How Can Technology Implementations Improve Educational Institution Processes?

Season1 Episode#08
  • 00.29 How technology is changing lives for the betterment of education?
  • 00:35 Guest introduction – Lillian Row.
  • 01:13 Lillian Row's perspective on the pros and cons of modern technology and its implementations in the school system.
    • - How implementing technology improves organizational effectiveness.
    • - How cloud-based platform enabled teachers and parents to get updated information.
    • - How having a digital platform boosts organizational efficiency?
  • 03:36 Panelist Question #1 – With technology being so prevalent, what took so long to get the educational institutes and students on this platform?
    • - The reasons due to which technology was not implemented in organizations and schools.
  • 03:36 Panelist Question #2 – Does giving laptops to students make everything balanced to enable students to adapt to the latest technology?
    • - Why giving laptops to students isn't enough to receive academic excellence.
  • 04:40 Panelist Question #3 – In what ways we can further bridge the technological gap to get everyone on the same page?
    • - Implementing professional development for teachers to help them understand how to leverage modern technology.
    • - Taking the teacher's input/feedback on the viability of the implemented idea is important.
    • - Leveraging the technology to support the basic principles of educations.
  • 11:52 How can technology be used to streamline the researching process for students?
  • 12:05 Panelist Question #4 – The barriers to using the latest technologies and platforms. How can we better the usability and experience?
    • - Children break devices, and the best way to minimize this is by having an infrastructure that would support these devices.
    • - The charging facility in the schools is important to ensure constant workflow or productivity.
  • 16:28 Panelist Question #5 – Is the idea of having an infrastructure or technological advancements a part of Baltimore county's daily discussions?
    • - How is Baltimore country supporting the cause of implementing technological advancements in the schooling system?
    • - Having more reliable and affordable internet connection providers is essential.
    • - Setting up a network the right way is more important than just having it.
  • 21:45 Guest introduction – Coach Bilal
  • 22:41 Discussing the topic of technology used in education to improve the process.
    • - How students communicate and operate before they access technological platforms?
    • - How the Evolve Community Foundation identified the type of systems required to allow students to close gaps and prosper.
    • - The revolutionary technology at Evolve foundation and educational benefits allow students/children to interact with these technologies.
  • 27:00 What is the concept of the Beach Life System?
    • - A Beach Life System is an integrated system that helps students understand the mission and principles guidelines.
    • - The abbreviation of B.E.A.C.H. (Business, Education, Arts, Community, Health.
    • - B.E.A.C.H life is a holistic approach that teaches students and the community everything about the system.
  • 31:58 Panelist Question #6 – Is there any way for the listeners to reach out to Lillian Row if they want to understand the technology's ideology?
    • - Lillian Row shares her social media profiles and email info with the users.

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