Custom ERP Software Development Services

How ERP Implementation Is Changing The Course Of Businesses?

Around 80% of global businesses use ERP solutions to streamline their business processes, enhance organizational productivity, and improve order fulfillment and accuracy by considerable margins.

Build With Professional ERP Developers

From strategy roadmaps to technical solutions and product development, our ERP developers help brands and startups to million-dollar organizations transform their business processes and evolve with each new innovative step.

While we do build solutions and products, we place a higher emphasis on creating human experiences for internal and external stakeholders.

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ERP Development Company Process

TekRevol is an ERP development company of a team of creatives, business analysts, and technical developers collaborating to create modern solutions and digital experiences. Whether you are getting an ERP done or a payment dashboard, the end product is a sound, future-ready asset to your digital architecture.

ERP development at TekRevol starts with a needs assessment. Our business analysts and developers study the nature of business, revenue models, current growth metrics, and vision and match the requirements against the capacities of existing business management solutions (if in place). They decide on necessary digital touchpoints, enlist necessary features for user experience and create a timeline with milestones.

Our creative designers then translate the strategy and development roadmap into UI and UX, and developers use the same to create a robust backend and frontend. We integrate APIs and connect data centers and existing dashboards at this stage.

After strict technical and experiential testing, our deployment masters integrate the new ERP solutions and features into existing business models, set data collection and analysis measures, and assist the internal stakeholders in access management.

Benefits Of Custom ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning programs serve diverse use cases for business models and journeys. TekRevol’s ERP development services and solutions have enabled global organizations in:

Enterprise Resource Planning programs serve diverse use cases for business models and journeys. TekRevol’s ERP development services and solutions have enabled global organizations in

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ERP Solutions For Diverse Industries

Hospitals and medical facilities house diverse staff and perform operations ranging from primary medical care to managing patient billing and insurance. TekRevol can build a robust ERP system for such healthcare organizations to help streamline operations and automate internal and external management, reporting, and accountability.

TekRevol can help brokers, realtors, property entrepreneurs, and real estate firms build and deploy ERP solutions to manage transactions, optimize deals and contracts, analyze leads and conversions, check lease installments, and monitor mortgage payments. A custom-built ERP can help streamline internal and external processes and transform the property management experience for all stakeholders.

The ecommerce industry is one of the first movers to ERP and, since then, has witnessed transformative business cases of deploying such a SaaS. Business management software, especially one hosted on the cloud, can help ecommerce and retail companies manage their internal and external processes with omnichannel payment integration and real-time dashboards for analytics.

EdTech has been getting increasingly popular ever since remote learning became famous. It offers benefits that physical learning does not, which is why institutes and students are opting for e-learning solutions in many parts of the world. TekRevol incorporates modern practices to build high-coverage, end-to-end learning management systems guaranteeing a brighter future. These ERP systems are built using cutting-edge technology to meet the objectives of effective learning, modern teaching, and managing hardware and software.

TekRevol helps music entrepreneurs build and deploy a robust ERP system to cater to their internal music production processes, publishing content and distributing via personalized recommendations. With robust databases, strong backends, and systems powered by AI and ML, music companies can yield results of business process automation.

Lifestyle has witnessed some of the best business cases of ERP implementation. For startups in this industrial domain to large-scale production brands, an ERP system custom-built by TekRevol can help streamline manufacturing to distribution and supply chain, provide real-time analytics on cost, sales, and marketing, update inventory batches and analyze current and future product demands. This creates a flexible yet controlled reporting, monitoring, and evaluation ecosystem.

ERP Software Services At TekRevol

TekRevol covers 360-degree enterprise digital transformation functions, from creating digital strategies to testing the efficacy and Returns on Investment of freshly implemented systems. In the domain of ERP software, here is how we can assist you:
  • ERP implementation consultancy 
  • ERP development 
  • ERP testing and deployment 
  • Cloud-based ERP migration

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Our Technology-Stack

At TekRevol, we use multiple technologies to develop software systems. These technologies and languages may differ as per the requirements.

Products we deliver meet international security standards
  • TX-HB300
  • HL7
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CC

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