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TekRevol is a leading mobile app development company in Miami, Florida offering a team of top app developers who’re always there to bring forth the best-in-class apps that fuel growth for your business. We aren’t just offering standalone application services. Our top management continues to keenly monitor the latest trends in the digital/tech space and can perfectly guide you in building your next million-dollar app idea.

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The Best Mobile App Development Services in Miami Near You

Are you looking for the best Miami app development company near me? TekRevol is here to answer all of your development needs! As a leading app development company in Miami, we take the responsibility of bridging the gap between innovation and usability – giving you an ever-lasting experience. We ensure that businesses can get the kind of apps that not just meet their business goals but also serve as benchmarks for the industry to follow. Now, you can avail the services of one of the leading software and app development companies in Florida near you.

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Success Stories

We have years of experience in creating digital solutions and mobile applications for startups, enterprise-level corporations and government organizations. As an agile app developer in Miami, TekRevol follows a refined approach for bringing app ideas into reality. These success stories serve as a testament to TekRevol's ability to turn visions into digital reality, achieving excellence one app at a time.

The Idea Behind Pure Plank

Pure Plank, an online platform for health and fitness enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining well-being and exercise routines in the comfort of their homes.

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The Idea Behind Soundly

Soundly has transformed the music experience, allowing music enthusiasts to stream millions of songs from emerging artists via the app, offering a new level of musical immersion.

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The Idea Behind Button Smasher App

An All-in-One Solution for Gamers. Stay Informed with Authentic Ratings and Gaming Industry News With Button Smasher Application.

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The Idea Behind AMJ Wellness

Workplace Wellness, a cross-platform fitness app, is designed for companies recognizing the link between employee well-being, productivity, and organizational success, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce.

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Awards & Honors

We take immense pride in showcasing our accolades and recognitions, which underline our relentless commitment to delivering outstanding mobile app development services. These awards are clear evidence of our team's expertise and the trust our clients have placed in us. Explore our wall of recognition, and discover why we're a trusted name in the world of mobile app development.

  • 50 Reviews
  • 4.9 Rating

Horizon Interactive Awards - Gold Winner

We're a gold winner. Recognized for our focus on digital design and interactive apps.

Clutch Award 2021

Clutch is recognized as one of the top B2B companies. Cultivating change all around.

App for Golf Community

TeeMates, an app curated for golf enthusiasts, won the Platinum Award in the sports ecosystem.

Top Mobile App Developers

Development. Code. Results. We’re known for the quality we deliver.

Expertise 2020

On to new horizons. Leading the pathway to change for the mobile app development ecosystem.

Top Rated Softwareworld

We're at the top. Rated among the best. Doing beyond the ordinary.

TekRevol Is Leading the Way Forward for Mobile App Development in Miami

TekRevol’s app development services aren’t just offering standalone application services. The industry leaders we have at our top management continue to keenly monitor the latest trends in the digital tech space and can perfectly guide you in building your next million-dollar app idea.

For Miami’s businesses, this represents the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the city’s growing need for digital solutions in the mobile app economy.

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Our Robust Application Development Services in Miami

At TekRevol, we are acutely aware that innovation thrives when guided by experts. Leveraging our profound expertise in both technology and business, we facilitate our clients by optimizing their business operations through workflow streamlining. Our services encompass process automation, system integration, and harnessing data insights. As the leading app developers in Miami, here is what we offer to our clients:

Android app development

We've revolutionized our Android app development service in Miami based on an efficient and streamlined development process. Our approach is designed to optimize every stage of your app's creation, from concept to deployment. With our team of skilled developers efficient in coding and development, we leverage the latest Android technologies. Further, you will have regular updates and flexibility throughout the development procedure.

Iphone app development

We unlock the boundless potential of the iOS ecosystem with our tailor-made iPhone app development services in Miami. If you're seeking a customer-centric app to extend your brand's scale while enhancing operational efficiency, we can help you with our proficient app development. Our expert app developers in Miami ensure to build a robust application with high performance based on a seamless UI.

Game app development

Our game app development service in Miami revolves around a dynamic development process. Our dedicated team of developers, skilled with the latest game development technologies and tools, creates compelling gaming experiences. Whether you need 2D or 3D, mobile or console, our expertise in Unity, Unreal Engine, and other industry-leading tools ensures your game's engaging graphics and seamless gameplay.

Flutter app development

We create cross-platform apps with stunning visuals and responsive performance based on our Flutter app development service. Our experienced developers streamline the development process, saving you time and resources by targeting both iOS and Android with a single codebase. Utilizing Flutter's rich library of pre-built widgets, we build rich-featured apps for multiple platforms with a reliable user experience.

Healthcare app development

Our Health care app solutions have transformed the operations for medical facilities with proper automation and streamlining of the operations. We offer next-gen healthcare app development services utilizing premium technologies to ensure the efficiency of the process and the security of the data. As a result, it will make patient care more accessible while enhancing operations saving both time and cost.

React Native app development

Leveraging React Native, our professional developers in Miami can build native experience apps while providing cost and time-saving benefits. Our React Native app development services offer a compelling fusion of cross-platform efficiency and native app performance. We specialize in delivering streamlined, user-friendly applications customized to meet your specific business requirements and user expectations.

Why Choose TekRevol for Mobile App Development in Miami?

When you choose TekRevol, you're not merely adapting to change – you're harnessing it to drive your business toward unprecedented growth. We have years of experience in creating digital solutions and mobile applications for startups, enterprise-level corporations, and government organizations. As an agile app developer in Miami, TekRevol follows a refined approach to bringing app ideas into reality. We easily connect with the client’s demands based on the object based on the specialization of our mobile app developers in Miami. The standards we set for mobile technology trends are compiled with cutting-edge tools and frameworks to develop future-proof apps. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we ensure to facilitate in the best way possible, forming long-term relationships.

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TekRevol's Productive Steps to Mobile App Success

Our team of app developers in Miami specializes in tailoring solutions to precisely match your unique business needs. We understand that every organization has its own unique operational structure, and we take a customized approach to ensure the development of an app is perfectly aligned with your business processes.


Conducting Product Discovery and Product Research


Creating the UX Design, UI Design, and Branding


Coding the app courtesy of our veteran engineers

Quality Assurance

Testing the app and making sure that everything works well

Maintenance & Support

Co-managing the app with your technology team

We’ve Delivered Over 100+ Mobile Applications To Clients Worldwide!!!

Your app idea can be the next game-changer! Do you wish to be on that list?

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Technologies TekRevol Uses for Mobile App Development in Miami

As a leading mobile app development company, we employ a diverse set of powerful technologies to cater to your unique requirements. In Android development, we utilize Java, Kotlin, Fastlane, Gradle, Coroutines, Dagger2, and JetPack. On the iOS side, we leverage SwiftLint, Objective-C, RxSwift, CircleCI, Swift, SwiftUI, and CocoaPods. For the creation of hybrid apps, our toolkit includes TypeScript, React Native, Javascript, Flutter, and Native Script. When it comes to backend development, we harness the capabilities of Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, and Firebase.

iOS App Development

SwiftLint, Objective-C, RxSwift, CircleCI, Swift, SwiftUI, CocoaPods.

Android App Development

Java, Kotlin, Fastlane, Gradle, Coroutines, Dagger2, JetPack.

Cross-platform App Development

TypeScript, React Native, Javascript, FlutCPAppIconter, Native Script.

Backend Development

Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, Firebase

Onsite Social: Bringing Real-World Connections to the Digital Realm

OnSite Social, a groundbreaking mobile app crafted by TekRevol, acts as a bridge between the physical and digital realms. It connects users based on their real-time locations, fostering meaningful connections.

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iOS App
Android App
UI UX Design

Maximizing the Business Potential With Our Efficient Mobile App Developers in Miami

TekRevol offers diverse mobile app solutions with a profound team of mobile app developers in Miami. With five years of experience in the tech industry, we have assisted multiple businesses across the globe to digitize in an efficient manner leading them to achieve their goals.

Driven by cutting-edge advancements achieved through unique feature customizations, we develop robust applications that create a difference in the market. Our well-qualified developers possess the highest quality skills in building versatile app solutions that meet the business-specific requirements of the clients.

Meanwhile, our strong presence in Miami enables us to guide businesses toward sustainability through empowering digitization and efficient consulting. You are welcome to consult with us regarding your project and let us revolutionize your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TekRevol is a leading app development company in Miami crafting digital products for future-oriented enterprises. We help businesses build exceptional digital products, boost productivity, and streamline core business operations using state-of-the-art app design and development practices.

We are located at 400 NW 26th St, Miami, Florida 33127

Flutter and React Native are the best frameworks to develop applications. Both of these frameworks facilitate developers in building Native and cross-platform applications on Android and iOS.

A mobile application may take three to nine months on average to develop. However, complex applications with advanced features and functionality can even take 18 months to fully develop and get published.

Our recommendation to startups and corporations is to create a checklist that outlines their project details and the technical requirements or team they require to get started with their mobile application. The stage mentioned above is to be completed before finding an app developer. Also, in your checklist, document the device you want the app for, the technologies you want to use, your allocated budget for app development, and the location you wish to hire from.

Hiring a mobile app development company gives a competitive advantage in project management, skills and expertise, professionalism, quality, and much more. These companies have teams with experienced app developers, designers, and testers who can efficiently handle all stages of the app development process.

The hourly charges of app developers may vary depending on the requirements and scope of your app project. Considering an average development rate of $40 per hour, the development costs for a simple app may vary from $40,000 to $60,000. A typical app with more features and functionality may cost between $60,000 and $150,000. On the contrary, the development cost may start at $ 300,000 if you're creating complex software with significant features.

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We enable global organizations – solopreneurs and startups to establish corporations to achieve competitive advantage. All our digital strategies, covering MVPs to large-scale product development, aim to deliver strong engagement and business value. Our goals and vision have made us what we're today - a preeminent custom software app development company in the United States.