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Miami is a global city and the cornerstone of Florida’s digital economy. Entrepreneurs, startups and blue chip businesses all have a major presence in the city and are leading the way towards pioneering a major digital transformation for the city.

Miami’s incredible digital space is now called home by 8000+ tech agencies and businesses, a number which is slated to rise even more substantially in the upcoming years.

This had led to an increasing demand for world class mobile app developers in the city, who can ensure that businesses can get the kind of apps that not just meet their business goals but also serve as benchmarks for the industry to follow.

our Process

Ideate – Build – Test – Refine – Deliver

We have years of experience in creating digital solutions and mobile applications for startups, enterprise-level corporations and government organizations. As an agile app developer in Miami, Tekrevol follows a refined approach for bringing app ideas into reality.



When a client comes to us with an app idea, we conduct comprehensive feasibility study, comprising business evaluation, market research, user expectations, and competitor analysis to ensure that everything is on the right track before the project kickoff.



Once the app idea is validated, our dedicated project managers hand over the project scope, and development roadmap to our experienced UI/UX strategists, designers, and developers for technical development.


Testing and QA

While we keep testing and improving the app specifications in real-time, the app is sent to Quality Assurance department for rigorous testing. Our testers assess the apps by a thorough alpha testing for assuring performance, user acceptance, and data security. After a comprehensive app audit from technical and performance standpoints, the app is submitted to the client for feedback and approval.



After incorporating desired changes (if any), the app with its overall design assets, is delivered to the business.

Explore and Analyze
Documentation and Scoping
Designing and WireFraming
Development and Testing
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Bringing The Best iOS Development To The Shores Of Miami

Miami isn’t just a tourist holiday destination. The city has a massive population, a powerful economy, and lies on the crossroads of one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world.

This makes it one of the best places to adapt to leading innovative solutions in the mobile economy of the 21st century. For any company or startup looking to invest in mobile application development for a genuinely unique idea, Miami’s localized innovation ecosystem provides the perfect impetus to not just lead such ideas but also provide them with multiple avenues to scale and grow.

Tekrevol’s team of proficient app developers in Miami is widely invested in making the most unique app ideas come to life. Our apps are user-centric, highly engaging and dedicated to delivering business value.

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Full Stack App Development

Application Development Services for Miami-Based Businesses

As the leading app developers in Miami, here is what we offer to our clients:

Miami houses probably the biggest concentration of health and medical facilities in USA, possibly trailing only Houston in this regard. Government and private sector, both have their medical facilities centered in the city’s downtown area, along with a rising presence of affiliated sector firms working in the biotechnology, medical research and development space.This effectively makes the city of Miami, the perfect place to become the epicenter of the world’s leading digital solutions in medical and healthcare, and much of it is already happening.

Specialized Mobile App Development Solutions
Custom Android and iOS app development services

You get an app that’s a result of winning strategies and exceptional programming skills. Whether it’s a native Android or iOS app for smartphones, tablets or wearable devices, we make sure to deliver digital assets we can be proud of.

Expert Design & Development Approach
Mobile App MVPs

Don’t want to go for a full and final version of your mobile application? We’ve got you covered! With an MVP, you can get the initial version of your product with essential features. This specific app will perform faster and provide everything you want in your tech asset.

Introducing Innovative Technology
App design: UI, UX, and Brand Kit

Our designers and developers work collaboratively to come up with elegant app designs that religiously follow the brand guidelines for friendly user-interface and flawless user experience!

Specialized Mobile App Development Solutions
App support, testing, and maintenance

We keep testing and improving our mobile apps until we make it an error-free, digital success story. Whether you have partnered with us for full stack app development in Miami or for your app maintenance, testing and support, we’ll always deliver exceptional results.

Expert Design & Development Approach
App updates

Want to add the trendiest feature to your mobile app? Our team knows the trick of the trade. Introduce the new feature as an update and retain your existing mobile app users for good.

Introducing Innovative Technology
Cross-platform app development

If you are going for a unique new app, we offer Flutter app development and other cross-platform app frameworks so you don’t miss out on any potential user. This app development option is ideal for industrial business owners in the ecommerce, real estate, tourism and hospitality industry.

Android & iOS App Developers In Miami

Singular Codebase Approach As Local iPhone & Android Developers In Miami

For businesses looking to venture into app development, the biggest question is whether to opt for Android or iOS platforms? This question is often stemmed by their confusion on whether going for both would increase costs and the project timelines and whether would they be able to get similarly fluid, front facing designs for both applications or not.

Tekrevol’s app developers in Miami are more than capable of building apps that work flawlessly on both these mobile OS platforms. Through our singular codebase approach, we reduce the time it takes to get your app developed while keeping the costs within your budget.

Android App Developers in Miami
Android App Developers in Miami

Tekrevol Is Leading The Way Forward For Mobile App Development In Miami

Tekrevol’s mobile app development services for Miami aren’t just offering standalone app development. The industry leaders we have at our top management continue to keenly monitor the latest trends in the digital/tech space and can perfectly guide you in building your next million-dollar app idea.

For Miami’s businesses, this represents the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the city’s growing need for digital solutions in the mobile app economy.

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Come Partner With Us For Your Next Million Dollar App Idea In Miami

Incorporating your feedback, we’ll validate your idea, power it through the development process, submit it to review for the app stores and deliver it to you as a final, fully functioning app.

Our app business strategists can even help you in understanding and applying the best monetization strategies to increase the ROI of your app in Miami.

Take the right decision for your future app project and partner with us to get the best mobile app development services in Miami.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About How We Make Mobile Apps

What is a mobile app developer?
A mobile app developer is a programmer who creates software programs and applications, particularly for smartphones. Android and iOS app developers are also regarded as mobile app developers.
Flutter and React Native are the best frameworks to develop mobile applications. Both of these frameworks facilitate developers in building Native and cross-platform applications on Android and iOS.
Developers use various technologies to develop a mobile application, including programming languages, APIs, software development kits (SDKs), libraries, platforms, and frameworks. For advanced applications, developers may also use pre-made enterprise-grade databases and chatbot solutions.
The hourly charges of app developers may vary depending on the requirements and scope of your app project. In addition to that, the team, their core expertise, features and functionality, and user experience are some other factors that affect hourly app development charges.
A mobile application may take three to nine months on average to develop. However, complex applications with advanced features and functionality can even take 18 months to fully develop and get published.
We are in the digital age, and finding the best app developer can be excessively difficult. However, you can find the right developer by documenting your app development requirements, primary app goals, and app development budget and then assessing companies based on the eligibility criteria that you’ve created.
Our recommendation to appreneurs, startups, and corporations is to create a checklist that outlines their project details and the technical requirements or team they require to get started with their mobile application.
The stage mentioned above is to be completed before finding an app developer. Also, in your checklist, document the device you want the app for, the technologies you want to use, your allocated budget for app development, and the location you wish to hire from.
Hiring a mobile app development company gives a competitive advantage in project management, skills and expertise, professionalism, quality, and much more. These companies have teams with experienced app developers, designers, and testers who can efficiently handle all stages of the app development process.
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405 Lexington Avenue
9th floor, NY 10174
44 Tehama St, CA 94105, San Francisco 400 NW 26th St, FL 33127, Miami 740 15th St NW 8th Floor, DC 20005, Washington
4915 54 St 3rd Floor
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R5 Retail Level, Cluster R, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
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