Small Businesses, Big Wins!

Season3 Episode#05
  • 00:00Intro
  • 00:40Getting started with Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 03:57Perfecting the structure for M&A
  • 06:32Going from a startup to a successful exit
  • 09:22The opportunity to build a better capital
  • 12:17Entrepreneurs are the change agents
  • 19:57Making small businesses investible asset class
  • 20:20The role of Harbour Club
  • 22:355 years down the road
  • 24:46What brings Jeremy to Dubai?
  • 29:20The checklist to get into M&A
  • 32:24Strategic Acquisitions vs Opportunistic Acquisitions
  • 35:42 The stepping stone to getting into M&A

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We collaborate with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to emphasize the importance of digital transformation. We regularly invite technopreneurs and change leaders to talk about how technology played a crucial role in transforming their businesses and how it helps them scale up with sustainability.

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