How to Build a Car Parking Finder Mobile App? (Process, Features & Cost Covered)

Author: Muhammad Bin Habib | March 16, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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The number of cars on the roads is growing fast. This has made it tough to find parking spots near you in almost all the states.

Usually, parking lots are full, and drivers have to do multiple rounds before they find the right spot to park their car. The solution can be solved through effective automotive app development.

The situation might seem overwhelming (and it is), but technology has a solution for it. Car parking app development can be the best way to solve this problem.

Any leading mobile app development company can build an application that has all the necessary features and functions to ease the lives of millions.

What Do the Stats Say About Parking Finder Apps?

According to, the global smart parking apps market size amounted to $1.9 billion in 2018.

This is a big number considering how rare these applications are. This industry has the potential to grow even further in the future and is expected to surpass $3.8 billion by 2023.

The usability of smartphones increases as we move ahead. Now that the internet is widely accessible, the usefulness of mobile applications has increased.

This is why a comprehensive car parking app development idea can be the ultimate solution the world is looking for.

But before we dive deep into the details, let’s learn what the concept behind an automotive application is.

Understanding The Concept of Car Parking Finder Apps

car parking app - tekrevol

A car parking finder app is a mobile application that aids users in booking or finding a parking spot. This includes finding a spot prior to visiting a place or after you have reached it.

Such an app will help you find a spot with ease through its amazing technological features.

Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or have arrived at the location, these mobile applications can certainly help you find a suitable space.

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Let’s not waste time and learn about the development process of the car parking finder app.

Car Parking Finder App Development: The Process

app development

The car parking app development process is one of the most rigorous and effort-intensive processes. It requires skills, expertise, and experience, as well as dedication to build a perfect mobile application.

1. Problem Identification & Information Gathering

The first step is where you work to identify the problem and gather all the information about it. Identification and then having a concrete plan is of ultimate significance.

The problem identification phase reviews multiple aspects of the problem and assesses them through in-depth research. Based on these research findings, measures can be taken.

Moreover, gathering all the relevant information is not a walk in the park. You have to study your competitors to find out their limitations, loopholes, and their processes.

All this is necessary to smoothen all the operations and upcoming stages of the car parking finder app development procedure.

2. Idea Finalization & Documentation

Once the first step is over, the next step is where you finalize the idea and proceed with the documentation. The idea is the backbone of any modern business.

That is why having a concrete idea is imperative to make the application profitable in the future and sustainable.

All the features and functions must be finalized before the app moves toward the production phase.

Again, deciding which feature sets will be suitable for your app will depend upon the targeted regions and audiences.

Everything must be finalized before the best parking app and the development phase.

3. App Design & Development

This is the exact phase where the app’s idea starts taking shape.

It begins from the app’s design, where all the elements of the application are designed. From small icons to buttons to completely functional screens, everything is designed to perfection.

Once the design of the application is completed, the development phase begins. It can have multiple aspects.

For example, one can build a native application, or one can focus on developing a cross-platform app.

But again, this all depends on your audience and the launch region. If you want to make your application the best free parking app, you need to take a few measures to be at the top.

4. Testing & Deployment

The last phase of the car parking finder app development process is to exhaustively test the app for all the features.

The better you test the app, the better it becomes before getting into the hands of the audience. If you happen to find an issue in the phase, you can always improve.

When you have thoroughly tested the mobile application and ensured compliance with all the standards, only then can you successfully deploy the application. It can be a formal launch or for a limited audience.

You can also upload the application to Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store to cater to the right audiences.

This may take some time before you find out the right people for your application and target them appropriately.

Types of Car Parking Finder Apps

Car parking finder apps can be of multiple types. If you are looking to build the best parking app, you will first need to have a look at some of the types of car parking apps.

This will not only provide you with an idea of how to build smart parking apps but also what you should and shouldn’t do when proceeding with the best free parking app development process.

All of these leverage the mobile app development process to make the perfect smartphone application.

Let’s get started and about the best parking spot finder applications.

· Parking Spot Finder App

This kind of parking finder app helps you find a spot prior to going somewhere or finding one after you have reached it.

Among all the parking spot finder apps, these apps can have minimum features and provide maximum functionality.

Using this kind of parking spot finder app will help the users save time, fuel, and effort.

They might not get additional features in this app, but they will get all that they need to make things work conveniently for them.

· Parking Spot Booking App

The other type of smart parking apps has a slightly different set of features and functions.

These are mostly related to providing additional convenience to the app users through which users can find the spot, book them for a specific period of time and get directions to it.

During the car parking app development process, the particular feature sets can be easily incorporated for the improved convenience of end-users.

Booking the car parking spot before visiting can save you a lot of hassle.

· Full-Function Parking Finder Mobile App

This kind of car parking apps is probably the most useful for the users. A full-function mobile app is one having all the possible features that can be included.

These can be about finding the parking spot or booking it in advance.

Moreover, one can also request directions to a specific parking spot, review the ratings and find and compare the charges.

Furthermore, an in-app payment option can also add a great option of convenience for the app users and assist them in becoming tension free.

Top Features for The Best Parking Finder App

An app can have a number of features. For building the best parking finder app, you can find a number of groundbreaking features to provide to the users. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Best Parking Finder App

  • Availability of registration and login functionality
  • Availability of vehicle’s location easily
  • Information about the car parking space
  • Entrance of tentative parking time and time period
  • Booking options for multiple parking spots
  • Instant and scheduled booking
  • Comprehensive user profile management
  • Option to review parking history and favorite spaces
  • Option to review payment history and pattern
  • Review and rating features for all
  • Comprehensive user profiles management
  • Dashboard for revenue and profit figures
  • Users earning management
  • Addition of new locations and spaces
  • Periodic performance reports
  • Social accounts integration
  • Payment options
  • Search for new parking spaces
  • Compare plans
  • Compare parking spaces
  • Report any issues
  • GPS location tracking and directions

These are some of the features that can be added to a parking app. There are a plethora of other functions and features to make the app more useful and provide better systems.

These features can only become more useful after the identification of actual targeted audiences and regions.

Additional Features in Parking Finder Mobile App That Will Make You Stand Out

Every app in the world has a USP. This is how mobile apps stand out.

Car parking finder apps must also have a unique feature set to attract the masses. These features must be groundbreaking and modern to make sure the application users are conveniently fascinated.

Here are a few features that aren’t commonly found.

1. Active Car Tracking

Through the GPS of the mobile device and the vehicle, the users must be able to track the active location of their car. Moreover, there must be an option to secure the parking spot once found.

2. Parking Spot Suggestions

It is possible that parking application users find multiple spots. In this situation, the spot finder application must be able to suggest which ones to choose or which parking spot is a better option.

3. Multiple Languages

In order to scale, the application must have support for multiple languages. Even in the USA, there are people speaking multiple languages. Anyone using the application must be comfortable with the UI.

4. Chat/Call Availability

Active availability of in-app chat or call can be a big plus for the users. This will allow them to seamlessly communicate with the support personnel, vendors, parking lot owners, and more.

5. Location Sharing

For an application helping users find parking lots, a location-sharing option is imperative. The developers must build it in a way that offers maximum convenience by sharing their location.

6. Routing & Maps

Routing and maps are necessary for an application of this kind. Through this, you can easily know about the rush hours, which lots are jampacked and which ones you should prefer.

7. Waiting Time & Queues

There is a possibility that users may find waiting time and list. For this, this option to be available on the app can be a great convenience. A mobile feature that intimates this in advance can be a useful addition.

8. Push Notifications

If you ever want to give discounts or roll out new offers, there is nothing better than push notifications. App owners or administrators can easily send customized messages to anyone.

9. Rate List

When you are looking for a parking spot, there is a possibility that you want to have a look at the rates and compare the prices. For that, a comprehensively compiled rate list can be a valuable option.

Cost of Developing a Car Parking Finder App

Best Parking Finder App

For most apps, it boils down to the features, functions, and performance. What you are looking to get from your car parking application decides what the cost will be.

The car parking app development process can be optimized accordingly as well because cost plays a critical role in building an app.

It defines if you will build a good app or a great app.

Most of the time, the cost is the decisive factor between the success and failure of an application; hence the more sugar your pour in, the better results you get.

Back to the costs, the cost can vary depending upon multiple factors. The car parking app for Android will have a different costing structure compared to the best car parking app for iOS.

Moreover, if you choose to go for a cross-platform or hybrid mobile app, the dynamics will totally change.

Furthermore, the location and the timeline of the mobile application development process can heavily impact the cost. Considering all the relevant factors, here is what the cost can be.



Junior/Mid-Level Basic Features None $30,000 Low
Mid-Senior/Senior Few Extra Features As Per Need $45,000 Low/Medium
Expert Custom Features As Per Need $70,000+ High


All these features and functions and their cost is tentative, but you can always get a great mobile application built with the right mindset. Mobile app development companies usually charge on an hourly basis for their developers.

These rates depend upon how experienced the developers are, how complex the application will be, and what the timeline is.

This means no matter how simple your app is, if it takes longer to build, the costs will automatically surmount. That is why hiring expert app developers to get the app built is significant.

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Team Required to Build the Parking Application

One thing is clear; you cannot build an application of such a scale alone. You would need an expert team to perfectly build the parking application and execute it properly.

Depending on the requirements, the undermentioned specifications may change but will remain the same at large.

Here’s an overview of the team you would need.

Role Number of Positions Senior/Lead Positions Mid-Level/Junior Positions
Android Developer/iOS Developer/Hybrid Developer ~15 ~3 ~12
Graphic Designers 4 1 3
UI/UX Designers 6 1 5
Frontend Developers 8 2 6
Backend Developers 6 2 4
QA Engineers 4 1 3
Project Managers 5 1 4


Again, depending on the custom requirements, you can increase and decrease the number of resources required. It is to be noted that this factor will directly impact the development cost and time. You can hire an app development agency as well as expert developers.

How Do Car Parking Applications Make Money?

App monetization is necessary for every application. It essentially helps you make money through the app. There are various ways an app can help you earn money.

During the car parking app development phase, one needs to know the app monetization strategy to properly execute it.

If you are looking to build the best parking finder app, here are some ways you can make it profitable.

1. Subscriptions

The first method through which smart parking apps can be monetized is the subscription method.

This method is simple and allows car owners to buy subscription plans for a specific period of time. Users can buy whichever plan they find suitable.

These can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions with varying packages and offerings with certain advantages.

This has multiple benefits and helps the users to smoothly transition from one phase to another and save significant time.

If you prefer the subscription model, you might want to have a look at the in-app purchases as well. Read more about in-app purchases here.

2. App Usage Points

Mobile apps worldwide provide users with some useful virtual points. Whether it is some ride-hailing app or a food delivery app, the more you use, the more points you get.

These points can be redeemed later on at various locations and services. This feature can be easily incorporated during the car parking finder app development process.

These points might not help you bring in the revenue, but they are surely essential for the improved experience of the users.

The more points a user gets, the more they have spent, which eventually lands in your bank account. That is why it is one of the best features to have in your application.

3. Paid Ads

No matter if you build a healthcare application, automotive application, or vehicle parking application, paid advertisements can always bring in more revenue.

Especially for the car spot finder app, because you can always show highly-specific ads to your audience regarding parking spaces and pertinent benefits.

There can be multiple ways you can integrate paid ads into your mobile applications. These can either be banner ads that you can display within a small portion of the screen.

Or you can also use interstitial ads that can be shown when transitioning between screens or on a complete screen.

4. Featured Parking Spaces

Not just app owners, vehicle parking apps benefit parking spaces as well. That is where app owners can offer the parking space owners to pay some extra bucks to get featured at the top.

This is an in-app marketing tactic that will help both space owners and users find the right vehicle parking spot.

Through this, a highly specific and targeted audience can be reached.

Targeted marketing campaigns can be run through occasion-specific or region-specific landing pages and other marketing collateral to boost the business.

5. Booking Commissions

Earning through commissions is one of the most common ways of attracting more revenue.

This is common in all verticals of mobile apps and works perfectly for a car parking application as well. Smart parking apps can easily earn through commissions.

On every booking transaction done through the app, a fixed fraction of that amount goes to the app owner for providing an avenue.

The rest of the amount for the booking obviously goes to the parking space owner.

This is an extremely sustainable option to get the vehicle parking app monetized during the car parking app development process.

Before building your app, also have a look at 6 proven app revenue models for your mobile applications.

Mobile apps can generate a lot of money in 2022 – all they need is the right monetization strategy.

The in-vehicle market has been on a constant increase for the past few years. As per Gartner, the in-vehicle payments by 2023 are expected to hit a total of $1 billion.

Gartner has predicted this behavior because the services and products available from auto manufacturers, brands, and software organizations are increasing with every passing day.

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Dos & Don’ts of Car Parking App Development

There are certain things you should be doing in your mobile app while attempting to build the best parking app. Let’s have a look at a few dos and don’ts of car parking finder app development.

Precise results for drivers Vast options to choose from
Competitive and accurate prices Fluctuating and changing rates
Instant results on the query Additional required time for results
Accurate and relevant information Vague and unverified information
Consistent and convenient app design Confusing and slow parking app
Guide to using the parking app Inconsistent and difficult design
Quick query resolution Paying no heed to customer inquiries


Increase Number of Installs for Your Car Parking Finder App: Here’s How

This varies from industry to industry. There will always be a new strategy for every new app. For a vehicle parking application, here is what you can do to ensure more and more users come to your application. Let’s increase your app downloads.

1. Affiliate Yourself with Organizations

If you want to increase installs of your vehicle parking app, the best way to get started is to affiliate yourself with organizations that you think might benefit from your solution.

Organizations having riders and delivery vehicles can be the right audience. Or, organizations with large vehicle fleets can also help you kickstart your journey.

2. Offer Lucrative Benefits Initially

Although there are a few smart parking apps available in the market, there is always room for new apps. After the launch, you can easily get a large audience only by offering lucrative benefits.

These benefits will be for the users (car drivers looking for parking spaces) and parking space owners from whom you can charge minimal commissions.

3. Market Your App Aggressively

This goes without saying; to get returns, you have to invest in marketing. You will have to market your free parking app to the right audience.

The important factor is that you have to target them through the right channels and in the right time period.

Marketing is one factor that, if done right, can influence all the other indirect avenues comprehensively.

These are a few of the ways you can increase your installs for the vehicle parking app. A more specific strategy can be built once you have built an application after looking at its feature set and future prospects.

Top Vehicle Parking Applications

There are a number of mobile applications in the automotive industry, but there are only a few that rank at the top. We have listed below the parking applications with similar functionalities.

Let’s have a look at them.

(The list below includes both paid and free smartphone applications, available on iOS and/or Android)

1. Parkify

Parkify application is a minimalist mobile application that lets the users detect and locate their vehicle. It is loaded with a few amazing features, including motion detection, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Android: 4.2

2. The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot mobile application is the perfect smartphone app for anyone looking for parking and who’s also near an airport. It also allows reservations and tracking, which is an additional benefit for many.

iOS: 4.5

Android: 4.8

3. ParkMobile

ParkMobile application has more than 30 million active users around the globe. It allows for a number of payment options for parking spots, garages, and more. You can also easily extend the time as well as search for new spaces.

iOS: 4.8

Android: 3.8

4. ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz is an exemplary mobile application that allows you to find mobile applications in major cities around the country. Not only this, the app claims to waive up to half of the challan upon advance booking.

iOS: 4.8

Android: 4.4

5. SpotHero

SpotHero is among the most famous vehicle parking applications, providing users access to thousands of spaces, lots, garages, airports, valets, and more and parking their vehicles smartly and safely – without any hassle!

iOS: 4.8

Android: 4.4

6. Parkopedia Parking

The Parkopedia Parking claims it to be the parking encyclopedia. The app has listings of more than 70 million parking locations, covering 15,000+ cities around the world. The application has multiple amazing features for everyone to easily find a suitable parking spot.

iOS: 4.6

Android: 4.3

7. ParkMe

ParkMe is an amazing mobile application that serves as a database for finding the right parking spots in major cities and in countless other cities as well. You can also see the pricing as well and choose accordingly.

iOS: 2.3

Bonus Tip: Should You Build an MVP?

When building a full-scale mobile application, you are never sure if the massive investment will ever return. So instead of building a full-fledged app, we can build an MVP.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a development technique where the system is built with only the basic features. The features or functions are enough to serve the early adopters. (Read Top 10 MVP Examples here)

So, if you are actually looking to build a vehicle parking application and you are unsure whether to invest or not, you might consider MVP as an option.

By choosing MVP application development, you will be able to save significant money. Moreover, there will always be an option to scale your application in the future and add all the features you want.

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vehicle parking app development process

The vehicle parking app development process is the one that ensures you get the best parking app built for your business.

Catering to the audience’s needs is the best way one can scale, and when the technology is on your side, there is no stopping the growth.

In order to build smart parking apps, you need to understand the process and how vehicle parking app development works.

This is essential to provide maximum benefits and value to the end-users and create an ecosystem where they get everything on the go.

The convenience that helps them provide in a matter of a few clicks and taps is unmatched.

Hiring expert app developers or a leading app development company can make your car parking app development significantly easier. If you are looking for an amazing app, never compromise on quality.

Choose what you want, make a rough sketch of features, think of a tentative budget, and start building your own smartphone application to generate revenue.

Author : Muhammad Bin Habib

Muhammad Bin Habib is a computer science graduate passionate about technology, writing, and automobiles. He writes on emerging technologies, mobile apps, cyber spheres, fintech, and digital marketing. He prefers watching documentaries covering military strategy and technology, international security, warplanes, and reading books that fall under the same domain in his leisure time.

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