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We are an experienced software development company in Chicago creating and delivering high-end digital products for enterprises across different industry verticals, including retail, healthcare, logistics, on-demand, music, real estate, and more.

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Custom Software Development in Chicago - Expertly Crafted for Your Business

TekRevol is a top Chicago software development company offering full-stack development and consultancy solutions for enterprises that are looking for business excellence and a competitive edge. You can opt for our software development services and get a feature-rich digital solution for your business.

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Unveiling TekRevol’s Success Stories

There are multiple success stories that come under our record for both startups and large-scale enterprises.Our unwavering commitment and passionate dedication to crafting digital products of exceptional success have driven companies to revolutionize their respective markets. As an innovative software development company in Chicago, we've collaborated with visionary entrepreneurs, sharing our enthusiasm for emerging technologies to create groundbreaking solutions that resonate with both businesses and their audiences. Now, we're delighted to extend an invitation for you to explore a showcase of these achievements.

The Idea Behind PicturePick

Picture Pick's grand vision is to combine an irresistible online game with cash prizes, offering an exciting dual experience that's impossible to resist.

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The Idea Behind Teemates

Teemates simplify the process of playing & engaging with fellow golf enthusiasts, offering a seamless and convenient platform, enabling you to connect with individuals sharing similar interests.

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The Idea Behind Stop Vaping

Stop Vaping, a digital teen solution, promotes reducing nicotine and e-cigarette use for better health. The app motivates and offers easy paths to a healthier lifestyle.

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The Idea Behind Onsite Social

OnSite Social, a TekRevol creation, bridges the physical and digital realms, forging meaningful real-time connections among users.

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Awards & Honors

At TekRevol, our path in software development has been defined by accolades and acknowledgments that underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our steadfast dedication to creating innovative, user-centered digital solutions has garnered recognition within the industry, positioning us as pioneers in the field. Whether through prestigious awards or glowing testimonials, our acknowledgment serves as proof of our enthusiasm for pushing boundaries and consistently delivering results that surpass expectations.

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  • 4.9 Rating

Horizon Interactive Awards - Gold Winner

We're a gold winner. Recognized for our focus on digital design and interactive apps.

Clutch Award 2021

Clutch is recognized as one of the top B2B companies. Cultivating change all around.

App for Golf Community

TeeMates, an app curated for golf enthusiasts, won the Platinum Award in the sports ecosystem.

Top Mobile App Developers

Development. Code. Results. We’re known for the quality we deliver.

Expertise 2020

On to new horizons. Leading the pathway to change for the mobile app development ecosystem.

Top Rated Softwareworld

We're at the top. Rated among the best. Doing beyond the ordinary.

Partner Up with TekRevol’s Software Developers in Chicago to Digitize Your Business

TekRevol specializes in providing custom software development in Chicago for startups and enterprises. Our skilled Chicago software developers develop high-quality software solutions customized to businesses of different sizes and natures, allowing them to scale and grow feasibly.

As a technology partner, we improve our clients' technical skills with proactive bug fixing and custom technology solutions.

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TekRevol’s Custom App & Software Development Services in Chicago

Experience revolutionary innovation with TekRevol's customized software and app solutions, developed to change your digital existence. Empower your business with front-line technology and creativity, generating unmatched growth and success. We are your one-stop software development solution, and we promise you to propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Custom Software Development

Custom-made software solutions developed to meet your exclusive business requirements, guaranteeing ideal functionality and competence. With TekRevol, your software development plans will flourish with the abundance of expert knowledge and resources.

Software Product Development

State-of-the-art and scalable software product development, bringing market success through innovative and cutting-edge technology. TekRevol develops scalable and resilient SaaS, Mobile, and desktop software products with unmatched UX.

Software Support & Maintenance

Consistent support and maintenance services, ensuring the effortless operation and durability of your software products. We guarantee smooth operations and relevancy of your software through non-stop performance monitoring, optimization, new features, and issue resolution.

Android App Development

Enhance Android App development experience with TekRevol, and maximize the potential of the world's most widely used platform with native apps. With the help of a dynamic tech stack of Java or Kotlin, we breathe life into your app concepts with accuracy and innovation.

iPhone App Development

Enrich your iOS applications with TekRevol's , iPhone App Development services providing sophisticated, seamless functional native apps. We pay careful attention to every aspect, guaranteeing your app aligns effortlessly with Apple's design philosophies and guidelines.

Game App Development

Enter the lucrative gaming industry with TekRevol’s mobile game development with extremely immersive and monetization-ready games for your business. Capable in multiple genres such as shooting, arcade, RPG, and strategy, we can create any kind of game you visualize.

Why Choose TekRevol for Software Development in Chicago?

Choose TekRevol's software development expertise in Chicago, where innovation converges with local excellence to deliver bespoke solutions for your business prosperity. Our impressive track record speaks for itself, with a history of delivering exceptional software apps that have earned industry accolades. Being a trusted software development company in Chicago, we possess an in-depth understanding of the local market's nuances, providing your app with a competitive advantage. Our team specializes in crafting customized software apps that align precisely with your unique business objectives, ensuring a seamless fit. We thrive on innovation, introducing inventive concepts to set your software app apart and propel its success.

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TekRevol's Proven Steps to Software Development Success

Our software developers in Chicago deliver customized solutions that are precisely aligned with your business requirements. We recognize that each business may have its own distinct structure, and we adapt our approach to align with their operational processes, ensuring the development of the perfect app.


Conducting Product Discovery and Product Research


Creating the UX Design, UI Design, and Branding


Developing the software with our seasoned engineers

Quality Assurance

Testing the software and making sure that everything works well

Maintenance & Support

Co-managing the software with your technology team

We’ve delivered 100+ cutting-edge digital solutions in just 5 weeks!

From software design to development and seamless deployment – We’ve done it all!

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Technologies TekRevol Uses for Software Development

As an innovative software development company, we employ a diverse set of powerful technologies to address your unique requirements.In Android development, we utilize Java, Kotlin, Fastlane, Gradle, Coroutines, Dagger2, and JetPack. On the iOS side, we leverage SwiftLint, Objective-C, RxSwift, CircleCI, Swift, SwiftUI, and CocoaPods. When it comes to creating hybrid apps, we employ TypeScript, React Native, Javascript, Flutter, and Native Script. For our backend development, we harness the capabilities of Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, and Firebase.

Backend Development

Node.js, Ruby on Rail (RoR), Python, Firebase

Frontend Development

HTML,CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SCSS

Database Integration

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Azure SQL Database, Oracle


Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Mesos

TeeMates: Connecting Golfers Worldwide

The social app for golf enthusiasts to connect, network, and share golfing stories globally through TeeTimes with fellow buddies in the golfing community.

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iOS App
Android App
UI UX Design

Enhancing Digital Presence of Businesses with Software Development in Chicago

As a thriving software development company in Chicago, TekRevol offers an extensive array of capabilities. Our expertise encompasses both native and cross-platform app development, driven by our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge advancements through careful integration and distinctive feature customization.

Our strong presence in Chicago empowers us to guide businesses toward success through digital enablement and proactive consultation. Our adept software developers in Chicago offer comprehensive solutions, spanning software user interface design, MVP development, prototyping, frontend and backend development, quality assurance, testing, deployment, and strategic software marketing.

As a prominent software development company in Chicago, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential of digital solutions to distinguish businesses and enhance their competitive advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TekRevol, a leading mobile app development company, consults the client to define the scope and expectations of their product and the timelines, deliverables, and challenges they would like to solve.

The average cost for software design and development depends on the type of project, its complexity, and other add-ons. If the project is complex then, it will cost higher than average cost.

No, understanding all your project’s requirements and initiating the work is all on us. Our Android app development services handle all the technical work and keep you updated regarding all the development minutiae in all stages of the software development project.

Yes, we are happy to provide clients with after-sales and technical support for the application. The product support services include incorporating updates and third-party services for future versions and releases of your application.

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We enable global organizations – solopreneurs and startups to establish corporations to achieve competitive advantage. All our digital strategies, covering MVPs to large-scale product development, aim to deliver strong engagement and business value. Our goals and vision have made us what we're today - a preeminent custom software app development company in the United States.