How Businesses Are Using Technology To Evolve During Covid-19

Season1 Episode#02
  • 00:38 Introduction of Guest
  • 01:05 Background of our guest.
  • 08:14 The technological shift in the age of the internet
  • 09:00 Gene’s “4 Ps” model for entrepreneurs
  • 09:40 Benefits of going digital for businesses
  • 11:30 Digital Trends and Early barriers 27 years ago
  • 15:00 Mobile app development on a state level
  • 17:36 Challenges of social entrepreneurship
  • 19:48 How to embark on the journey of social entrepreneurship
  • 24:24 The story of Medicine With A Mission
  • 26:25 Facemasks for Maryland – coping with COVID
  • 30:32 How can Businesses survive the Covid-19 pandemic through innovation?
  • 39:08 Triple win methodology
  • 41:07 The future of tech and business – Voice First
  • 45:28 How Did Ryan Get into the tech business - Audience Question
  • 47:15 How can entrepreneurs #makeAdifference during the Covid-19 pandemic?Audience Question
  • 49:15 The impact of voice-first on different industries.– Audience Question
  • 53:00 The need for businesses to embrace modern technology
  • 56:13 How can businesses go digital as a response to the pandemic

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