in the highly competitive GCC market.

The purpose of equipping ourselves with versatile design and development solutions is not to be any mobile app development company next door but a team that completely supports your brand identity and crafts digital solutions to help you settle in the highly competitive GCC market.


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Why work with TekRevol?

TekRevol Bahrain is a team of design and development enthusiasts working through individual collectivism and structured chaos philosophy. With our newly opened offices in Dubai, the work continues for the Bahrain offices and keeping the essence of the GCC market in consideration in all our development services. This is why you should hire TekRevol as your next digital solutions partner.

Uncover new business opportunities

Helping businesses understand how digital solutions can assist them in scaling and expansion is something we value above everything. Our development expertise revolves around solutions that would prove to be a value-added tool for your business and target audience.

Hire consulting and strategic expertise

Collaborate for our consulting services, where we conduct informative, thorough sessions with our prospects regarding their business goals and expectations and educate them on how we can help them accomplish their goals.

Incorporate a lean approach

Transform your ideas into a sophisticated digital reality that produces top ROI and retention rates. Our team uses design thinking, user research and testing, aesthetics, and an agile development approach to fabricate the right suite of solutions for your brand.

Our Process

TekRevol’s Mobile App Development Process


Project Discussion

We are a mobile app development company who believes is completing all the homework before starting any project.

Whenever we get into a discussion with any potential client, we discuss all the essentials including app objective, target audience, app’s USP, competitor analysis, investment, and marketing efforts.

The idea is to acquire all the expectations from the client’s end through an in-person meeting or a call consultation.

  • Exploring and iterating our client’s idea.
  • Designing a strategic roadmap for the application
  • Identifying major strategies, APIs, and dependencies.
  • Allocating required resources for the project.
  • Implementing a solution-driven approach by including necessary features and functionalities.
  • Creating the scope, timeline, and blueprint.

Business Insight & Estimation

After the preliminary discussion on understanding the client’s app’s vision, we then discuss the number and type of team members required and offer suggestions for app development.

The early inclusion of QA is to understand your project requirements and flow-based queries better.

The information acquired is put on several test scenarios and test cases. The testing documents allow us to estimate the cost of your application alongside a feasible concept of the end product.

  • 1. Determining and creating an app design that gets maximum traction.
  • Designing other components of the app, i.e., buttons, screens, icons, and more.
  • Preparing a visual prototype and presenting it to the client for approval and feedback.
  • Rapid iterations, revamp, and preferential edits are made by the end of the process before moving onto the next one.

Signing NDA

The idea of signing an NDA is to lay down clear expectations on paper regarding all the correspondence between the client and TekRevol.

The agreement will contain the project deliverables, milestones, legal clauses, references, and annexures.

After the complete project discussion and app cost estimation, we’ll ask the client to go through and sign the project agreement.

  • Sprint planning scrums.
  • Project iteration meetings.
  • Division of developmental tasks involved in specific sprints.
  • Sprint testing and reviews.
  • Backlog identification and release planning.
  • Q/A sessions.

App wireframing

Wireframing is one of the most important aspects of mobile app development, it will serve as a benchmark for complete app development by bridging the gap between the client’s app idea and the final product.

For example, if you want a chat feature in your app, we’ll build a variety of chat types including one-on-one chat, group chat, etc.

The specific wireframes will be created that will give the client an idea of how the chat feature would work.


UI/UX design

Our technical personnel strongly believe that a great design is critical to the success of any mobile application. In this phase, we focus on the aspects like touch gestures, conformity to the OS standards, colors, app layout, and UI designs.

UI/UX designs are meant to ensure that the app is user-friendly, intuitive, and works in a fashion that users demand.

Moreover, focusing on user navigation is a top priority. Hence, we create a storyboard or roadmap to indicate the connection between each screen.


App development

Now’s the time for our app developer in Dubai to finally get started with development including backend development, frontend development, and APIs integration.

We choose the right development methods, assemble the developers, assign a dedicated project manager, create a timeline with all the milestones and deadlines mapped, and add ample timeslots to cater to the revisions and changes along the way.

The type of app development, its project scope, and custom requirements have a direct impact on the timelines and budget, therefore, we keep the client informed of the complete in-house ecosystem by following an agile approach.


QA testing

Before launching the application in the app stores, our app development Dubai QA team ensures your business tool is perfectly usable via a series of rigorous testing.

App testing allows us to find glitches and bugs that need to be cleared before your customers get a hand on it.

The idea is to test the app on both Android and iOS and different smartphone devices and run tests with real users to gain feedback.


App launch

The App Store and Google Play have strict policies for application launch, but we do realize what it takes to launch your tool successfully including optimizing your app’s title, description, category, keywords, launch icon, and app store screenshots.

Once your app is submitted, it passes through a review process and may take from a few days to several weeks.

After launch, our team will start monitoring mobile analytics platforms to gauge your app’s performance and success. Moreover, the crash reports and user-generated reports to acquire insights on how well the tool is performing.


Post-launch support

Following the app release, you’ll start acquiring user feedback, and for future revisions, we’ll make relevant adjustments and release them as an app update.

Normally after the release of the 1st version, the development cycle starts afresh as we keep adding updates per your request and our recommendations.

The purpose of installing regular updates is to keep your tool relevant and at the forefront of your target audience.


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Purpose-Built Technology Solutions For Your Business

If you’re looking to develop a digital solution for your business, look no further, because that’s what we’re great at. For a better understanding of what we can offer, check out our list of services:

Wearable App Development Services

Native iOS App Development

Acquire scalable and aesthetically brilliant iOS applications that are perfectly compatible with iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. Our developers are well-versed in platform-specific technologies like Swift and Objective-C, allowing them to use feature-rich capabilities and build applications that exhibit a consistent user experience across all devices. Acquire feature customizations and bespoke mobile applications after undergoing the tool through advanced iOS testing with a dedicated QA team.

Wearable App Development Services

Native Android App Development

TekRevol provides native Android app development solutions driven through evolutionary architecture and tech stacks. Our end-to-end solutions are purposefully created to be easily customizable and cater to a wide array of audience segments and users’ needs. We are a mobile app development company Bahrain to help you with well-designed process flow and smart development strategies for native applications.

Wearable App Development Services

Hybrid App Development

Our hybrid app development services involve producing robust, top-performing, and feature-packed application that is both scalable and ready to meet your business’s needs. TekRevol focuses on adopting native app features and capabilities and encourages clients to adopt HTML5 mobile app development for all platforms. We aim to help clients reduce their marketing costs by creating and marketing their tools across all channels in a results-driven, scalable manner.

Wearable App Development Services

App Analytics

TekRevol is more than a mobile app development company completely exhausting its efforts on stuffing designs and flawless coding and development. Our app store optimization team understands the importance of getting your app listed in the app store's search results through the correct elements like title and description, screenshots, and more. We offer robust app analytics services covering extraction and understanding user data about their behaviors and other activities like attribute tracking, crash analytics, geo-analytics, and in-app purchase analytics.

Wearable App Development Services

App Deployment

We are as vigilant with app deployment as with the development without compromising the quality and launch guidelines of the App Store and Google Play store. Putting an app on the Android app store involves going through the checklist of developer policies, account creation, synchronized release planning, quality approval, API targeting, Android app bundle creation, store listing, Android app bundle uploading, pre-release reports verification, monetization and distribution, app content rating, and app launch. TekRevol handles the entire app development process from ideation to deployment, no matter how complex the requirements are.

Wearable App Development Services

Product Discovery

We believe every mobile app development is incomplete without adequate planning, which involves understanding and acknowledging all client expectations and requirements. Our product discovery process deepens into your product or business idea, where we conduct a detailed feasibility test and analysis of the potential of your idea. The discovery process will start by understanding your product vision, defining our app development process, discussing the potential roadblocks and reducing risks, creating the right development roadmap, and establishing a trustworthy ground with the client.

Wearable App Development Services

Product Strategy

You need a mobile app development company that understands how your product will attain its key goals across its entire lifecycle. The purpose is to conduct product management efforts focused on customer needs, market positioning, and business goals. Our app developers in Dubai and strategic personnel will define your USP and create a strategy that will act as your stable touchpoint aligning your company’s core vision.

This is the core list of services that we offer, but there’s a lot more that we can help you with. To reach out to us, you can fill up this form, call us or visit us at a location near you.

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