15 AI Apps to Check in 2022

Author: Saba Sohail | December 29, 2021 - TekRevol Team
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In the technical world where there are apps for literally everything from grocery delivery to mental health consultancy, appreneurs are leveraging modern technology to stand apart as early adopters, advocates of change, and problem solvers.

One such technology is Artificial Intelligence – and when you integrate it with a now-conventional mobile application development architecture, you get revolutionary AI apps that are taking user experience to a whole different level.

Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that uses data sets to make computers do human-like tasks. You’ll find a plethora of A.I apps in the market today like healthcare or image recognition apps powered by AI.

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These tasks include the simplest of yes/no answers to playing music on a user’s request to analyzing huge sets of niche-specific data. The most common examples of AI are the chatbots integrated with ecommerce stores and online marketplaces.

According to PWC’s Artificial Intelligence research report, AI will account for 45% of annual economic growth by 2030. In all areas of businesses, AI will become a source of boosting consumer demand, labor productivity, and product improvements.

AI apps are standalone software programs and mobile applications that use artificial intelligence models and algorithms in the core architecture.

In simplest terms, an AI app is an application program that performs a specific set of operations to simplify human life. Now, these operations are usually backed by voice recognition, image recognition, and machine learning tasks.

These AI apps are particularly important for appreneurs because of the earning models they workaround.

Most of the artificial intelligence apps that we have covered in this article are free and provide a unique, enhanced user experience like teaching a language and recommending songs and albums from users’ preferred genres.

So, here are 15 AI apps using this technology better than anyone else:

1.  ELSA – Language Learning AI App

ELSA, short for English Language Speech Assistant, is designed to make English learning easy. This app helps users build their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and reduce accents.

The app is especially useful for people who are preparing for language assessments like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC.

At the heart of this app are the artificial intelligence models that record users’ speech, analyze it for different benchmarks, and then come up with accent reduction practice sentences based on predetermined learning schedules.

ELSA – Language Learning AI App

The app has a robust app development architecture and offers a high-end user experience. It provides a wide range of games and challenges to maintain the user experience for different age and aptitude levels.

ELSA’s developers claim that it identifies errors and accent issues with 95% accuracy and is currently helping 1.5 billion language learners in progressing with their careers and lives. The app has won Fast Company’s honorary World-Changing Ideas 2020.

Download Links for ELSA: iOS, Android

2. Hound – Personal Assistant

Hound is a natural voice assistant AI app that converts conversational style queries into commands to provide a seamless experience.

It does not rely on specific voice commands and interprets what a person is saying to provide answers at lightning-fast speed. The app uses its native platform called Houndify for Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

The level of complexity that you can add to your commands is also quite amazing. For example, in a single sentence, you could ask it to provide recommendations for a specific cuisine with a rating of 4+ and in your walking distance and then exclude some cuisines that you wouldn’t like to have.

More importantly, Hound also has filters, so if you don’t have an answer to your query yet, it will give alternate suggestions.

Hound – Personal Assistant

Apart from handling complex search requests, Hound can also provide music recommendations, let you access Spotify handsfree, set timers, alarms, and reminders, grab the latest news articles, book a ride on Uber, and even answer trivial questions for fun.

You can also use it for financial assistance and calculations and even find personalized travel plans without you having to look too deep.

Download Links for Hound: iOS, Android

3. Robin – AI Assistant for Android Users

Robin is the solution for anyone looking for AI apps as assistants on the go. It is a great companion to have with you in your car when you want to do more than just drive without losing concentration on the road.

From playing your favorite podcasts and audios to providing useful information on a wide range of subjects, Robin is an AI that does all your quick tasks without sounding ‘bot.’

3. Robin – AI Assistant for Android Users

About the technical architecture, Robin has a narrow scope as compared to Hound but is a robust one in terms of the app’s primary goals.

The app is one popular example of strong Android app development architecture. Talk to Robin about your interests, ask for directions to any place that you are going to, check for weather updates, or even send texts or set reminders.

The AI algorithms of Robin adapt quickly to users’ needs and provide personalized experiences depending on the usage pattern. You can also use it to just chat or ask Robin to tell you an interesting fact or a joke if you are in the mood for it.

Download Link for Robin: Android

4. Socratic By Google – AI App for Homework

Socratic is an AI app in the learning and education sector powered by Google AI. The target audience for the app includes high schoolers and university students.

With Socratic, you can learn any of your high school math problems, find useful information about a wide range of subjects, and even study university-level subjects.

All you need to do is ask a question, and the app will use artificial intelligence to find the best resource online to answer it.

The app includes problem-solving features like answering mathematical problems, step-by-step explanations on a wide range of subjects, automated pace determination based on your speed, and concept building about basic complex scientific topics.

4. Socratic By Google – AI App for Homework

The best part about Socratic is its ability to use voice and visual aid to understand problems and provide solutions.

You can snap a picture of your math equation, and it would explain every step that comes in the process to its answer. Being a product of Google LLC also helps build confidence in its abilities.

Download Links for Socratic: iOS, Android

5.  Replika – Virtual Companion AI app

Replika uses artificial intelligence to provide you with a companion who is always there for you. Form a relationship that you can decide the nature of and see the app learn about you at a fast speed, making it a useful tool to provide convincing company.

The type of companion you create is entirely in your hands, and the app learns your preferences to engage with you at a personal level.

5. Replika – Virtual Companion AI app

There is also the option to let things move “organically” and see how the relationship develops with time. The app also uses AR to help you take your companion along with you in the real world and expand on your conversations meaningfully.

There are several features to explore, including playing games, learning about different subjects, and getting to know yourself even better. The emotional intelligence that this app is capable of is also praised by media and users alike.

Download Links for Replika: iOS, Android

6. DataBot – AI Assistant for Research

Take the conventional AI assistant and take it to the next level and what you get as a result is DataBot.

This is an AI app that makes you feel like you have a real personal assistant that can do multiple basic to advanced tasks.

From quick operations like answering general questions and holding conversations to solving problems and creating multimedia presentations, this bot does quite a lot.

DataBot uses information from Google, RSS feed, Wikipedia, and general web content and articles to answer questions and formulate digital media.

6. DataBot – AI Assistant for Research

Some professional features that you can enjoy with DataBot include customized messages for SMS, email, and social media, voice search on any topic you want, note-taking, journal writing, reminders, alarms, and more.

DataBot also supports multiple languages and can chat like you would expect from a smart and natural-sounding assistant. The basic version is free, and users can choose to upgrade to a premium version for advanced features.

Download Link for DataBot: iOS, Android

7. FaceApp – Photo Editing AI app

Forget about going through a ton of settings just to create the perfect look and use AI apps like FaceApp to do it in a single tap!

This is one of the best photo editing AI apps that let you create a completely new look with a ton of filters, background effects, and much more.

You can change facial impressions, add features to your face, change the background setting, and even change your age with a single tap!

7. FaceApp – Photo Editing AI app

Creating Instagram-worthy looks with this app literally takes a few seconds, and the chances of messing it up are pretty much non-existent.

Some of the facial features that the AI smartly applies include additional/different hair on the head, facial hair, removing wrinkles and acne/blemishes, increasing or decreasing the size of facial features, age control, and so much more.

For those looking to add a bit more drastic changes to their face, gender change is also an option!

Download Links for FaceApp: iOS, Android

8. Amazon Alexa – The Best Voice Assistant

Amazon Alexa is one of the leading virtual assistant AI apps in use right now and is integrated deeply into the overall Amazon ecosystem.

It is also quite capable as an AI as it can perform several smart functions like providing information, playing music and book, managing smart homes, organizing your day and work, and of course, making it extremely easy to shop on Amazon.

The app also has a dedicated ecosystem of devices that it can control and use to communicate with other Alexa users as well.

8. Amazon Alexa – The Best Voice Assistant

The biggest common belief about Alexa is that it is supposed to be an alternative to Google Assistant or Siri, and while it is so for the most part, there are still several distinguishing features in it.

Apart from the features described above, you can also converse with Alexa in a natural voice, ask it for directions when on the go, check weather updates and surf the web for general information as well.

Download Links for Amazon Alexa: iOS, Android

9. eBay – Shopping AI app

Not only an epic example of a marketplace app, but eBay uses Artificial Intelligence to its fullest.

Running a massive online shopping platform is thrilling, and eBay shows that every day with its massive operation that caters to every single customer at a personal level.

Everything from daily use items to luxury purchases happens through a smart search and placement AI that logs and analyzes user behavior constantly to provide relevant suggestions.

You can find anything you need on a single app that not only provides an endless supply of goods but also manages customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

eBay – Shopping AI app

A key part of the system where artificial intelligence is playing an active role is image search.

Found something you like but do not know the right search term for it? Simply snap a photo and search directly through that.

The AI behind the scenes will identify the item in your image and provide you with shopping options immediately. It also helps sellers showcase their products better through image snipping, semi-automated product placement, and more.

Download Links for eBay: iOS, Android

10. Hopper

One of the best uses that a consumer can think of when considering the benefits of AI is money saving.

If AI apps can help them save money, then that is the best use of AI for many people. That is exactly what Hopper does.

It predicts the prices of flights and accommodation and tries (quite successfully in many cases) to figure out if the price is expected to go down.

Users can get alerts on price drops for both flights and hotels and even get recommendations on when to make their bookings.


The app has access to an enormous network of flights, hotels, and even rental cars. It uses AI to analyze patterns in the booking data and other factors to determine the best time and price for booking any flight or hotel.

You end up saving a lot of money, and the company claims that the app can calculate a year’s worth of future data with an accuracy rate of up to 95%!

The app also makes booking extremely easy and provides a ton of additional information that travelers can find useful when visiting different destinations.

Download Links for Hopper: iOS, Android

11. Cleo – AI Financial Manager

Money management is one of the most challenging things for people these days, especially with the continuously rising levels of inflation.

The solution needs to be one that is easy to use but effective in its approach, and that is exactly what Cleo is. This is the money-saving and managing tool that you have been waiting for your entire life.

Become a pro at managing your finances, thanks to an A.I.-based tool that provides recommendations for everything from budgeting, saving, and expenses.

Cleo – AI Financial Manager

Cleo can help you save money for certain future expenses by tracking your spending and showing you smart ways to get your money saved without impacting any area of your life significantly.

It is also used for debt management and can take your credit score to a whole new level.

Of course, the app is also highly interactive, and while it is busy being a tough boss to help you save money, it can also become a friend that you can talk to.

Download Links for Cleo: iOS, Android

12. Youper – Healthcare Assistant

There is nothing more incredible than being in full control of your mental health, and that is exactly what Youper is all about.

Instead of having you go for unstructured speaking sessions in front of a therapist while they keep looking at their clock, you get to decide how you want to deal with your issues.

The app uses AI and advanced knowledge of mental health to train individuals in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You get to understand your own emotions and thoughts and gain better control over them.

Youper – Healthcare Assistant

The best thing about Youper is that you can use it with and without insurance. The app adapts to your needs and conditions by asking you questions about yourself in a free assessment session.

You can meet with experts weekly on video and get emotional support via the AI Therapy chat feature.

Download Links for Youper: iOS, Android

13. Pandora – Offline Music App

With an endless supply of podcasts, music, and other audio sources of entertainment available now, trying to find something that you will like can feel almost impossible.

That is the challenge that Pandora has been tackling for as long as we can remember.

Get personalized recommendations based on your preferences, search history, and playback history, all in one spot.

The app uses AI to determine the taste and preferences of a user and even the mood to some extent.

Pandora – Offline Music App

For further personalization, the app provides Pandora Modes, an option that lets you switch to a completely unique listening experience every time.

The app knows we all have different phases and moods and caters to each one separately. The discovery feature also uses AI quite actively to suggest new podcasts and music to you.

It is a great place for not only fulfilling your listening needs but also expanding on them.

Download Links for Pandora: iOSAndroid

14. AI Dungeon – A Text-based Game

Forget about the conventional gaming experience where a limited number of choices are complemented by good-looking graphics to keep you distracted.

Instead of taking that path, AI Dungeon takes you on an adventure that is unique to you based on your responses.

AI Dungeon – A Text-based Game

Instead of a pre-defined story, the game uses AI to generate a story on the go, which progresses depending on the type of answers you give for each question.

Nothing is off-limits, and you get to decide what the answer to each question and riddle should be. It is a complete adventure that requires nothing more than a few lines of text.

Download Links for AI Dungeon: iOS, Android

15. Cortana – Productivity App

Cortana is a productivity AI app developed by Microsoft to be used with the suite of specific applications and products that Microsoft has developed, including the Windows operating system, Xbox, and some other tools like Outlook and Office.

It uses the Bing search engine to perform all sorts of complex tasks for the users.

This could be as simple as setting up reminders and taking notes to provide suggestions for dinner reservations, managing your calendar and meetings, and even location-based assistance.

Cortana – Productivity App

Cortana’s major strength is its seamless integration into the Windows OS architecture, allowing it access to virtually unlimited data that it can use to learn and improve its services.

The development that has happened so far has led to a point where you can also hold complete conversations with it now. Up until this year, Cortana was available for free on both iOS and Android, but Microsoft has closed that chapter, and now you can only use it on Windows devices.

Download Link for Cortana: Windows

Wrapping Up…

Artificial Intelligence has completely changed how we perform certain actions – but more than that, it has changed how contemporary mobile applications used to capitalize on gaps, deliver value, and drive revenue out of their world-changing digital assets.

AI apps are one such example of how mobile solutions can act as complete revenue streams. According to Statista, the market size for AI software will reach 126 billion USD by 2025.

The forecast doesn’t only highlight the growing demand for AI-based applications but also endless opportunities for technopreneurs to capitalize on.

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