Cyberpsychologist Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Shares iPredators Vision

Season3 Episode#02
  • 00:05 Introduction Started of Podcast and Michael
  • 01:21 Michael’s Background and how did he decide to pursue this profession
  • 02:59 IPredator and its consultation and inception
  • 05:38 How does I predator come into this concept of helping Cyberbullying
  • 07:25 Do we have enough knowledge about the past data of the internet
  • 09:11 What’s Offline Distress and how do you explain it
  • 11:46 TekRevol Intro to Michael
  • 14:34 How technology for change can help in this cause
  • 18:08 Is a good idea to make an account
  • 21:15 Idea about top 10 develop apps for games
  • 23:24 How does being a cyber-psychologist and key factors to consider
  • 28:19 Technology in Pandemic to connect with clients
  • 29:17 How does it affect an individual
  • 33:43 Online Safety thing and how to tackle the safety thing
  • 37:40 Concept of IPredator
  • 42:04 Tackling of the effect and Michael’s advice
  • 45:25 Intelligence related to fraud

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