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Author: nabeel | April 9, 2021 - TekRevol Team
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Python is debatably one of the most popular programming languages that exist today. Due to its clean and readable code and wide range of frameworks, programmers prefer it worldwide. Two of its most famous frameworks include Django and Flask. Now Django vs. Flask is perhaps the most common argument you’ll come across once you plan to build your web app in Python.

Also, we’ve previously written pieces of comparison like PHP vs. JavaScript. Be sure to check this out, too, after reading this article. Today, we’re going to talk about Django vs. Flask. So, if you’re having trouble choosing  Django or Flask, this article will give you a brief overview of both of the frameworks.

Even though both of these frameworks are widely popular, there’s quite a difference between Django and Flask when implementing the framework. Before we dive into Django vs. Flask, here’s a brief overview of both frameworks to give you a better understanding.

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What Is Flask?

Technically, Flask is a microframework focused more on minimal, simple, and fine-grained control. Since this framework implements the bare minimum, you have the complete freedom of implementing different add-ons and modules.


What Is Django?

Compared to Flask, Django is an inclusive side. It provides you with an admin panel, Objects Rational Mapping (ORM) database interfaces, and directory structure without the need to implement third-party integrations.

What Is Flask

So which framework is the best choice for your project? Is it Django or Flask? Well, now that you know the basic difference between both frameworks, here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of these frameworks to help you make the right decision. We’ll also discuss which framework suits best in different conditions. So, let’s dig deep down into Django vs. Flask.


Django vs. Flask

Pros and Cons

Development Speed

When you talk about Django vs. Flask in terms of development speed, Django should be your choice straight up as it is meant to develop complex projects in record time. The framework is stacked with all the tools and features that you need to build a reliable and easily maintainable app straight out of the box.

However, building smaller projects should be much easier using Flask because of its simplicity.

Learning Curve

The learning curve has a quite significant difference between Django and Flask. For beginners, building a project in Flask could become a headache for sure. Moreover, learning Flask’s framework can also be difficult.

In contrast, Django offers a much friendlier learning curve. Moreover, this framework is fully equipped and provides you with the space of scaling your project during the development cycle or even after the project is completed. So, for beginners, Django is the framework that we recommend.

Control And Flexibility

Even though Django is packed with built-in features and tools, this means that there’s a limited choice of add-ins and modules. In contrast, the minimalism of Flask here has the upper hand. There’s a diverse range of add-ins and modules that you can use as long as you want them. The wide range of choices for external libraries simply means complete freedom and flexibility.


No matter how expert you are, there’s always a time when you would need to seek assistance from others. This is why a strong community for any programming language is counted in as a benefit.

When talking about Django vs. Flask in terms of community, there’s a fair advantage of Django over Flask. The community in Flask is still maturing and is not bigger when compared to Django. Therefore, finding information is quite harder at times.

In contrast, the community of Django is huge. You can quickly find other developers that are willing to help and contribute their expertise to your project. Moreover, you can always find useful information regarding the general problems in Django’s public domain.


Django was introduced back in 2005, which ultimately makes it quite a mature framework with thousands of plugins and third-party extensions that you can leverage to meet your needs.

In comparison, Flask is not as mature because it was first introduced in 2010. There’s not much in terms of add-ins and extensions that you can choose in comparison to Django.


So Which Framework Would Suit You The Best?

When talking about Django vs. Flask, you need to understand that these pros and cons mentioned above are dependent upon your project. Therefore, before making any decision, it is equally important to understand your project.

Project Size

When trying to choose between Django and Flask, your project’s size is an essential aspect that you need to consider. If the project is small with fewer complications, then Flask is your way to go. In contrast, Django should be the right choice for bigger and complex projects.

That’s not all. It would be great if you measured your plans regarding the project as well. If you plan to scale your project after its completion, Django is great for that purpose as it is fully furnished with all the right features. While the case with Flask is different as you’ll need to create most of the functionalities yourself.

Structure Of The App

The structure of your app should also influence your decision. Suppose your app’s structure is diverse, where you need to implement a highly customizable environment with specific tools and libraries. In that case, Flask could be a great choice.

However, if you do not need such a customizable framework for your app, using Django could save significant time and resources because of its built-in features.

Type Of Your Project

The type of your project is an important factor to consider when choosing between Django and Flask. Refer to this piece below for a better understanding.

Online Store

Django is a better choice for creating an online store as it is already equipped with different E-commerce modules and ORMs for all your needs.

Online Media

Here, Django has the upper hand as it was built for this purpose in the first place.

Simple App With Static Content

If you want to create a simple app, then using Flask is great as it allows a great room for customization.


Parting Words

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the idea behind this Django vs. Flask comparison is not to declare which framework is better than others. But instead, it was meant to highlight the key differences between Django and Flask so that you can make the right choice when choosing one of these for your project.

Now that you have a great understanding of both frameworks, it’s time to choose which one among both frameworks works best against your needs. You can also read our comparison guides on PHP vs. JavaScript, React JS vs. Angular, and other such topics to raise your knowledge.

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501 E Las Olas Blvd Suite
230, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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