How Advanced Gaming Data and AI Analytics is Transforming Game Development?

Author: Mehreen Saleem | February 4, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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Gaming data analytics is destined to play a key part in helping entrepreneurs and game developers discover innovation in the gaming sector.

After generating more than 180 billion USD in 2021, the gaming industry proved its viability and lucrativeness to investors, entrepreneurs and businesses.

But since our core topic for today revolves around gaming analytics, let’s just stick to it and not clutter the blog with secondary details.

According to research, there exist 2 billion gamers online that generate more than 50% terabytes of data every day – which is then used to develop a better understanding of user behavior and preferences to drive more engagement.

However, since everything comes with its own set of challenges, so is the application of AI analytics in gaming.

For better understanding, let’s have a detailed analysis on what’s the role of AI analytics in gaming and how it is transforming the industry.

What is AI In Video Games

AI In Video Games - tekrevol

AI is commonly considered as a technology used to build advanced – more intelligent games that offer a challenging environment to gamers.

However, artificial intelligence in gaming is subject to creating a responsive and adaptive user experience – which is more specifically powered by Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

Primarily, AI in gaming is increasingly being employed to shift the gaming experience towards the players, identify their behavioral changes, and optimize the gaming experience.

Previously, AI has been bringing notable changes in the way people interact and communicate; one of the best examples is the image recognition apps.

However, in gaming, AI analytics and algorithms are to bring revolutionary changes to the user gaming experience.

Since gaming has now spread to multiple platforms, including desktops, wearables, smartphones, and more, AI ensures delivering a console-like experience across devices.

Although AI in video games has long appeared in different forms; AI is now opening a new frontier in how games are developed and played.

Hence, AI is all set to emerge as one of the leading advances in gaming technologies.

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AI Analytics in Gaming – Impacts and Benefits

AI Analytics in Gaming – Impacts and Benefits - tekrevol

AI or artificial intelligence is a technology that employs data sets to a power system with human-like capabilities.

As the trend grows further, entrepreneurs are readily investing in AI apps across industries to automate businesses and harness better connectivity with audiences.

And the gaming industry comes along.

Since games have now become more complex in terms of platforms, users, monetization models, etc.; the derived gaming data increases by multifold.

And although this is empowering organizations with all the much-needed data, the challenge lies in identifying patterns and taking action to enhance engagement.

The AI and ML data analytics help organizations identify newer opportunities in gaming and offer multiple solutions like;

  • Resolving user issues to enhance the gaming experience with AI analytics
  • AI-powered monetization and advertising strategies
  • Minimized revenue losses for game development companies.

User Engagement and Gaming Experience

User experience continues to be the driving force for games.

Cutting-edge graphics and creative storylines still pave the way in generating captivating gaming experiences.

However, developers are now more focused on understanding user behavior and mitigating issues that lead to churn.

AI analytics in gaming, in this regard, provides notable solutions in the following ways;

  • understanding and predicting user behaviors
  • Identifying patterns of what users like or dislike
  • Ruling out reasons for user churn or coming back to the game.

Hence, apart from graphics and creative visualization, AI-based solutions can help create actionable insights and business decisions to grow in the market.

Monetization and Advertising Strategies

From PC and console games to online and offline android games, a monetization model helps in strategizing revenue streams and user interactions.

However, choosing the right monetization strategy also plays its part in driving user engagement or deterring them away.

By employing AI and ML rich algorithms, not only can entrepreneurs choose the appropriate monetization strategy for their game, but it can also help in effective and highly-targeted interactions.

From personalizing Ads and catering to user behavior to improving monetization models and optimizing gaming experience, AI analytics in video games combined with concepts like performance marketing can drive significant changes.

Also, investors and game analysts can identify growth opportunities with real-time insights on monetization and promotional models.

Minimized Revenue Losses for Game Developers

Opting for AI-powered analytics for video gaming is equally important for developers.

Identifying performance glitches or errors can sometimes be very difficult for game analysts using conventional means – which could further lead to massive losses in terms of revenue, users, installations, and more.

On the flip side, AI-powered gaming analytics can help identify and react to any performance or systemic breakdown effectively – ultimately minimizing the revenue loss.

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How is AI Analytics Revolutionizing the Ways Games Are Developed?

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of AI analytics in gaming, the technology would revolutionize the gaming industry in several ways.

Game designers and developers have started to wonder how AI can take a leap from experimental labs toward playable products and development tools.

With popular video games like DeepMind’s unbeatable AplhaGo program and OpenAI’s Dota 2 bot, AI is penetrating deep into understanding the gamer’s behaviors, responding to the emotional and psychological state of players, and evolving over time.

On the flip side, AI would also offer cutting-edge development tools automating the development of AI-sophisticated games as well as characters that evolve within the game with players.

Ultimately AI integration is intended to offer a gaming experience that is much closer to reality than one may think.

Researchers also add that in the times to come; AI will not be entirely focused on building realistic gaming experiences; rather, using AI analytics in games, developers are targeted at developing more intelligent pieces of software.

This intelligent and autonomous software can then be used to train machines to break down complicated tasks into easily manageable tasks in the future.

Ultimately offering automated solutions, trained machines, and self-learning software for personalized human interactions across industries.

The Way Forward

The gaming industry has definitely evolved over time in the past few years.

And Artificial Intelligence tends to play a substantial role in offering continuous growth.

While offering new techniques and gaming experiences, AI analytics in gaming is setting the bar high for developers.

Also, with video games generating a massive amount of gaming data, AI analytics is helping entrepreneurs get the best of both worlds.

Similarly, game developers that have been in it for a long time are inclining towards the use of technologies such as AI and Analytics that ensure user-centricity and personalization to the fullest.

And since the game development is ready to experience notable digital transformation, it would offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to expand their gaming revenue horizons.

While this may need them to keep a closer eye on the future prospects of AI, having an experienced game development company is equally important.

Tekrevol, a full-cycle app, and game development company, can offer solutions that are market-ready, user-focused, and highly tech-experienced.

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Author : Mehreen Saleem

Mehreen is an avid tech-researcher and thrives on accelerating business value by sharing her research that spans the intersection of technology to business resilience and sustainability-related topics. She’s also an advocate for ensuring that every content created at TekRevol is epic.

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