Season3 Episode#03
  • 00:00 Introduction of the guest
  • 00:47 Derek’s story
  • 01:48 Starting Wake Asset Management
  • 04:30 Inspiration from tech in a pre-cloud era
  • 06:00 Founding N2 Technology and transitioning towards tech from hedge funds
  • 10:27 Getting more investors onboard and relocating to Dubai
  • 14:25 The kind of industries investors are looking at
  • 17:30 Role of having a mobile app for investors
  • 22:45 Presenting the right idea to investors
  • 28:45 Future for climate tech and how it fits into the ecosystem
  • 31:50 Right approach to fundraising
  • 37:00 When founders should consider fundraising
  • 41:13 What makes a founder and a platform stand out
  • 43:54 Investing in the whole idea or what the team believes in
  • 46:33 Expectations for the GCC market and future predictions
  • 48:35 Outlook on the metaverse
  • 51:17 Final thoughts and advice for startups and enterprises

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