Guardian Angel – A lesson in saving lives using a mobile app

Season1 Episode#03
  • 00:45Introduction of our guest
  • 01:21How JR Ridge got into entrepreneurship
  • 02:47The fear of failure in taking the first step into building your business?
  • 06:13Finding the right partner for your business
  • 07:12How do deal with the voice in the back of your mind that tells you to quit when things aren’t going well?
  • 09:55Why aspiring entrepreneurs delay executing an idea
  • 13:11Motivation for entrepreneurs through a personal story.
  • 17:10What is Guardian Angel? A story of saving lives.
  • 18:40The impact of Guardian Angel on society.
  • 23:15The future of Guardian Angel
  • 25:52How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected different aspects of the business?
  • 31:16Why choose Mobile app development as the medium?
  • 33:45How do you monetize an app?
  • 35:35The future of tech : Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • 43:13Role of entrepreneurs in giving back to the society.

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