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TekRevol is a leading logistic app development company empowering manufacturing and distribution companies with state-of-the-art warehousing and transportation management services. As a leading logistics software development company, we strive to help clients streamline storage and delivery management capabilities with intelligent freight tracking, warehouse management, and class-apart supply chain solutions.

Our logistic app development services are aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of our clients while providing seamless shipment services with exceptional user experiences.

Why Choose TekRevol As Your Logistics Software Development Company?

At TekRevol, we strongly emphasize building UX-focused logistics software applications with intuitive user interface design and easy-to-use features. We follow an agile development methodology to maintain high-quality standards and keep our partners and stakeholders involved throughout the development phase.

Focused Development
Maintenance & Support
Quick Turnarounds

Our approach from building a software development roadmap to project deployment and integration stays constant, i.e., to deliver maximum value to the end user. As a leading logistics software development company, we prioritize the user experience above all and make no compromise on quality.

Our PMP-Certified project managers and key account executives ensure 24/7 support to our clients to quickly address their concerns. We provide dedicated development teams to our clients to maintain their logistics software, regardless of the workload.

We understand how crucial it is to have reliable logistics software to enhance operational efficiencies and eliminate the chances of inaccuracies. Thus, we strive to set short but realistic project deadlines and strongly emphasize delivering the project on time.

At TekRevol, we build class-apart logistics software applications that support access to smartphones and tablets. We empower logistic companies to streamline operations and build logistics software solutions tailored to their business needs.

Comprehensive Logistic Solutions To Optimize Operational Efficiencies

We help businesses keep pace with the everchanging demands of the logistics and transportation industry by implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions.

We integrate smart logistic solutions to automate warehousing with inventory scanning and organizing capabilities. It helps businesses administer quality control on the inventory and stock for large warehouses without manual testing or human oversight.

Our logistic software help businesses leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the accurate delivery time for shipments. Vendors can use their previous trips or integrate historical trip sheets from other sources to create better estimates and optimize delivery routes using AI.

Our logistic software solutions include built-in accounting information systems (AIS) and smart business intelligence applications to facilitate businesses to keep track of their orders. We also support integrations with popular AIS software like Sage and SAP to enable businesses to connect with their existing databases on the go.

Our logistic software helps businesses keep track of the shipments and automatically update the status after delivering the parcel. Businesses can also perform parcel audits to learn about the estimated delivery time for each parcel, track parcels until delivered, and figure out the obstacles to optimize for later.

Our Fintech software applications include peer-to-peer transaction features to facilitate seamless money transfers for the end users. With P2P money transfer services, users can send and receive money directly to the other user's account or wallet without involving intermediaries such as banks and digital wallets.

Logistics Software Development Services For Future-Oriented Businesses

TekRevol helps logistics businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency through custom software development services. By working closely with logistics businesses to understand their specific needs and challenges, TekRevol can design and develop custom software solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Whether developing a custom transportation management system, a warehouse management platform, or a real-time tracking system, TekRevol has the expertise and experience to deliver the right solution for each unique business. As a result, logistics businesses partnered with TekRevol have seen significant improvements in their productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall bottom line.

Waste Connections

We designed and integrated a dashboard to the app that encapsulated the complete analytics and process of waste that runs in the entire city.

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