IP protection

When Intellectual Property Rights are compromised, it not only affects your revenues but your reputation suffers too. At Tekrevol, we deliver complete IP protection solutions with thorough security controls.

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Key Features

We offer a range of IP products and services in order to facilitate our clients with advice and support that they need and
want for all sections of intellectual property law.

Keyword Monitoring

As long as it is online, we can find it. We keep up with all of your online assets and identify infringements in record time.

Machine Learning

Using your account history, we learn, detect, and suggest rules and keyword opportunities.

Smart User Experience

We allow flexible authentication of documents and digital assets and help optimize how your internal teams access IP.

IP protection for enterprises

At Tekrevol, we help manage high-value IP, satisfy requirements with traceable change management, and navigate regulatory compliance. Around the globe, we help our clients from every industry with IP protection for their development processes.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We help you create non-disclosure agreements to help safeguard your ideas.
  • The Fundamentals

    Our IP protection fundamentals include patent, trademark and registered design protection.
  • Stringent Procedure

    We address stringent procedures for source code and project management.
  • 24/7 Security

    Our IP protection professionals are available for your assistance 24*7.

Collaborative Approach

We work really well with startup businesses and help them establish their unique brand in the industry to grow and expand their market into a profitable niche.

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