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Los Angeles, because of its tech hub called Silicon Beach, is an epicenter of technical advancements. Then startups that are multi-million dollar businesses now, have been seeded in Los Angeles.

As a key player in this technical hotspot, Tekrevol has positioned itself as a full-service digital transformation and business automation company that not only has the best app developers in Los Angeles but a complete incubation team comprising product strategists, business analysts and transformation consultants. We have created diverse digital assets including web and mobile applications, large scale software solutions, enterprise management systems, business automation portals and cloud-based datacenters.

As part of our mission to make a difference, we have developed some of the amazing and innovative technological solutions including mobile applications, blockchain wallets, ML-based route management systems and so on. With each mobile app project that we undertake, from kickoff to development and testing and launching, we keep a close eye to detail and make solid measures to create an app that’s all set to become a success story within and beyond its industrial domain. Next could be yours!

Top Android App Developers in Los Angeles

Android is the biggest mobile market with approximately 73% share of total smartphone users. That being said, elegantly designed, fully-functional, and intuitive Android applications are the key to business automation and digital transformation in this century.

Operating in the market as a leading Android app development company, our business analysts and developers can vouch for the fact that Android apps are business investments with high ROIs. While being a valuable business asset that generates qualified leads and drastically improves conversion rates, it can be your key to digital transformation and drive a solid percentage of your total business revenues.

In addition to being lucrative, Android is also a competitive app store saturated with user-centric domestic apps to video games. Our app developers in Los Angeles integrate trendiest to emerging technologies with their applications and help our clients gain the competitive advantage as early adopters. Endorsing this, we have worked with solopreneurs to businesses of different industries who wanted to make an impact not only in their niche market, but disrupt their overall industrial domain.


Top iOS App Developers in Los Angeles

iOS app development industry is fully focused on creating user-centric experiences. Whether it’s a small-scale smart home management app or a social media platform, Tekrevol’s iOS app developers in Los Angeles place high emphasis on the delivery of experiential value.

We have an iOS development team with top talents of the market who are well-versed in programming languages like Swift and Objective-C and know how to design inclusively for a wide user base.

Why Choose Tekrevol For App Development

Tekrevol’s in-house quality standards, design aesthetics, passion to innovate and mission to create meaningful impact with our game-changing apps have made us the front-runners in the app development industry.

Here are 3 solid reasons why our tech partners have always loved working with us:


Our applications are business powerhouses backed by robust market research, have trendiest features, are future-proof to compete the advancements of the coming decades.


We emphasize on delivering business value via each app we build. Elegant User Interfaces, and high-end User Experience are our top priorities.


Over the years, Tekrevol has partnered up with technopreneurs from diverse industrial domains. We have worked with startups to large-scale organizations. To cater corporate clients of different types and sizes, we have specialized teams who understand the pulse of specific markets.


The Agile Method Followed by Tekrevol’s App Developers in Los Angeles

Throughout the app development timeline, our designers, developers and product strategists work together to make our mobile applications turnkey products that are ready to get deployed and win the markets. And there is a holistic process that backs our products’ successes in niche and general markets.

Here is more on our workflow:



The app ideation process starts from the incubation hub. This department focuses on understanding clients’ requirements from their final digital products. These requirements are divided into user goals to specify app features and business goals to decide a specific monetization model. During this process, our developers come up with a detailed app development strategy comprising:

  • User journey
  • Monetization models
  • Feature specification
  • Development timelines
  • Technology stack

App Design

The overall app development strategy prepared in the ideation phase is used as a foundation to create the app screens to its working models. The user journey is mapped and turned into basic sketches and then comprehensive designs are created. Here are the deliverables of the process:

  • Wireframes representing multiple app features
  • Prototype of the applications
  • Branding elements like logo and typography
  • Design assets including buttons and icons

App Development

App designs prepared in the earlier stages are then used for coding the basic to advanced features of the application. The technical development starts with the technology stack prepared in the ideation phase. Apps are programmed and forwarded to the testing team for feedback. Here are the deliverables of the development process:

  • front-end (client-side) development
  • back-end (server-side) development
  • API integration
  • Database integration
  • Neural networks integration (for apps that use advanced machine learning models
  • App testing results and user acceptance feedback

App Deployment and Maintenance

Once the client approves the overall design and technical specifications, the apps are ready to be deployed to their respective app store(s). Here are the deliverables of this stage:

  • App launch
  • Delivery of source code and design assets
  • Post-development maintenance

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39899 Balentine Drive,
Newark, California
4201 Main St STE 200,
Houston, TX 77002
405 Lexington Avenue
9th floor, NY 10174
44 Tehama St, CA 94105, San Francisco 400 NW 26th St, FL 33127, Miami 740 15th St NW 8th Floor, DC 20005, Washington
4915 54 St 3rd Floor
Red Deer, Alberta
R5 Retail Level, Cluster R, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
Fl 3, 2nd Floor, Block 3,
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