How to make Self-Believe your Superpower!

Season3 Episode#06
  • 1:03 Introduction
  • 1:24 About Guest
  • 2:29 Podcast’s Topic
  • 3:08 Aliya’s Story
  • 5:47 What Brings Aliya to Dubai?
  • 7:03 Who motivated Aliya to become a coach?
  • 8:15 What’s personal development for Aliya?
  • 11:29 Does life coaching always change one’s perspective completely?
  • 12:50 At what point do people realize they need help?
  • 13:58 What is the biggest Myth about life coaching?
  • 15:31 What biggest challenge Aliya faced?
  • 17:10 How did Aliya break the barriers?
  • 18:13 What’s Aliya’s Favorite Audience?
  • 19:39 Advice for up-and-coming life coaches?
  • 21: 22 Aliya’s Productivity hack for entrepreneurs?
  • 23:24 Do most entrepreneurs get mental health issues?
  • 25:55 Is avoiding burnout the end goal of entrepreneurship?
  • 28:54 How does Aliya define success?
  • 31:36 One thing Aliya would like to change about life coaching in UAE?
  • 35:13 How can this change become a reality?
  • 36:48 How can technology help life coaches and speakers?

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