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TekRevol is a full-scale retail software development company empowering business owners and retailers with state-of-the-art inventory management and POS solutions to help them maximize productivity and streamline core business operations. We build easy-to-use, all-inclusive retail management softwares to enhance the efficiency of supply chain and logistic operations, commercial operations, and POS operations for wholesalers and retailers. We build retail software solutions for desktops and mobile devices to help business owners reach a broader audience and uncover more revenue streams.

Hassle-Free Retail Software Solutions For Unparalleled User Experience

TekRevol offers state-of-the-art retail management software to simplify all your retail operations. Our retail management software has made things easier for B2B and B2C consumer-based retail businesses and enterprises with advanced built-in features like a point of sale, dashboard analytics, contactless payments, inventory management, and more.

Retail Analytics
Sales Management
Mobile Access
Payment Integration

Our retail software solutions help retail business owners improve their decision-making capabilities by providing detailed insights on products and customers. The retail analytics feature helps businesses enhance operational efficiencies and maximize revenue.

Our retail software solutions enable business owners to streamline all their sales channels and improve user experience significantly. The all-inclusive retail sales management feature in our retail software helps retailers diversify their salesforce, improve coordination between internal sales teams, simplify purchasing, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Retail software solutions we create at TekRevol are developed using state-of-the-art development techniques and modern technology frameworks that facilitate retail business owners to run their operations on any device anywhere. Our retail software supports integration with multiple devices, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Our retail software solutions enable businesses to make payment collection smooth and hassle-free. Our retail software supports contactless payments and facilitiates end users to pay with their preferred payment option from debit card, credit card, digital wallets, and more. We make sure our retail software is tailor-made and fulfills all the requirements of vendors and end users.

Omnichannel Retail Software For Unparalleled Experience

Our attention to detail and UX-centric development approach helps businesses enhance productivity and manage inventory, logistics, and customers ceaselessly, like never before!

Our retail software solutions help clients streamline all their retail operations, including inventory management, vendor management, customer management, logistics and supply chain management, order management, returns and exchange, billing and POS, and much more!

Our POS and dashboard analytics features help clients conduct detailed analyses and get data-driven insights to improve operational efficiency using artificial intelligence. With dashboard analytics, clients can get instant insights into the inventory and the performance of each product.

We build customized, feature-rich B2B retail marketplaces to help our clients connect with global vendors and retailers. Our B2B retail marketplaces are packed with class-apart features like one-click add-to-cart, advanced search filters, and multiple payment gateways to deliver an unparalleled retail experience.

We build full-fledged retail software applications for desktops and smartphones to enable our clients to manage inventory and logistics easily. Our mobile retail solutions are as comprehensive as the desktop versions and can be used on iOS and Android devices.

We help our clients build virtual retail storefronts to enable them to operate 24/7 without any human assistance. Our virtual storefronts have all the advanced features like automated inventory updates, order placement, payment integrations, and delivery and return options to ensure a seamless user experience.

Retail Software Development To Streamline Inventory Management

TekRevol is a leading software development company empowering retail enterprises to streamline retail operations, including inventory management, sales management, payment management, and more. Whether you’re a consumer-based retail business or a corporate enterprise working in the HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) industry, TekRevol can help you build retail management software to get a definite edge over the competition and serve your customers with ease.

MoCuts App

MoCuts Pro is an online marketplace for booking registered barbers, beauticians, and other day-to-day barber services. TekRevol partnered up with the client to build an online B2C one-stop shop empowering people to book their favorite barbers and beauticians from the comfort of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retailers can take advantage from retail software by restructuring inventory management, refining customer engagement, enhancing sales and rebates, increasing data analytics, and offering a greater shopping experience both in-store and online.

The recompences of retail software include improved operational competence, improved inventory control, data-oriented decision-making, enhanced customer relationships, and the capability to adjust to changing market trends and customer conduct.

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