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TekRevol is a full-scale flutter app development company that enables ambitious entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses to build scalable and sustainable mobile apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase.

With over 100+ successful flutter app development projects, we have established ourselves as the leading flutter app development company that understands the trends and the ever-changing landscape of app development. Partner with us to kickstart your app entrepreneurial journey and leverage the exceptional cross-platform features of flutter app development to build performance-oriented, UX-focused, and ROI-centric digital solutions.

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Flutter App Development Services for iOS & Android App Development

Choosing Flutter for app development helps you build both the iOS and Android versions using the same codebase due to its cross-platform capabilities. With our Flutter app development services, you can cut the development time in half and save considerable capital investments to use it further for marketing and promotion.


Minimize Turnaround Time & Save Big with Flutter App Development

Compared to native app development languages like Java for Android and Swift for iOS, Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework where app developers can use a single codebase to build both the iOS and Android versions of an app.

Despite being a cross-platform app development framework, Flutter apps give a truly native feel and compete. Being a brainchild of Google, the flutter app development community is growing exponentially, with around 2 million developers using Flutter regularly.

As a leading Flutter app development company, we can help you build high-performing, native-like apps for your audience on both iOS and Android platforms. We highly recommend you consider flutter for building your app and invite you to have a free discovery call with our flutter app developers to discover the endless benefits of this fascinating cross-platform app development framework.

Boosts Development Speed
Superfast Speed

Flutter uses widget trees instead of XML, allowing the developers to build faster apps and catering to both look and functionality.

Hot Reload
Hot Reload

Hot Reload showcases the outcomes of coding changes in real time. Developers can also add new features and fix bugs efficiently.

Extensible Widgets
Extensible Widgets

The widget-based Flutter framework enables your app to be extensible and customizable.

Cross-platform Integration
Cross-platform Integration

Flutter revolutionizes cross-platform native app development on iOS and Android environments.

Automates Content Updates
Automates Content Updates

Flutter automates the process of updating content on your user interface.

DART Libraries
DART Libraries

Extensive DART libraries simplify the coding processes of Flutter app development.

Flutter App Development

6 Reasons You Should Opt for Flutter App Development Services

From small technology startups to corporate enterprises as big as Google itself, businesses are accepting Flutter as the primary language for cross-platform app development. Besides high GUI and 3D mobile applications, Flutter has become the go-to choice for cross-platform app development worldwide.

Flutter emerges as the best cross-platform app development framework out of the most popular ones like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic due to the following reasons.

Low Development Cost

With our expertise and years of experience in application development, the team of Tekrevol leverages a variety of frameworks and the latest technology to transform your application idea.

Short Turnaround Time

Similar to the development cost, you can significantly reduce the development time by up to 50% using flutter app development services.

Increased Performance

Flutter apps offer the highest refresh rate in all cross-platform applications, increasing speed and overall performance.

Perfect for MVP

Flutter app development is the ideal choice for building MVP due to its hot reload feature and component-based development.

Extensive Code Libraries

Flutter has extensive code libraries and tools to help developers build scalable and sustainable mobile apps using widgets.

Native-Like Feel

Despite being low cost compared to native apps, flutter apps offer a true native-like feel.


To Become the Go-to Flutter App Development Company that Builds Scalable Apps

As an advocate for digital transformation SMBs empowerment, we strive to align our development practices with the requirements of our stakeholders to establish our credibility as the leading Flutter app development company.

Flutter is a cutting-edge app development framework that has entirely modernized app development. And being a top flutter app development company, we believe it is our responsibility to convey the benefits and features of this groundbreaking app development framework to the audience, enabling them to start their app entrepreneurship ventures with more flexibility and ease.

The Process For Music Apps
Content Protection Via DRM
cost estimation

How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?

Unlike traditional app development languages and frameworks, Flutter, with its cross-platform capabilities, allows building both iOS and Android apps using a single codebase. This approach significantly helps lower the app development cost and turnaround time.

Simply put, entrepreneurs can hire flutter app developers to write code for a single version (either iOS or Android) and use it again to build the other version with little to no tweaks.

The cross-platform capabilities of Flutter enable entrepreneurs not to neglect any target audience and launch both versions of their app for the price of one, and that too with adhering to shorter deadlines. Thus, we recommend entrepreneurs choose Flutter when hiring an app development company

Flutter App Development

Why Choose TekRevol for Flutter App Development?

Top 1% of Flutter App Developers

We boast of having the finest app developers, designers, architects, quality assurance engineers, project managers, and marketing professionals that stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and app development trends.

Our team fosters a culture of analyzing and understanding new technologies to create new possibilities. Our experience and expertise surpass our competition in leveraging the Flutter framework for app development. Our proven track record of building dynamic and visually appealing Flutter apps for our clients pays reverence to our legacy. It helps us position ourselves as the leading flutter app development company.

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How Does Our Flutter App Development Process Looks Like?

We provide tailor-made cross-platform app development solutions.

How We Help You Build UX-Focused Flutter Applications

Our strong focus on quality, agile development approach, and attention to detail help us create remarkable flutter apps that resonate with the brand guidelines of your business and provide a dedicated, UX-focused platform for your target audience to interact with your brand. Our routine flutter app development process goes as follows:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Project Roadmap & NDA
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Backend Development
  • Testing & QA
  • Deployment & Launch
  • Post-Launch Maintenance


Can Flutter be used to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms?
Yes. Flutter is a cross-platform language that enables app entrepreneurs to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android using the same source code, and that too with a truly native feel. By choosing Flutter as your app development framework and hiring expert Flutter developers, you can get both iOS and Android versions of your mobile app within a tight budget and deadlines.
From fascinating 2d games to on-demand mobile applications, there are over 500,000 apps made using Flutter, including some prominent names like eBay, Alibaba, Dream 11, BMW, Google Pay, etc. You can also migrate your existing app to flutter to leverage this feature-rich platform and build an iOS or Android version of your app with the same source code. As a leading Flutter app development company, TekRevol can help you build a cross-platform app using Flutter for both iOS and Android and convert your existing app to Flutter. Connect with us for a free discovery session to learn how you can scale your app business using Flutter.
The time to build a Flutter app depends primarily on the app's complexity and the Flutter development company you're partnering with. On average, it takes 3 – 6 months to build a fully functioning app using Flutter. However, the development time is proportional to the complex features in your app and the number of developers and designers working on your project.
The cost of flutter app development services is comparatively lower to native iOS or Android app development. However, it's impossible to determine the exact cost of an app without conducting consultation sessions with stakeholders and clearly understanding their project needs. At TekRevol, we offer free consultation sessions to get on the same page with our potential clients and create tailor-made cost estimations for them.
You can set up your free consultation and talk to the industry leaders about your app idea or check our app development cost calculator to get a rough estimate for your project.
Yes. TekRevol delivers free talk sessions for Flutter app development services where our professional consultants collect essentials from potential clients and assist them construct a project development roadmap with estimated deadlines and pricing plans

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