22 Best Augmented Reality Games For 2024

Author: Nabeel | January 13, 2021 - Tekrevol Team
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Augmented reality may sound like a futuristic concept or revolutionary technology, but the fact is that it has been around for more than 50 years now. AR is a technology that brings your digital environment to reality by placing virtual objects in the real world.

The highly interactive technology is present everywhere today. There are some of the best AR games out there that are redefining the augmented reality experience by engaging users with stunning visuals and graphics.

This blog is all about highly innovative AR games that are literally rocking the AR market, with the help of leading mobile game development companies. From interactive maps to virtual showrooms, these extraordinary adventures augment games are packed with every standout feature that persuades the audience to give AR a shot.

So, if you’re willing to invest in AR mobile games, here is a list of the 22 best-augmented reality apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store that are inspirational.

Learning about these games will give you an idea of how you can make your app stand out so, without any further ado – let’s start.

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The 22 Inspirational Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS

With reality-manipulating maps creating a perfect gaming environment for gamers, these fantastic apps deliver an amazing gaming experience. Also, leveraging other technologies such as GPS, the player can move around in the game and complete missions or tasks.

From Android augmented reality games to iPhone shooting games, AR is literally dominating the mobile gaming industry by becoming the future of mobile gaming. Users today can enjoy the experience conveniently on their smartphones.

Ready to learn about the most exciting genre in the world of augmented reality gaming? Let’s dive right in and learn some of the most inspirational best-augmented reality apps.


1.  Knightfall AR

A battle strategy game that takes the user into the world of Knights and Warriors. The aim is to defend Acre from the enemies (Mamluk Warriors).

The games plunge the user into a flat surface. The user’s viewpoint acts as a targeting system that allows you to fire at the enemy units as they march towards you.

You can kill enemies, earn gold, reinforce your defenses, and push warriors back, all of this in AR mode. The more you win battles and succeed, the more you unlock features and new challenges. During the gameplay, AR does its magic and provides the user with a live and action-packed experience.

Moreover, one such feature of the game comes in the form of “Photo mode,” where the game enables you to choose the characters from the game and use them for your own amusement.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.8

Developer Details: AeNetworks


2.  Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt is another app that belongs to the Android augmented reality games. The game uses geolocation to support the augmented reality mode. With tons of mysteries, legends, and adventures within the game, Temple Treasure Hunt is a perfect example of an amazing augmented reality gaming app.

The game’s scope is simple. You can be a treasure protector. You can be a hunter; however, you have to follow the interactive map the game offers in both cases.

When you are playing as the treasure protector, you have to create treasure trials so that the hunters find it difficult to locate the treasure. Similarly, when you’re playing as the hunter, you have to find the treasure.

Moreover, to get to the treasure, you have to bypass legendary Indian characters, enhancing the gaming experience.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.1

Developer Details: Mobi-tech


3.  Zombie, Run!

A free app that offers thrilling adventures to Android and iOS users and is specially designed for those who love a morning jog throughout the city.

Your morning jog will never be the same once you start using this augmented reality gaming app.

From the start, the game throws the player into a zombie-filled world where you have to run and collect items along the way to survive the zombie attack.

Also, the game plays music and motivational narration to boost your morning exercising experience and will power.

Downloads: 40k

User-Ratings: 5

App Revenue: $30k

Developer Details: ZombiesRunGame


4.  Jurassic World Alive

Dive into the prehistoric times when huge creators used to walk the Earth. The Jurassic world will take you into a world where wild prehistoric creatures are running freely in modern-day civilizations.

You can explore different aspects of the Jurassic world, come across mammoths, dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus, and Pteranodons and collect DNA samples to create your very own raptor.

Moreover, you can share your creation with other players and compete with other creatures in real-time.

The game and experience’s speedy mechanism is tailored to excite the user. With well-crafted graphics – this extraordinary adventure augment reality app made its way to this list of inspirational apps.

Downloads: 200k

User-Ratings: 4.3

App Revenue: $700,000

Developer Details: Ludia


5.  AR Sports Basketball

Another top-notch augmented reality-based mobile gaming app where the player shoots the ball in real-time at any location. Unlike other apps on this list, the AR Sports Basketball is based on a simpler AR integration level.

With different gaming modes, including a multiplayer option, the user can literally enjoy playing basketball in person.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.3

App Revenue: $5k

Developer Details: ThunderGame


6.  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

An extraordinary mystical adventure augment reality has to offer. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite games is an adventure and story-based game in which a catastrophe has struck the magical world of Harry Potter.

The Wizards of the world must unite to solve this issue and defeat the enemies. In the game, the player is a Wizard, and he must fight his way through enemies and collect various elements. This game is specially designed for fantasy and adventure lovers.

Also, there are different cameos of famous characters integrated within the augmented reality app for the fans.

Downloads: 70k

User-Ratings: 3.7

App Revenue: 200k

Developer Details: Niantic


7.  Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is probably the most well-known augmented reality gaming app on this list. This app is known for its stunning performance and user experience. The game itself is extremely engaging, and it took the world by storm when it was released back in July 2016.

This app is surely an inspiration for several AR-based mobile applications. Its inception marked the turning point of the gaming industry.

The game offers a virtual battlefield and brings virtual objects to life in real-time. The users can see and capture Pokémon in their surroundings.

Downloads: 3m

User-Ratings: 4.1

App Revenue: $38m

Developer Details: Niantic


8.   Beer Pong AR

The future of board games is Beer Pong AR. The classic game gone digital reflects AR’s evolution and how it can be used innovatively for user entertainment and experience.

The game offers the users to choose the surrounding where they want to install the beer, and after installing it, the players can throw ping pong balls. This is indeed one of the best-augmented reality android games.

Moreover, the Beer Pong AR also lets your select the best angle before throwing the ball, and the one who sinks ten cups with the least throws wins the game.

The best part about the game, you ask? Well, playing Beer pong AR doesn’t create any mess and provides a real-time experience leveraging the AR technology.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 2.6

Developer Details: Androidezone


9.  Shark In The Park

One of the Best AR games, Shark in The Park, will take you on an adventure to explore the amazing sights of the game’s reality and witness incredible animals along the way. The AR aspects of the apps enable real-time interactions within the app.

Shark In The Park also utilizes the phone’s GPS to enable the users to walk among the app’s landscapes exploring huge creatures and underwater life.

Also, the app uses the sensors built in your smartphone to sense your real-life movements so, if you move quickly in the real world, you do the same in the digital one.

I recommend trying this app when you’re outside to enjoy your outdoors.


10.  Dark: Subject One

One of the most intuitive virtual reality apps games, Dark: Subject one, is a mystery-filled and adventurous game that suspense lovers must have on their smartphones.

Dark: Subject one is a horror story-based game where the user is the protagonist. He is investigating the disappearance of his friend.

This game will take you beyond the portal into a parallel universe for a breathtaking experience where you’ll find clues and try to solve the case.

The overall experience is astonishing, and the augmented reality hardwired within the app is commendable.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 4.0

Developer Details: Fabrik


11.  Army Of Robots

Army of Robots belongs to the Android and

Army of Robots belongs to the Android and iPhone shooting games genre. With its AR aspects, the games deliver a spectacular first-person shooting experience to the user.

The app itself is integrated with an immersive interface and exceptional performance, ensuring that the player can enjoy destroying hoards of robotic enemies of various sizes.

The game also senses how you move in the real world and replicates the experience incorporating it in the game.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 4.0

App Revenue: $5k

Developer Details: Singergia


12.  Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

In the mood to shoot down zombies while in a military helicopter? If you are, then Zombie Gunship Revenant is designed for you. The game offers the user various types of weapons like guns, missiles, snipers, and even rockets to shoot down zombies while in a helicopter.

If you are searching for shoot games for Android or iOS, this game should be your number one choice. The experience this game provides is real-time, and the battle for survival seems amazingly true.

Downloads: 9k

User-Ratings: 3.6

App Revenue: 5k

Developer Details: Limbic


13.  NightenFell: Shared AR

A multiplayer augmented reality game that works perfectly fine on both Android and iPhone. The game is basically a shooter game that offers comets, mysteries. It spells that players solve and advance to the next level.

Also, the app’s spells enable the player to freeze time, defend the world from the virtual comets by shooting, and do much more.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 4.7

Developer Details: Hookbang


14.  GEO-Caching

The best thing about virtual reality apps games is that you get to choose exactly the type of game you want to play. Whether it is a treasure hunting game, horror game, or a shooting game – you can find the one that best suits you enjoy an amazing experience.

And out of several AR apps, Geocaching is an augmented reality gaming app that truly stands out. With its treasure hunting persona combined with AR, the users get to explore their surroundings, searching for Geocaches.

The app is highly interactive. It enables the user to find geocaches or log in photos and hide them again to locate.

Downloads: 200k

User-Ratings: 4.4

App Revenue: $300k

Developer Details: GeoCaching


15.  Jenga AR (Android)

Honestly, who hasn’t played Jenga in reality – now imagine playing the modernized AR version of the game. The game is simple, you have to move the blocks one at a time from the center to place them on the top.

However, the challenges come when the tower topples, and the one who triggers the tower’s fall loses the games.

Without a doubt, Jenga AR is an innovative game with everything from stunning visuals to access controls and even a multiplayer option.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.2

Developer Details: FreeRange


16.  Invaders Attack AR

So, you’ve shot down zombies in a helicopter, and you’ve captured a lot of Pokémon, now it’s time to defend the planet against an interstellar invasion.

This augmented reality shooting app takes the user on a mission to destroy the alien forces and act as the Earth’s resistance. This augmented reality app is available for iOS users. Within this app, the player is the only one last hope to save humanity.

The goal is simple. You have to shoot and destroy the enemies before they land; otherwise, it’s game over!

Downloads: 5k

Developer Details: Apolet Studios


17.  Zombie Night Terrors AR

You may be thinking, meh! Another Zombie shooting game! But this game has a twist for you. This isn’t your regular zombie shooting game, but you are responsible for bringing the zombie apocalypse in this game.

Android and iOS users must fight against humans with this augmented reality app and ensure that the living dead army succeeds in its mission.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 4.3

App Revenue: $10k

Developer Details: PlugInDigital


18.  King Of Pools

King of pools is a billiards game with stunning visuals and a unique premise. The app comprises a pool table that offers the users a look and feel of being physically present in front of the user.

The game offers online support with a multiplayer option and 8 balls as the main game type. Additionally, the game offers a real experience while leveraging AR Technology and offers an interactive pool experience.

Downloads: 10k

User-Ratings: 4.2

App Revenue:  $10k

Developer Details: Uken


19.  Ingress Prime

A strategy game where the player must choose between two groups whether he/she is a part of the enlightened or the resistance. Choosing either side, the player would have to fight for the fate of the universe.

The app stands as one of the best virtual reality games for iPhone and Android; plus, its features are amazingly engaging, immersive, and interactive.

Downloads: 8k

User-Ratings: 3.1

App Revenue: $80k

Developer Details: Ingress


20.  Neyon Clash

Looking for a game that replicates your real-life movements and incorporates them in the game? Meet Neyon Clash, your next strategy game wherein the character actions are synced with the player’s real-life movements.

The game also gives the users various options like modes to choose from, i.e., Capture the flag mode, last man standing mode, and many more. Also, the game is integrated with six different languages.

Also, the game supports multiplayer function so that you can enjoy this groundbreaking app with your friends.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 4.0

Developer Details: Reaktor


21.  Arrrrgh AR

Arrrrgh is a hide-n-seek game where the player is a pirate. The player’s character, combined with the augmented reality functionality, is fully capable of hiding the treasure within their virtual surroundings; meanwhile, other players are searching for it.

Also, several other trusty pirates assisting the player on their journey for the big treasure.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.5

Developer Details: Warpin Media


22.  The Walking Dead: Our World


The Walking Dead: Our World is an AR-style game that is quite similar to Pokémon Go. In this game, you can roam around the real world and kill zombies. The zombies and the social elements within the app change according to your location, so this, in my perspective, is kind of revolutionary.

Moreover, once you kill all the zombies in a specific vicinity – you can mark the location so that other players can find it. You can also collect various characters that’ll help you kill even more zombies.

AR technology seems realistic. The gaming experience you get by playing this game is one that you’ll remember for a long time.

Downloads: 20k

User-Ratings: 4.2

App Revenue: $300k

Developer Details: NextGames

Over To You

The world of augmented reality is rapidly coming to life, and the mobile applications domain is noticeably adapting to this change at a rapid pace. Think of what these gaming apps can provide to gamers and augmented reality lovers. The users can literally enjoy the game while being virtually present in the game.

Experience real-time surroundings have never been more interactive than this, and now, with the latest innovations and technology, AR-powered apps are coming to the next level.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an AR-based app for your business and don’t have any idea where to start , then we’d suggest you first find out how much money can a game app can make.

If you’re ready to take your first step into the world of AR game app development, don’t worry! Tekrevol is here for you and we know how to develop a mobile game that makes some noise in the market. So, just click on the button below, and let’s get started.

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