How To Get Investors To Say “YES” To Your Startup!

Season1 Episode#06
  • 00:27 Introduction of the guest
  • 02:36 Caya’s take on Slidebean’s Best Youtube Videos.
  • 04:17 Caya’s experience of founding and scaling Slidebean into a Multi-Million Dollar company.
    • - Accepting limitations and adapting to them throughout the journey
    • - Marketing strategies that have worked and failed for Slidebean
    • - Identifying and shifting your target audience
    • - Creating Products From an Idea
  • 10:07 Marketing products and services on YouTube.
  • 11:30 Personal Branding as a CEO and its importance.
    • - Taking inspiration from influencers when branding yourself as a CEO
    • - Thinking like a Viewer on YouTube
  • 16:48 The Struggles of Starting a Business in New York and the role of acquiring funding for scaling.
    • - Being connected to the ecosystem
    • - Accelerator programs as a key to fast track growths
    • - Learning to strategically pivot through startup accelerators
  • 21:25 The mistakes startups make to learn from as an entrepreneur (Panelist Question).
    • - The art of hustling to gain traction.
    • - Marketing the right way to acquire consumers through value.
    • - Brand positioning as a tool to improve conversion rates.
  • 28:52 The role of pitch decks in raising capital for startups (Panelist Question #2)
    • - Using pitch decks to create market excitement about your service or product

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