The 12 Best Image Recognition Apps That You Should Try In 2024

Author: Nabeel | March 11, 2021 - TekRevol Team
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Let’s embark on a journey to explore the 12 best image recognition apps that you should try in 2021. The image recognition apps mentioned on this list are not in any particular order. However, they’re selected upon their features, quality, and ratings.

Image recognition is on the high-rise, and we’re observing exponential growth in image recognition technology. With the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, drastic improvements were made to image recognition technology.

Also, by incorporating the image recognition feature within smartphones, this technology’s usage has been normalized to a great extent. The image recognition technology is integrated into smartphones via mobile apps.

The users can conveniently download image recognition apps from the Google Play Store or App Store and leverage them to find, recognize, and identify specific objects.

However, choosing the best identification apps can be difficult because there are numerous apps out there using the same technology. The only way to differentiate between them is by analyzing their quality, accuracy, technology, and working methodologies.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the details!


What Is An Image Recognition App?

An Image recognition app leverages image recognition technology to identify objects, people, writing, locations, and much more.

These recognition apps utilize machine learning + vision and artificial intelligence to achieve image recognition. Moreover, this technology is viable in the future purely because of its advantages.

With the Image recognition technology, tasks such as visual content search, guiding autonomous robots, and avoiding accidents through object identification are becoming more and more possible than ever.

Some of the most prominent names in the tech world, such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Apple & Microsoft, are investing in image recognition and related programs.

P.S: Image recognition is often confused with facial recognition. To learn the difference between the two, check out our article on facial recognition apps.

So, here are some of the best object recognition apps that you should try right now.

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1.  Google Lens

Google Lens


Google is all about being innovative and revolutionary. They’ve proven this once again with the Google Lens image recognition app.

With its advanced research and solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is quite evident that they’ve already capitalized on the image recognition technology making it more advanced in several aspects.

The Google Lens object recognition app utilizes your smartphone’s camera and skims the internet for information. The working method of this app is similar to the Google Image search. It is excellent for recognizing objects and matching them with contextual information.

Moreover, this photo identifier app’s working methodology and performance are further strengthened with the artificial intelligence working behind the service with a database of millions of images.

Ratings: 4.7

Download: Android.

2.  Aipoly Vision


The Aipoly Vision sets the bar even higher by offering outstanding features as an image recognition apps. This application proves that you don’t need to be a high-tech IT company to create something inspiring and innovative.

The Aipoly Vision image recognition app is designed to help visually impaired and color-blind people identify objects by simply pointing their smartphone cameras towards them.

Aipoly Vision is the best app for those who have a serious problem with their vision. The app is capable of identifying plants, text, food, products, and other objects.

Moreover, the app’s machine learning background also helps it learn over time while the users provide data.

Rating: 3.0s

Download: iOS – Android

3.  TapTapSee

TapTapSee (1)

TapTapSee is another great object recognition app designed for the blind and visually disabled community. This excellent app utilizes the smartphone’s camera to identify anything you point your camera at.

This photo identifier app’s unique feature is the voice-over function that enables the application to speak the identified object’s name out loud for you.

Rating: 3.9

Download: iOSAndroid

4.  Cam Find

camfind (1)

Cam Find is an app that identifies objects by picture for you. The app’s most intuitive feature is the visual search engine through which the user can search the physical world.

This picture recognition app’s simple interface helps you take pictures of an object. The visual search engine behind the app will tell you what the object is.

The app generates several results in the form of images, videos, and web content to help you find what you were looking for. These results also increase the user’s knowledge.

Moreover, the app also lets the users share what they’ve found with their friends and family from within the app. You also get the option of saving your findings to your profile. Also, the app is powered by Cloud-Sight Image Recognition API.

Rating: 2.6

Download: iOSAndroid

5.  ScreenShop



ScreenShop is created to serve the fashion-loving community, i.e., celebrities, models, and icons. The photo identifier app helps the users locate the shoppable object in an image.

With ScreenShop, you can take a screenshot of a shoppable item you see in a picture. After analyzing the screenshot, ScreenShop will tell you where you can find the clothes, accessories, or products in the picture.

The catalog of ScreenShop is updated continuously, which enables you to find almost anything you’re searching for. Hence, the app is great for the young generation and provides a quicker and feasible shopping experience.

Rating: 3.9

Download: iOS – Android

6.  Flow (Powered By Amazon)

Flow (Powered By Amazon) (1)

Although this image recognition app is created by A9 Innovation, Flow is powered by Amazon.

With more than 45 million products on Amazon, the eCommerce giant had to find a way to deliver a faster and more feasible shopping experience. So, they designed the Flow object recognition app.

This app is utilizing your phone camera to identify the objects in front of it. After identification, the app displays relevant results by finding the object in the store.

However, the drawback of using this object recognition app is that its reach is limited to the Amazon store’s products. Still, it is a great image recognition app so, it is on this list.

Rating: Not available.

Download: Not available.

7.  LeafSnap


LeafSnap is an innovative object recognition app that is designed by the collective efforts of researchers from Columbia University, the  University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institutions.

This spectacular visual recognition app leverages visual recognition custom software to identify plants and trees from their leaves’ photos.

Additionally, the app is amazing for travelers because it identifies trees and plants and increases the user’s knowledge regarding nature. The app also has several high-resolution images of trees, flowers, and plants.

Since the ability to identify plants and trees is not what most of us do daily (unless our job depends on it), the LeafSnap enables users to recognize a plant conveniently by taking a picture of it on their mobile phones.

Rating: 4.7

Download: iOSAndroid

8.  Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition )

The Amazon Rekognition is not just an object identification app; it is also a facial recognition and photo matching app. Technically, it is the artificial intelligence behind Rekognition that is constantly evolving by harnessing the power of data that it receives from Amazon and big tech companies.

This understanding and harnessing of data have made Rekognition one of the best commercial image identification apps in the market.

Moreover, some of these apps’ core advantages include static image and video sequence analyzing and streaming and the seamless identification of objects, products, people, text, and pictures.

Download: Amazon

Rating: N/A

9.  Google Images

Google Images

Google again makes this list and not without a specific reason. They certainly have an interest in image recognition technology. The tech giant Google is leveraging the most innovative technology to excite and impact its users. That technology has given us another ground-breaking visual recognition app to discuss now.

This time Google has the “Google Images” service to offer to its audience. Using Google images, the user can skim through millions of pictures until he/she finds the one they’ve been searching for.

You can also upload the graphics on Google serves. The machine learning capabilities of Google Images will analyze and search for similar files on the web and show you relevant results.

Additionally, you can also leverage the Google Image search for identifying plagiarisms and photomontages; however, this specific identification process is manual so, you have to do it yourself. Moreover, you can also save images through the collection features in Google Images.

Google Images in the “Image Search” mode is extremely useful for identifying plagiarisms and photomontages. All you have to do is check it yourself.

10.     Vivino

vivino app (1)

Yes! the digital world also has an app for wine lovers. Vivino is an object identification app that enables the user to take photos of any wine label or restaurant’s wine list to quickly get details about the drink and its ratings and reviews.

Vivino claims that it has the largest wine marketplace globally. From this huge marketplace, the user can easily select the best wine after identifying it.

After selecting the wine, the user can place the order. The delivery team of Vivino will carefully deliver it right to your doorstep.

Moreover, after trying the wine, users can also add comments and reviews, rate the wine with other Vivino users, and get recommendations on trying other wines.

Rating: 4.9

Download: iOSAndroid

11.     Calorie Mama

Calorie Mama (1)

Loved the food that you’re eating? Want to identify or learn more about it? Here’s a great image recognition app that will enable you to get details about the food you’re consuming regarding calories.

Calorie Mama instantly identifies the food and the calories that it consists of by leveraging your smartphone’s camera and object recognition technology based on machine learning technology.

This app is great for those who are health-conscious. It provides immense feasibility to the users by helping them to keep track of their daily calorie intake so that they can live a happy and healthy life.

Rating: 4.8

Download: iOSAndroid

12.     LogoGrab

LogoGrab (1)

LogoGrab is developed by Visua Technologies. The app’s core feature is the identification of logos, text, objects, and commercial materials. However, the most standout aspect of LogoGrab is the scene detection feature.

Although this photo identifier app offers limited usability, it can efficiently and accurately identify specific companies operating in the market. This is why LogoGrab is considered the best tool to find even the most hidden logos, photos, and commercial stuff.

Moreover, the app’s main idea is to identify and provide marketers with information about the brand’s assets. Plus, the innovative application of image identification technology in LogoGrab is commendable.

Rating: N/A

Download: N/A



Here’s our complete list of the 12 best image recognition apps you can leverage to fulfill your image recognition needs. We’ve mentioned several different apps above that serve various purposes so that you can select the best one as per your requirements.

Moreover, image recognition technology is primed for the future. We’ll be observing several improvements and innovations in this specific domain in the coming years.

For now, these are the most intuitive, advanced, and revolutionary apps available on Android and iOS.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an iPhone app Development Company or Android app Development Company to get an inspiring and innovative image recognition app for your business, click on the button below to get in touch.

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