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Tekrevol provides quality-driven mobile app development solutions in New York City. We deliver digital products and brands that demand attention and engage your audience. With a team dedicated to mobile app development and app marketing strategists, Tekrevol collaborates globally and helps startups and enterprises find their mark in the digital space.


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How Mobile App Development can Take Your Business to the Next Level

With 4.57 billion mobile phone users around the world, you certainly do not want to miss out on the opportunity to get your brand on people’s devices. However, if you still think this won’t provide you with a good enough ROI, then fathom this: In 2018 the global app store consumer spent $101 billion, signifying a 75% jump from 2016. At Tekrevol, our app development team uses the top development techniques and combine it with the latest technologies to create customer-driven mobile app solutions that boost engagement and enable businesses to meet their objectives.

The amount of profits you can realize from an app have grown phenomenally since apps first came around. The 200 most popular apps on App Stores earn $82500 on an average on a daily basis. However, even the apps below the top quadrant have significant earning opportunities. 8000 of the most popular apps can make up to $3500 on an average per day. From gaming to entertainment to ride hailing, apps power multiple real life solutions and utilities, and this is where we come in. Tekrevol is now at NYC with its highly resourceful app development team to allow you to carve a piece of this lucrative revenue pie for yourself.

We can provide you with real time profit expectations from your mobile idea and even further assist you into further developing and assimilating best earning monetization strategies.

So if you are in NYC and want to get an app developed, you need to get in touch with us right now to power the most consistent earning opportunities!

This brings us to another big concern, how much investment is required to build an app that yields the revenue you want. There are a lot more factors that impact the cost of mobile app development than you might think, so to streamline this complex process, we have introduced Tekrevol's very own mobile app cost calculator, that’s meant to provide you with an excellent estimate for your app based on features, functionality, and other preferences that you want to get incorporated in your app.

At Tekrevol the cost of building an app conventionally falls in the range of $20,000 to $200,000, but sometimes it can even go beyond that depending on the specifics you want in your app. That said, your investment with Tekrevol is ensured to bring you a significant boost in terms of ROI as we have years of accumulated experience in turning just bare bones ideas into highly successful apps, so we know the road map well and can execute any type of an idea into a functioning business entity for you.

According to Localytics 21% of mobile users stop using an app after their first experience, if the provided user experience is below their expectation.

At Tekrevol, we don’t trust just our guts to get this done. We have a thorough research process which allows us to gauge the best suited UI/UX design, decision funnel and features for each app in a customized manner. We also conduct extensive A/B testing to check what the user finds best to use and only then do we move towards finalizing the structure of the app.

On top of all this, we make sure there is enough fluency in our code so that if the app ever needs a revamp or redesign to fit user needs, the app will be ready to respond and the process will get done in a faster manner.

How Mobile App Development Works?

Tekrevol delivers custom digital solutions for all businesses irrespective of their scale of operations. Our diversely experienced team and technology-centric approach is the backbone of our winning app development strategy that drives us to provide value and cater to each project according to their unique digital ecosystem.

How to Launch a Successful App?

The goal of our mobile app development team in NYC is to launch your app in the market and ensure it drives consistent downloads and maintains high user engagement and retention rates.

Attracting attention of potentials users and standing out in the app world can be challenging, especially when it's your first product. Hence, Tekrevol's team guides you at every step of the way. We prepare a launch strategy for your app, creating multiple touchpoints, building awareness and powering a compelling first impression.


Our App Development Process

At Tekrevol, we take app development very seriously and have ensured that our process reflects our supreme level of commitment at all times.

If you want to understand our process for app development, then let’s explain it to you with the help of an example.

Let’s say, you own a restaurant business in Brooklyn, NYC and business is booming. However, when your bludgeoning customer base wants to know about the latest discounts, deals or any other news regarding the business, it has nowhere to go. So to fill this gap, you decide to get an app developed by Tekrevol in NYC.

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  • new-york-Research new-york-Research
  • new-york-Strategy new-york-Strategy
  • new-york-Design new-york-Design
  • new-york-Development new-york-Development
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  • new-york-Deployment new-york-Deployment

First up, we’ll listen to your idea and prepare a design brief along with expected project estimations and deadlines. Once you approve it, we move on to the next phase i.e. prototyping. In this critical phase, we develop a working framework of what your app will look, feel and function like, giving you a fair idea on what the final product is going to look like.

This helps incredibly in facilitating businesses to change course once they feel that their brief isn’t turning out the way they thought it would. It also helps in saving costs, because if you skip this phase, you cannot go back to the drawing board once the app is fully developed.

After prototypes have been approved by clients, we move on to building the architecture and start our work on the design and development aspects of the app as well.

This leads us to the final stages, where we take our ready app and put it up for testing through various research based strategies like A/B testing. This allows us to ensure that all of your app’s aspects like its UI/UX design, its features etc. are well aligned with customer needs.

Finally, we deliver the app to you, but wait, we are not finished yet! We are there to put the app live on Google Play or iTunes store and monitor the initial responses to the app’s release.

Furthermore, we also offer App Store optimization, so if you want to give your app a marketing boost, we can help you out with that as well.

Now, you will be ready to launch your app in NYC and give your restaurant business in Brooklyn the boost it deserves, thereby driving significant business success and increasing revenues.

iPhone App Development Solutions

We have a powerful in house team of iOS app developers, designers, and App Store strategists housed in our NYC app development facility, who believe in continuous innovation and incorporate top technologies to build a meaningful digital product.

We create value and strive for digital transformation driven by our innovative and creative approach, integrated solutions and agile process. From planning to execution, we ensure our work meets your deadlines. We also ensure to keep room in our projects in order to afford an optimum level of flexibility so that we can cater to your feedback before going to the next stage.

For every iPhone app, our app developers in NYC ensure rigorous compliance with Apple's development standards and practices. One of our recent iOS apps includes iRemembered, featured in App Store with 100% ratings. It takes messaging to the next level with exciting features that provide convenience and engagement for users like never before.


Android App Development Solutions

With about 2.8 million apps currently available for download, Android is another platform to feature engaging and revolutionary apps. From January of 2018 to January of 2019, Android dominated the app market with a share of 74.45%, compared to iOS, whose share was just 22.85%. Our NYC office houses a specialized Android app development team consisting of developers, creative designers, and app marketing experts who will help you build apps that cater to the vast customer base present on Google Play.

Our agile processes and tech expertise are primed to cater to the specific requirements and needs of building an Android mobile app.

For New York City, our app team can even deliver localized app development projects that are structured to work effectively for location specific audiences.

We recently launched Picture Pick on Google Play and Apple Store. Picture Pick is a picture-based guessing game that gives users opportunity to win cash prizes. It's entertaining and addictive, regardless of your age.

Android version has achieved over 8000 downloads.

Picture Pick has garnered around 124 user reviews on Google Play, most of which are overwhelmingly positive!

iPhone App Development vs. Android App Development

Nowadays, mobile apps have become a ubiquitous part of our modern lives. They are everywhere. Whether we want to hail a ride to our office or check up on what our friends are up to, we turn to different mobile apps every single time we need to get a task done.

And this market is currently being dominated in large part by Android phones. These Android phones are set to account for a whopping 87% of global mobile devices by 2020. So if you want to develop a mobile app for your business, your best bet is to develop one based on Android OS, owing to the massive business opportunity that this OS presents.

On the other hand, iOS is no slouch either as what this OS lacks for in absolute audience numbers, it more than makes up for it in the ROI it generates. Even though holding a very small audience share, it generated approximately $46.6 billion from its App Store revenues in 2018. This is almost double of what the Google Play Store could muster at $24.8 billion in revenue from 2018.

But whatever OS you want to base your app on, Tekrevol is capable of building it. Our teams are well versed in the requirements of each platform. Whether it’s localization, preferred coding languages, sandboxing requirements or handling permission, our team knows the features that characterize each platform incredibly well. Once you hand over your project to Tekrevol, we take care of each aspect of the app from start to finish and deliver a fully functioning app that has high chances of achieving success on both these popular mobile OS platforms.


What Does Tekrevol New York Promise?

If you have an entrepreneur hidden inside you or if you own a startup, small business, or an enterprise company in NYC, then we can help you scale and grow your business into a more recognized brand that’s ready to expand on the global stage.

Any questions? Our team is always available to assist you, whether it’s an app development project, a query about NYC’s mobile app development market, or a query to our experts that can help you make up your mind, you can reach out to us.

What a Complete App Development Team Looks Like

While talking about adding human elements in the modern business, Abeer Raza, co-founder of Tekrevol, said: "When people see that your brand is standing with them and cares about the same problems, it creates a human link between them and your business."

At Tekrevol we follow the same approach for all our critical business arms including app development teams. For every project, our team partners with the client and listens extensively to their expectations in order to develop an app that fits the bill perfectly.

But our main reason for achieving success in the app development domain is something else. We know and understand that each project has different needs, so we create distinct development teams for each project. We pick these app development teams from the following kinds of professionals available at our NYC app development facility:

  • Account Manager, to guide you throughout the development process
  • Brand Strategists, to plan and implement the strategy
  • Creative Designers, who form the aesthetics of the app
  • App Developers, who make the designs operational
  • Quality Assurance, to make sure only the best go through
  • Digital Marketers, who ensure your app reaches the right user base
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39899 Balentine Drive,
Newark, California
1301 Fannin St #2440,
Houston, Texas
405 Lexington Avenue
9th floor, NY 10174
4915 54 St 3rd Floor
Red Deer, Alberta
67/1-13B Tartu Maantee,
Harju County, Tallinn
Fl 3, 2nd Floor, Block 3,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
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