What Does Automation Mean for a Business in The 21st century?

Season1 Episode#07
  • 00:08 What it means to be a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?
  • 00:36 Guest Introduction – Paul McGillivray.
  • 01:43 What it means to be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?
    • - The start of Code Assembly
    • - The change in technology in the last decade
    • - Internal hindrance to developing Code Assembly and applying automation.
  • 15:31 The challenges of launching a digital product from scratch.
    • - The problem of getting stuck in your big picture vision.
    • - The importance of using lean methodology and prototyping.
  • 20:20 Finding synergy between digital products and your services.
  • 24:20 Panelist Question #1 – How do you reign in clients who are stuck in their big picture vision and convince them to make MVPs and apply lean methodology.
    • - Theory of constraints and how it applies to businesses
    • - Identifying purpose of individual tasks and tying them to the end goal.
    • - Researching value factors using a functional specification document
  • 32:46 When should companies decide not to work with a client?
    • - The concept of “graduating” a client.
  • 38:39 Panelist Question #2 -Is automation only applicable at positions of mundane tasks?
    • - Understanding margin of error and human error possibility.
    • - Self-driving cars as an application of automation outside the traditional mundane.
  • 50:04 What kind of automation works for visual impact on an E-commerce platform?
    • - Using Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
    • - A/B testing using automation on E-commerce platforms
  • 57:24 Panelist Question #3 – How to split automation efforts into small components and be more agile in process implementation?
    • - Using a clarity workshop to improve your business understanding
    • - Touch point based documentation of the customer journey to identify opportunities to delight.

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