8 Valuable Lessons from Joseph Landes

Season3 Episode#04
  • 00:00 Introduction of the guest
  • 2:04 About Nerdio
  • 5:58 One thing that you didn’t expect
  • 8:01 Debunking the biggest myths related to the cloud
  • 12:0223 Years at Microsoft
  • 14:42 Biggest career challenge
  • 17:40 Advice for fresh graduates
  • 19:40 Productivity hack for entrepreneurs
  • 22:38 Does Web 3.0 changes anything in the cloud?
  • 25:06 One thing you’d like to change about Nerdio
  • 26:44Importance of Culture
  • 27:58 Why networking events are crucial?
  • 30:29 Effective methods for networking
  • 33:40 The need to educate clients & partners

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