The Importance of Patents in Entrepreneurship

Season1 Episode#05
  • 00:27 Guest Introduction
  • 01:58 How two engineers became patent experts.
  • 03:11 How Dan helped NASA Scientists acquire their patents
  • 05:38 Are NDAs important for businesses applying for an IP.
  • 08:40 The process of applying for a Patent.
  • 10:45 How to Know if your idea is patentable according to the US Patent Law.
    • - 101 Patent – Patent Subject Matter
    • - 102 Patent – Novelty
    • - 103 Patent – Non-obviousness
    • - 112 Patent – Written Descriptions
  • 13:58 How are patents law enforced, and are patents universal?
    • - Process of enforcing a patent law
    • - How businesses can use provisional patents to pursue VCs and investors
  • 22:17 Do patents in essential services hinder technological developments that can help people?
    • - Compulsory Licensing outside of the US
    • - Improvement in Research and Development
    • - Public Disclosure promotes development globally and stops information hoarding and obfuscation.
    • - Information accessibility allows other people to improve on those innovations more rapidly.
  • 31:00 How do patents improve the value of a business looking for mergers and acquisitions
    • - Buying and Selling Patents
    • - Patent Bundling and Licensing
    • - How do Patents change a business’s valuation in the market?
  • 35:22 Should businesses invest in Patents and R&D during crises, such as Financial Crisis and COVID-19 pandemic?
    • - Has the patent industry taken a significant fall as a result of the current pandemic?
    • - The impact of businesses becoming more digitally oriented.
  • 37:16 How did Dan start the American Patent Agency and their road to success as a business.
    • - What it takes to be an entrepreneur
    • - Identifying the potential of a business
    • - Exploring technology such as AI and Machine Learning
  • 42:42 What is the future of APA and its goals?
    • - As Mentors and as the go-to patent experts for IP protection
  • 44:20 The story of Dan and Stephen’s First Patent.
  • 47: 17 How can technology help improve the process of applying for a patent.
    • - Legal Tech and its application
    • - Uses for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • - Automating Legal Documentation and Patent Documentation
  • 50:51 Steps entrepreneurs should take before contacting a Paten agency like APA?
    • - Documentation
    • - Long-term use case identification
  • 53:48 A final word of advice for entrepreneurs looking to protect their IP.

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