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TekRevol uses the .NET platform to build state-of-the-art software systems. We build technologies using .NET that help you in every walk of life.


We help businesses build robust digital solutions for internal operational and diverse customer segments, including web, apps, and SaaS.


Our native app development solutions for Android have enabled many of our clients to achieve their targets and see unprecedented business growth.


Get an interactive web app or a data-intensive program with a robust backend with TekRevol’s Node.js developers.


TekRevol is a PHP development company encompassing all the solutions you may require while developing a backend solution for your business


We are a python development company using Python for web development, CMS portals, machine learning.



TekRevol helps you create and deliver innovative business experiences to your stakeholders on a secure, robust Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.


TekRevol helps its clients migrate, modernize and transform their data with GCP Cloud, the Google Cloud Platform service


Our Oracle consulting services enable businesses to build and manage cloud applications with the right tools


For clients from diverse industries, our SAP consultants have helped them achieve a stable organizational structure

Our Clients

We contribute to these partnership programs, supported by global technology experts. Partnering with industry leaders, we offer quality technology solutions that meet your business needs.