Top 10 Facial Recognition Apps In 2024

Author: SHAH ANAS | May 25, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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Leveraging the power of a facial recognition app, Mr. Hoan Ton-That has now been propelled into the midst of the tech world through a disruptive invention that many believe will be far more damaging to the cause of individual privacy than any other tech tool ever created.

Mr. Ton-That’s achievement is so momentous because he didn’t belong to the tech mainstream before inventing this new facial recognition app that could literally allow any law enforcement agency to know your identity just while you were walking down the local street. He had only created a relatively less known iPhone app along with another Donald Trump based spoof app before he laid the foundation of groundbreaking facial recognition technology.

This new company is called Clearview AI and at its heart is a disruptive facial recognition technology that can be accessed through the ease of an app by literally any law enforcement agency out there.

The facial recognition app developed by Clearview AI is incredibly intuitive. The app just requires you to input an image of any person via uploading it to the app’s servers, the app then runs a quick check of its humungous database and returns surprisingly accurate results that include all the public pictures available online of this person.

And these are not just standalone pictures. The app also provides you with direct links to where it took these images from, so with just a simple picture upload, you will be led directly to that person’s complete digital identity and persona.

But how exactly did Clearview AI’s facial recognition app acquire such a large database? It’s simple. They just scraped images from wherever they could find online. This included social websites like Facebook and YouTube.

How many images does Clearview AI’s database currently has?

More than 3 billion and counting.

Many law enforcement agencies have claimed that the app has been super useful to them since it has allowed them to quickly gain leads on major crimes like shoplifting and murder quite easily.

This is just how much potential facial recognition apps hold in terms of revolutionizing our world, either for good or for the worse.

Flagships mobile phones today come with built-in free facial recognition software, and this progress has also widened to the world of mobile apps.

Today, there are thousands of facial recognition apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App store that you can download and use for a wide variety of uses.

Some of the use cases of facial recognition apps include:

  • Personal Security and Safety
  • Law Enforcement Database Curation
  • AR/VR facial recognition apps
  • Healthcare face recognition apps
  • Anti-Fraud face matching system
  • Employee tracking facial recognition systems.

Today, face recognition technology is helping improve society with a positive impact on a wide front. The uses cases are unlimited, from safeguarding personal information to preventing fraud, cyber-attacks, and false arrests. Not to mention, the positive impacts on the healthcare industry, with facial recognition systems helping with the diagnosis of genetic conditions.

Though I can’t be certain of their use in the future (though I have many ideas), let’s first identify the 10 best face recognition apps for mobile that are revolutionizing the world.

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Best Facial Recognition Apps In 2024- Full List


FaceFirst is a popular choice in the face recognition apps category in law enforcement and the military, which helps in matching photographs of personnel in the field almost instantly against their databases.

This face recognition app is used to find out the identity of individuals, which can help law enforcement officers improve the security of the community while making sure that they do not engage in any false arrests.

Not only that, but officers can also use FaceFirst to create a watchlist in which they can enroll suspected criminals while they are on-ground performing their duties.

Facial Recognition App Category: Law Enforcement App

Price: Free



Blippar is an Augmented Reality (AR) object and faces recognition app. Blippar has the ability to use its extensive database to recognize objects like plants, landmarks, animals, and food items.

Blippar also has a face recognition system that you can use to recognize people, which can be used to identify individuals, but in a more personal way, rather than for law enforcement agencies, since it depends on Blippar’s own database rather than an external one.

Facial Recognition App Category: Object and face matching app

Price: Free



Face2Gene is a revolutionary healthcare app that uses facial recognition software to help doctors in clinics and hospitals to diagnose patients with certain genetic disorders and their varieties using bioinformatics.

The propriety algorithm that Face2Gene uses compares faces of patients based on the morphology patterns present in similar syndromes and diseases to provide a diagnosis of their genetic condition or illness.

If you’re looking to get a similar health-related customized app build for your brand, you can just implement research to extract the best app development services to hire Android app developers for your project.

Facial Recognition App Category: Facial Recognition App for Healthcare

Price: Free



Mobile or online banking has one challenge that banks have to deal with, and that’s identity theft and fraud to protect their customers. To counter this problem, banks around the world use the facial recognition app Face Phi to verify the identity of their clients that use online banking.

Face Phi is simple to use. The client takes a picture of their face using their mobile device, and the facial recognition system performs an identification check by matching their face with the image in the bank’s database to enable access to the bank’s mobile app.

Facial Recognition App Category: Face Recognition app for online banking

Price: Not For Download


5. LogMe Facial Recognition

LogMe Facial Recognition is a search engine app for facial recognition. It uses similarity and distance to identify the faces in a photo.

To use LogMe, you just upload a photo on the app, and it will extract the information about the faces in the photo by comparing it to other photos uploaded by users of the LogMe app.

You can then scroll and browse through faces that the app recognizes as similar and in-close distance of your upload.  This is a matching system you won’t find in free facial recognition custom software, so if you’re looking for a face-matching app for free, this is a unique app you can download.

Facial Recognition App Category: Basic Face Matching App

Price: Free

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6. App Lock

Applock is an android face recognition app that gives its users the ability to lock and unlock apps through its facial recognition and voice recognition software for free.

As a privacy tool, app lock can help you hide your personal information, data, social media apps, financial apps, and healthcare apps (or any other app you want to hide) so that anyone else using your phone cannot access them.

You can unlock those apps using voice or face verification, to make sure your apps can only be opened by you.

Facial Recognition App Category: Information and Data Security App

Price: Free



Vault works very much like Applock but is made specifically to help hide and protect your private videos and pictures in a separate private gallery.

A free Android facial recognition application, you can safeguard any sensitive material on your phone, lock applications, and backup your data in the cloud with complete security.

So what’s new? Well, with vault, you have the ability to share private data across multiple devices, while making sure that vault protects that data, allowing access only to you using the facial recognition functionality.

Facial Recognition App Category: Data Protection and Privacy App

Price: Free


8. Luxand

Luxand is one of the best facial recognition apps out there, with a diverse set of uses, thanks to a wide range of APIs it leverages.

If you’re someone who meets a lot of people and often forget names, you can use Luxand to saves faces in the app’s memory and add names to them, so if and when you have to remember someone’s name, you can use the app as a gallery to remember.

Secondly, the FaceSDK that Luxand uses makes it an excellent surveillance and biometric identification app. With its ability to recognize faces from a video, it can also predict their gender and age, making it a comprehensive profile identification tool. This is why Luxand is used by some of the biggest organizations in the world for its security and surveillance.

But what if you’re just a casual user looking for entertainment? Well, you can use Luxand to play around with its avatars features that provide you the ability to experiment with hair color, piercings, and facial hair, amongst more AR-related features.

For facial recognition app developers, there’s a lot to learn based on Luxand’s use of FaceSDK, which is publicly available with multiple face detection APIs, such as:

  • Facial recognition API
  • Face Enhancement API
  • Avatar API
  • Face Aging API
  • Zombie API

Facial Recognition App Category: Multi-purpose Facial Recognition Software

Price: Free


9. FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the most famous facial recognition apps for mobile, partly due to the 2019 controversy regarding privacy concerns that were blown out of proportions on the internet, but also because it’s an incredible platform.

FaceApp fulfills two functions, first is to personalize your face with its editor, and secondly, it can be used to identify celebrities.

You can share your old and new photographs to the bank on the “before and after” trend that’s been around on social media for years now.

You can use a variety of in-app filters to edit your own pictures such as:

  • Smile Filter – Edit your smile to be broad or narrow, and add or remove teeth from your pictures.
  • Hairstyles – change your hairstyle and color, perfect to see how a new hair dye would look on your face.
  • Genderswap – See how you would look like as the opposite gender using the genderswap feature.
  • Age filter – See how you will age by changing your appearance based on your age.

For entertainment purposes, this is the best face recognition and editing app out there, so give it a go and stylize a new look for yourself.

Facial Recognition App Category: Entertainment-based face recognition app

Price: Free



Another entertainment face recognition app for free, Sokrush’s app allows you to take pictures and analyze them to figure out the mood of the person in the picture based on their expressions, which can provide an exciting insight about how you should see the picture.

Facial Recognition App Category: Entertainment facial recognition app

Price: Free


Concluding the Best Image Recognition App in 2024

So, the big question is, what is the best image recognition app in 2024? Based on your use case of choice, Luxand and FaceApp are the best image recognition apps in 2024, with Face2Gene and FaceFirst as the 2nd most effective facial recognition apps, in terms of effectivity.

Before you download all of these apps, ask yourself the purpose of downloading a face matching or facial recognition app.

If it’s for entertainment, choose one of the entertainment apps such as FaceApp or Face Recognition by Sokrush.

If you’re looking for a face recognition app for security, you can download AppLock or Vault.

If you’re looking for an enterprise solution, then Luxand might be the best choice for you.

In healthcare, Face2Gene is a great fit if you’re looking for genetic conditions and their diagnosis.

So here’s my take on the best face recognition apps for mobile in 2024, so identify your requirement, and download one of these to leverage one of the hottest modern technologies out there.

Author : SHAH ANAS

Shah Anas is a Business Development Executive who believes in the responsibility of businesses to give back to society. Away from the office, Shah loves to talk about sports and politics and is always ready to post a long status on trending topics.

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