Mr. Hani Masgidi, Founder of Info Media Consultancy

Season2 Episode#02

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We collaborate with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to emphasize the importance of digital transformation. We regularly invite technopreneurs and change leaders to talk about how technology played a crucial role in transforming their businesses and how it helps them scale up with sustainability.

Managing Partner of Tekrevol Daniel Burgess

In Season 2 Episode#1 of Technology For Change, Managing Partner of Tekrevol Daniel Burgess discusses the role of technology...

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How Can Technology Implementations Improve Educational Institution Processes?

Tekrevol's Managing Partner Daniel Burgess is joined by Lillian Row, a Baltimore County Board of Education member...

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What Does Automation Mean for a Business in The 21st century?

In Episode 7, Tekrevol’s Co-Founder and CMO Abeer Raza is joined by the Co-Founder of Remote New Media and Code Assembly, Mr.Paul McGillivray...

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