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The revenue from the Content Management System segment is projected to have an annual growth rate of almost 7% during the period 2022 to 2027. The market volume by 2027 will be $26.13 billion.

Custom CMS Services That Ease Your Process

TekRevol is a globally-recognized digital transformation company sending ripples to the industry through its cutthroat innovative development capabilities. Our custom CMS services are ideally designed for organizations seeking a seamless process to produce and publish their content. As a leading CMS development company, we build the right solutions for your needs.

Building from scratch or using any other platform, our experienced CMS development team knows what works best in the real world. Our customized CMS solution helps you in every phase – from creating content to organizing and storing it appropriately to giving out permissions and rights and managing all sorts of media files – manage everything from a single platform.

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Our Solutions

With our extensive experience in developing robust software systems and customized CMS solutions, we prefer to provide multiple CMS solutions that comprehensively cater to all your needs. You can do everything from records management to granting and revoking permissions and pushing out content for open and closed communities and groups.

Our CMS Consulting service can be your gateway to success if you are looking for CMS Solutions. TekRevol’s CMS Consulting solutions provide you with end-to-end coverage of your strategy involving the list of your features, the functionalities, the intended use, the customized CMS project plan, and more.

Custom Content Management systems or custom CMS Development solutions are focused on providing a strategic and tactical pathway to developing your own CMS platform. From design to rights management to publishing and everything else, our CMS Development teams look after every factor critical to a project’s success.

Our custom CMS Maintenance & Management solutions cover all the post-launch operations. We help you kickstart your journey by assisting you throughout your CMS journey, covering all the aspects. TekRevol believes in going the extra mile to deliver for its clients, which is what we do for all our clients – we have you covered.

Excellence And Robustness Through CMS Solutions

Delivering digital excellence and control right into your hands with incredible CMS development service

Delivering digital excellence and control right into your hands with incredible CMS development service

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Content Management Systems For Multiple Industries

The healthcare CMS solution controls the admin and super admin to plan and push the content accordingly with all the information. From managing the records such as names, medical details, invoices, and more, the purpose-designed and built solution gives all of it.

Real estate management solution that collects all the information and presents it in a refined form and makes it more comprehensible. From the addresses to the pricing and everything else – the CMS solution maintains all of it and ensures appropriate presentation.

The ecommerce solutions provide business owners the leverage to go beyond the possibilities and manage their orders with ultimate ease. The CMS solution for the ecommerce market is specifically built to handle the inventory, shipment, and all other factors to provide more control and authority.

To manage all the logistical challenges and timely fulfill the needs, the CMS solutions provide all the features to execute all the operations perfectly. The software system allows one to manage all the routes, arrival and departure times, delays, and much more and gives an aerial view of all the procedures.

Automotive can benefit from CMS development by rolling out content with ease. From managing the authors and editors to storing data – all gets managed from a single dashboard. To meet the needs of the changing world, we utilize modern techniques to build custom content management systems that cater to all your needs.

For specific requirements, the entertainment CMS solution caters to almost all the industry requirements, supporting features significant for content production. The all-in-one feature is a solution that covers all the aspects of pushing out content with rights management, development, and more.

The CMS solution for the education industry has features that make learning and producing informative content easier. The complete software solution has everything from crafting the courses to producing resource-intensive content. TekRevol designs and develops targeted solutions that provide all the answers to any difficult questions asked.

Content Management System That Helps You Become More Efficient

CMS solutions from a top CMS development company that provides end-to-end coverage and features that cover all your basis
  • Manage your rights
  • Allow permissions
  • Detailed reporting
  • Storage management
  • Workflow management
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Analytics and insights

Our Technology-Stack

At TekRevol, we use multiple technologies to develop software systems. These technologies and languages may differ as per the requirements.

Products we deliver meet international security standards
  • TX-HB300
  • HL7
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CC

Frequently Asked Questions

A CMS – or a Content Management System – is software used to produce and publish digital content. A CMS allows users to create, produce, edit, publish and store content and manage rights for individuals, giving them permissions and collaborating with other content creators. The system has multiple incredible features and functions that make it practical and efficient.

However, users don’t necessarily have to know how to code to manage digital content. The system has a graphical interface that makes it easier for literally anyone to use it. From the interface, the admin or super admin can assign rights, manage permissions, review content details, create, delete or modify posts, review statistics, and more. Numerous CMS solutions are available today, but the most successful are those built specifically for a problem with targeted features.

The answer to this question can be given in two parts because it mainly depends on your requirements and what you want to achieve.

  • Firstly, hosting on your existing server is an excellent option if you aim to build the CMS for some day-to-day content development and publishing needs. This is because there is no actual load on the server, and depending on your package, it can easily manage your CMS and be used accordingly.
  • The second part of the answer pertains to the requirements that are relatively large and require more resources. It is very much possible that you may require additional resources for content production. Modern choices for such needs include hosting the system on cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

CMS or Content Management Systems are not difficult to use. Different custom CMS software systems are being used around the globe because of their easy-to-use interface and the convenience of creating and managing workflows to produce excellent content throughout.

Each custom CMS development company has its way of developing the system per the requirements. There might be differences in managing the content and how it gets through the tunnel before getting published, but overall, the use of CMS has made life easier for hundreds of thousands around the globe. That is the reason why after several years of use, the solutions are still active in the industry, and their adoption is increasing with every passing day.

The answer to this question can be subjective. The need for a customized Content Management System necessitates that you, in any possible way, have some relation with content creation or production. If so, you need a CMS. But to get a custom CMS solution, you might need to look further to fully understand your requirements and only then invest in the technology.

A purpose-built and designed solution is more efficient and allows more freedom for the users. However, a custom CMS solution is always better than a prebuilt and instantly-deployed one because of its specifications. Talk to our CMS experts today to understand more about the changing needs, how the global and internet landscape is evolving, and what needs to be done to cope better.

There can be no clear answer unless the project management and development teams review the requirements. However, in our experience, custom CMS solutions with multiple features and functionalities take around 3 to 6 months to develop.

The testing and launch events can be extensive, depending upon the requirements and how detailed the system has to be.

For more information and guidance about the development and launch timelines and our development process, get in touch with our CMS experts and ask all the questions that you have in mind. Be assured that our experts will deliver you the best possible solution that serves the purpose and ensures long-term value.

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