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Our experience in cross-platform app development services has enabled us to create business-specific solutions by leveraging the latest technologies, i.e., HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

We design full-fledged multi-platform apps that are help you reach your audience across a wide array of mobile and OS platforms.

Our cross platform services will enable you to reduce the overall cost of your app project without compromising on the quality of the app. Each version of the app will be built using the same IDE, APIs and languages to ensure a uniform and stellar user experience.

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Why Should You Opt For
Cross Platform App Development?

In recent years, there has been a consistent rise in the number of OS and mobile platforms available to users. An app that isn’t available on even one of these platforms will be missing out on a lot of potential users and revenue.

This is where hybrid/cross platform app development comes in. It will allow your business to get its app across as many platforms as possible, thereby increasing your app’s reach to the maximum.

But that’s not where the advantages of cross platform app development end.


A cross-platform app will help you save a lot in development costs since you wont have to separately pay for to get apps developed for each platform separately.


A Cross-platform app saves valuable project time as you don't have to write the same application several times.


The programming of a cross-platform app offers a near-native functionality. A cross-platform app's hybrid framework enables the application to have the same features that native apps have.


You can quickly launch your app because you would only have to develop a single app that would work perfectly on both IOS and Android.

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Stellar ROI Driven Cross-Platform Apps

The Importance Cross-Platform Application Development

Your audience is using several platforms today. There are different devices available in the market that they can use to visit your business's online presence. Taking your business to such platforms and devices is becoming increasingly crucial to succeed in today’s hyper competitive digital landscape.

Choosing just one operating system to develop a mobile application for your brand is no longer a viable solution when you have the option of delivering an omnichannel experience with limitless reach by developing a cross platform app.

In a nutshell, cross-platform app development is what your brand and your consumers need.

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Tools And Technologies We Leverage For Cross- Platform App

We leverage the following tools and languages for cross platform mobile app development.

Programming Languages

  • 1- Kotlin

  • 2- Swift

  • 3- Java


  • 1- Flutter

  • 2- React Native

  • 3- Xamarin

  • 4- Ionic

  • 5- Corona

Why Choose

Why Businesses Choose
Tekrevol For Their Cross-Platform
Application Development?

Tekrevol knows cross-platform app development at its core. Our passion for learning and adapting to the latest tech gives us an edge over our competition.

We harness the power of the latest technologies for cross-platform apps development and deliver apps that run smoothly on various platforms.

Here’s what gives us an edge over others when developing cross platform apps:

Integrating A Native User-Experience
Our cross platform apps offer a uniform experience across all devices and OS, functioning just like native apps

Quality Assurance And Testing
We constantly improve your cross-platform mobile app by running quality checks and tests to ensure that it functions perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re problem solvers, meaning we like to first understand the problem you’re trying to solve with your mobile app and help you design a product that brings something unique to the market.

Cross-Platform mobile app development can be done using Kotlin, Swift, and Java as the programming languages. Top cross platform app development companies also utilize React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Corona, and Ionic as tools to help them in their Cross-Platform Development.

We use various technologies and tools to design and develop your multi-platform apps. These apps have a singular codebase along with the same set of APIs and frameworks. This enables them to work perfectly on all platforms as an alternative to native apps.

Cross-Platform app development allows you to publish an app on multiple platforms through a single codebase, instead of having to develop the app in each platform’s native language and technology.

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4201 Main St STE 200,
Houston, TX 77002
405 Lexington Avenue
9th floor, NY 10174
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4915 54 St 3rd Floor
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Level 5, One JLT Tower 1 - Jumeirah Lakes Towers
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