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Best Streaming Apps in the Industry

Types Of Streaming Apps Tekrevol Can Develop

If you are continuously thinking on how to build a live streaming app, then Tekrevol can help you out.

Our expert team of specialist streaming app developers know how to develop different types of video streaming apps that are currently quite popular nowadays:

Live Broadcasting Apps

These streaming apps help users to record and stream videos at the same time. Facebook Live, Periscope and Twitch are some popular examples of live broadcasting apps. Tekrevol can help you build a similar app for helping your users to watch live gameplays, talk to their communities and more.

Music Streaming Apps

From Pandora to Spotify, music streaming apps have revolutionized the entire audio and music industry. Now users don’t need to download music onto their device anymore. They can pick and choose anything to play via streaming music apps. We can build a similar app for you equipped with all the right features.

Video On Demand Streaming Apps

Netflix has become a rage these days because it ended the monotony of forced programming on to the user. Now, the user can use its own Video on Demand Apps and build its own programming schedule without downloading anything on to its device. Our app development team can build a VOD streaming app for you that can easily allow users to play, rewind, pause videos, and create playlists, view recommendations and much more.

TV Live Streaming Apps

Just like everything else, users also want to watch TV via streaming it live these days. We have an expert team on board that can build a live TV streaming app for your channel that allows your users to watch any of your broadcasts in HD quality anywhere they want.

Best Streaming Apps

Developing The Best Streaming Apps Out There:

Best music apps like Spotify and Apple Music have allowed users to access any type of music in any genre, by any singer, in any country through the internet with incredible ease.

This has all been made possible with the rise of streaming capabilities within these apps. Now users don’t need to download songs on to their devices, which was a long, drawn out process. They can now just easily stream their favorite songs, TV shows and movies on their favorite streaming apps.

These top streaming apps are incredibly fast, they do not take up a lot of your mobile’s storage or computing power and can help you locate any track and play it within a matter of seconds just by a few taps.

The app stores now have a lot of different types of streaming apps. From Netflix to Spotify, streaming apps have become all the rage these days. At Tekrevol, we can help you build you a perfect streaming app that can easily play VOD or Music with incredible ease.

Moreover, we also understand Digital Rights Management and can ensure that your products or media files within the app remain in protected use for the benefit of the user. Tekrevol understands the expectations of the market perfectly and if you want to make a streaming app that really works and attract users, then we can develop a winning music application for you.

Best Streaming Apps
Content Protection Via DRM
Content Protection Via DRM

How We Will Protect Your Streaming Content With DRM?

When you want to get a platform built for streaming video or music files, you are always concerned about ensuring the security of your content at all costs.

At Tekrevol, we offer the best content protection through Digital Rights Management or DRM. Your content will always be cordoned off from unauthorized use as our specialist streaming app development team bounds your content to only be accessed via a specified server.

We offer specific encoding, packaging, playback and a list of licensed servers specifically custom developed for you to offer the best in protected streaming app development technology out there.

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The Process For Music Apps

Custom App Development Process:

Our process for music app development is unlike the processes we follow for other types of application development. That’s because, we know that this won’t right. Music apps are one of the most detailed oriented apps out there and users consistently engage with them throughout their day. Even a single lax feature or a dumb design flaw will lead to users dumping the app for good.

This is exactly what we strive to differ from at Tekrevol.

Our music app development process is top notch and designed specifically to ensure that only the best music apps are provided to clients and users alike.

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The Process For Music Apps
Best Streaming Apps in the Industry

Tekrevol’s Streaming App Development

We understand the needs of the modern consumer and can build a perfect streaming app complete with all the important features to make the app a sure shot hit with the audiences.

Here are some top features that we can incorporate for you in your music or video streaming app:

Play on Demand

Users can play any content or media file whenever they want.

Offline Play/Download on App

The users can download music or video files within the app so that they can view them offline later on.


Users can create their personalized profiles that will allow them to save their viewing history, present them with recommended video or music options and much more.

Recommendation Algorithm

Users will get video or music recommendations based on their viewing histories in order to give them a more personalized viewer experience.

Simultaneous Log-ins

The app will be able to handle any number of simultaneous logins as per requirements.


Users will be able to rate the video or media files as they deem right.

Building All Music Player Applications

Kind of Music Apps We Develop

We develop all three types of music applications:

Know More About Best Music App For You
Music Streaming Apps
Music Streaming Apps

These type of music applications are ones where the music is present in the centralized databases of the service provider/app owner. Sound cloud is a good example of what a top music streaming app looks like. When developing music streaming apps, we focus on the following components:

  • Music Discovery
  • Recommendations/Customization
  • Personal playlists
  • Sharing option for social media
Music Store Apps
Music Store Apps

These apps are very similar to music streaming apps, but they have a commercial component to them. This effectively means that we will build music apps for you that prioritize monetization. Users will buy songs from these apps helping you make in impressive revenue on a consistent basis. If you want to conceptualize as to what kind of a music app these look like, then imagine either Pandora or YouTube Music which are both music store apps. In this app type, we focus on these components:

  • Monetize/Paid Music
  • Specialized Promotions & Engagements
  • User reviews/feedback
Music Storage Apps
Music Storage Apps

These music apps help users to play music stored on their phones. Google Music, which is present on almost all Android mobile phones, is an excellent example of music storage apps. In this app genre, we focus more on functionality than anything else in order to make incredibly efficient for users to interact with these apps. The music player app design is the main focus area for such type of apps.

Music storage apps are basically developed with the following components:

  • External/Cloud Uploading
  • Personalization/Customization
  • Loop/Playback/Playlist Creation/Search Bar
OS Centric Music App Development/Music Apps for Google Play & Apple App
IOS Centric Music App Development/Music Apps for Google Play & Apple App Store

Best Technology for The Creation of Live Streaming Apps

Advances in technology have made live streaming apps possible. Specifically, the following technologies have helped live streaming app development:

Media storage

Cloud providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have made it possible to store media assets in a reliable and scalable manner.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A network of distributed servers to make content delivery easier for a dispersed audience.

Design Specifications

Advances in UI/UX design make it possible for users to intuitively use live streaming apps.

Streaming Players

Advanced video players that adapt to platform and browser and give the best experience to users.

Modern user authentication and encryption technologies

Using a Google or Facebook account to log into the live streaming app makes it easier for users. Data encryption keeps video assets safe from hackers.

Music Apps For Google Play & APPLE App Store

Android & Apple Music App Development

At Tekrevol, we specialize in developing custom music apps to suit both types of OS. Whether you want your music apps to rock on iPhones or work smoothly on Android smartphones, we have customized approaches to both.

Android music app development is less costly, but can allow you to acquire a greater variety of features because of the platform’s flexibility towards incorporating radical, new elements.

Apple music app development is more inclined towards affording users with a stellar app experience. Here you will get the most modern music app design that looks chic and is incredible to engage with on all levels.

Real Estate Digital Solutions

Integrated, Robust & One-Window Backend To Control The App’s Features

Integrated, Robust & One-Window Backend
                        To Control The App’s Features
Master Admin Panel

Control everything on your on-demand app through this dashboard including payments, commissions, user profiles, reviews, comments and payments.

Monitor Performance

Attain access to all the important performance metrics on your on-demand app and manage performance based issues through the right analytics.

Payment Gateway

Keep track of all your payments and earnings through your on-demand app with the added ability to restrict access to this feature to non-concerned personnel.

Feature Rollout

App management panel is synchronized with the music app’s user interface to ensure that no security issues or glitches linger around for long.

Customer Analytics

Access to user analytics is a special part of our backend support as it allows you to optimize user experience based on real time usage data gathered from all parts of the music app.

Access Settings

Redact, add or modify any settings within the app with stunning ease and incredible accuracy from a single, highly optimized platform.

Music Editing & Learning Apps
Music Editing & Learning Apps

User Centric Music App Development

We don’t just develop apps that help users listen to their favorite music, we also develop all kinds of music editing apps and music learning apps.

Tekrevol is an award winning app Development Company and staying abreast of all trends is our forte and what makes us so unique and valued in the app development domain.

We can pull in all of our resources and expertise in the arena of app development to create stunning user centric music app UI designs and UX interface, so that anyone who uses gets hooked on almost instantaneously.

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