What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur From The Lens Of A Coach

Season1 Episode#04
  • 00:11 Guest Introduction
  • 01:30 The journey of becoming a business coach.
  • 06:00 The importance of Kindness in scaling a business
  • 06:00 Leaders as introverts and extroverts.
  • 08:25 Finding the right partner and people to work with.
  • 09:28 The 5 Ps methodology for making business decisions.
  • 22:56 The core things to remember when pitching your business to an investor.
    • - Understanding equity and valuation as a startup.
    • - What investors are thinking during investor meetings?
    • - Are NDAs important during investor meetings?
    • - How to pick which investors to pitch your business idea to?
  • 37:23 What changes are needed to transition from being a startup or a small business to an enterprise company?
    • - How to lower your business cost and maximize profits?
    • - How do you scale your vision or message to your team without diluting it?
    • - How is making more money tied to growing talent as a business?
  • 50:41 What is the one thing you think business owners should personally execute instead of hiring people to do so?
  • 54:09 How can technology help brick and mortar businesses circumvent the negative impacts of the on-going pandemic?
    • - The tech that will change the future.
  • 1:04:50 The one tip that entrepreneurs need to succeed.
    • - Revisiting your business model and problem statement.
    • - How to grow company culture and profits through flexibility.
    • - The importance of introspection for businesses.

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