What Is MVP And The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples?

Author: nabeel | January 27, 2021 - Tekrevol Team
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Here’s how we define MVP in the fewest words possible, “A minimum viable product also known as MVP is a development methodology that involves the development of an initial product integrated with basic features just enough to satisfy the early adopters. The final product with the complete set of features is only designed and developed once feedback from the product’s initial users has been received”.

The MVP product created goes through a process of continual iterations and refinements until the feedback received from the users is positive.

The MVP method is especially not new to people who belong to the digital world – for websites and mobile apps, MVPs are extremely important; hence, they’ve been implementing this methodology from the start. Whether it’s an App prototype developed by an App development agency or a landing page creation before building an entire website – the digital realm is full of MVP projects.

Since the MVP method has been around for years, several successful companies have adopted this technique of creating MVPs before creating a final product. Also, the MVP methodology has been misunderstood for years now. This article is written to sort the approach and utilization of the strategy out.

Today in this article, we’re going to explore what is MVP and the billionaire companies that have adopted minimum viable product ideology to make a name for themselves. Moreover, we will also touch on the MVP mediums examples that will explain how an MVP is built according to the brand. Let’s begin.

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The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples

There are several MVP examples of MVP startups that we could list here, but we made sure to enlist the most well-known minimum valuable product examples to help you understand how viable the MVP project ideology is. Here is a list of ten common minimum viable product examples:

Let’s explore each one of the components mentioned above one by one. Also, keep in mind that the term “Minimal Viable Product” consists of two words, “Minimum” and “Viable”; hence, the development of product may differ concerning the niche or field of the minimum viable product (MVP).

For example, in an MVP website’s case, simply having a landing page in the initial phase might be an excellent MVP example. However, in a mobile application’s case, a fully developed mobile application with some basic but complete functionality would be an MVP example.

With the approach jargon out of the way, let’s explore some of the examples of MVPs that have been implemented, tested, and authenticated by brands in recent years.


1.   Product Design As An MVP Example


Image Source: Infoq

Designs as an MVP include sketches and wireframes to complex mockups of the product. All of these can be an example of an MVP in the design category. Let’s explore design MVPs furthermore:


Sketches briefly explain the fundamentals of your product. They can be hand-drawn on a whiteboard, paper in the system using tools like Proto.io, etc.

This MVP medium is specially designed to represent an innovative business plan/idea in front of the investors. Your MVP sketch may showcase the main screens or web pages along with core mechanics.


Wireframes are more inclined towards providing detailed information about the design, functionality, system elements, navigation, features, and user-interface.

Wireframes correspond to the platform’s guidelines on which your product is based, i.e., iOS, Android, or Web. This MVP product allows you to reshape your plan by testing its functionality before the final launch and requires a limited budget.


Mockups are a completely developed full-size portrayal of your MVP product, and they’re ready for implementation after, of-course, some iterations. The mockups are similar to wireframe in terms of their usage.

They can be used for a product’s demonstration, evaluation, and promotion. To test the functionality of the final product, mockups can also be made interactive.

The best thing about mockups is that they’re not made to waste in the future. Instead, they’re a final representation of your product that will eventually be implemented after some revamp. This ensures that your hard work, time, and resources will not go to waste.



2.   Dropbox Video As An MVP Example


Image Source: eCommerce

Sometimes all you need is a good stunning video to introduce your brand to the audience, and videos are a good option if you are willing to do so. Demo videos, as a minimum viable product example, tend to resonate with the audience. They create a conflict of view by asking the audience if the solution proposed by the brand is really viable or not.

Perhaps, the greatest example of this MVP startup is the Dropbox video. Before starting investing in the project heavily, Dropbox released a video in which they introduced their audience to the idea of having a digital store where they can safely upload all their important data.

Of course, the idea was really innovative – the 3-minute video received super-positive feedback. This feedback sparked the company’s urge to get the necessary investment in line to develop Dropbox, and today, Dropbox is being used by 9,844 companies in the U.S.A, let alone globally.


3.   Pebble Crowd-Funding As An MVP Example


Crowd-funding is the method of acquiring a specific amount of contribution from the audience, usually via the internet.

Pebble used this minimum valuable product methodology to receive payments for its product before production and validated the idea of crowd-funding.

Pebble is an e-paper customizable watch for smartphones, and the audience loved the idea; hence, they pre-booked the watch. This minimum viable product example raised over $10 million on Kickstarter.


4.   Piecemeal As An MVP Example

The piecemeal MVP startup methodology comprises the existing tools and services in your own project to add new functionality and user experience to the product.

It involves the collection of necessary elements and combining them together to reshape the product.

The only difficulty, however, would arrive in case it comes to partnership with other services. You would have to incorporate their value in your

The piecemeal MVP startup methodology comprises the existing tools and services in your own project to add new functionality and user experience to the product.

It involves the collection of necessary elements and combining them together to reshape the product.

The only difficulty, however, would arrive in case it comes to partnership with other services. You would have to incorporate their value in your MVP startup.


5.   Buffer’s Landing Page As An MVP Example


Landing pages are created for marketing purposes. They are based on a single page, incorporated with content, integrated with a CTA, and have certain fields expected to be filled by the users.

These pages can be used for MVP product promotion or sales by driving the audience to the landing page. This amazingly beneficial example of MVP is enlisted here because of its advantages and value offering.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on creating an entire MVP website, you can simply create an extremely cost-effective landing page and use it to skyrocket audience interest, engagement or promote your upcoming product.

This approach would eventually build your customer base and refine your product through customer feedback.

One of the best minimum viable product examples of the landing page MVP is Buffer. Buffer is a social media management tool that lets you schedule your social media posts on multiple social media channels.

During the initial launch, Buffer’s owner Joel Gascoigne decided to create a landing page. The audience came to the landing page, and when they clicked on “Plans and Pricing,” they were required to leave their email to receive product updates.

When Joel observed that the audience’s response was positive, people were actually leaving their email addresses – he updated the page by enlisting prices for the packages.

Eventually, he started building the initial version of Buffer – an MVP product. This is the perfect MVP exampleof iteration that explains that – you don’t always need a ready to roll product to entice your audience.

Instead, getting your audience’s feedback about your MVP product and implementing development after analyzing the feedback is a more viable approach.


6.   Concierge As An MVP Example

This MVP product example helps you validate whether your idea of the product or services is useful or not while focusing on selecting the targeted audience.

This process involves providing services to the audience before developing a digital presence or product.

This approach gives you a customer base and an analysis of your audience. The analyzed information is then used to refine and reshapes your MVP startup business.


7.   Zappos Prototyping As An MVP Example

The prototyping method involves creating a product that looks completely functional on the outside. However, behind the scenes, it is manually operated by humans. This type of MVP product can also be called the “Flintstone minimum viable product.”

Zappos, the famous shoe brand, is a perfect example of prototyping. The found of Zappos Nick Swinmurn wanted to validate his business idea before investing in it so, he took photos of the shoes at a store and posted them on the internet.

When he saw people interested, he started investing in the business. These days, Zappos company worth is around a billion-dollar.


8.   Software Prototype As An MVP Example

The most prominent type of MVP product example out there – Software prototyping is completely normal in the IT industry.

It involves creating a Minimum Viable Product that is incomplete in terms of features and functionalities. This software created is an incomplete version of the program developed once positive feedback has been acquired from the user end.

Moreover, I recommend that you opt for an MVP prototype software if you have previously tested the idea. You got support from your target audience.


9.   AdWords Express As An MVP Example


AdWords Express falls into the category of prototyping and is another great example of an MVP project. Think of this MVP project as a simplified version of AdWords that generated ad copies for users.

From the beginning, the process of receiving ad copies seemed automated and revolutionary. However, it was later revealed that there were a group of students in the back-end who were writing ad copies really, very quickly.

When this experience was validated, the real automated version of the AdWords Express was rolled out, which was now fully automated (no tricks).


10.   Airbnb As An MVP Example

The Owner of Airbnb couldn’t afford the rent of their apartment in San-Francisco so, they came up with the idea of placing an air mattress in their living room, hence turning it into bed breakfast.

The goal was to make money, but then they realized that the combination of bed and breakfast is amazing and could become a goldmine.

Hence, they started reaching out to their targeted audience, which means validating the idea before investing in it. They got a lot of positive feedback, and the rest is history, and today, Airbnb has a net worth of $4.7 billion.


Over To You

There we go! The above list contains some of the best MVP examples that we’ve observed over the years. Moreover, these all products have one thing in common – they all had humble beginnings at the start.

When the owners thought their MVP project could become something more than just a side gig – they invested in it.

Our recommendations here for you would be to take inspiration from the brands mentioned above and their accomplishments. We all know that the market landscape has evolved over the years and has become extremely difficult. Still, these innovators also took a chance and achieved immense success.

So, we suggest you replicate their approach and learn more about what they did and how they did it.

Moreover, if you’re searching for an App Prototype– Tekrevol just happens to be a revolutionary app development agency. Just click on the button below to get in touch with us.

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501 E Las Olas Blvd Suite
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4915 54 St 3rd Floor
Red Deer, ABT T4N 2G7
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