The 7 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Apps + Ideas + Revenue Model

Author: nabeel | March 16, 2021 - Tekrevol Team
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Were you looking for information on a celebrity look-alike app? Tekrevol is here to debunk the features, functionality, key highlights, ideas, and revenue model of some of the best doppelganger apps.

Whether you’re just searching for a great look-alike app or you’re thinking of building an app to earn revenue, this article has all the necessary information that you need on how you can build a celebrity look-alike app.

Moreover, our core focus will also be answering some of the frequently asked questions, such as who I look like app. So, without any further ado – let’s dive right into the details and learn everything about the following celebrity look alike apps.

Here is an overview of the celebrities look alike apps that we will be discussing in this article today:


App’s Name Key Features Play Store Link App Store Link
Facer Free For All Users.
Contain a list of 1000 celebrities.
AI-based face recognition.
Share images from the app.
Download link Download link
Lookly In-App Purchases.
Free For All Users.
Machine Algorithm searches for resemblance.
Share images from the app.
Lets you professionally edit your photos.
Download Link
My Replica Let’s you professionally edit your photos.
AI-based face recognition.
Add Collage, Filters, Stickers, and Frames.
Massive database of celebrities.
Download Link
Celebs Quickly finds your celebrity lookalike.
In-App photo sharing feature.
Free For All Users.
Machine learning-based face matching.
Download Link Download Link
Y-Star Share images from the app.
Free For All Users.
A huge database of celebrities.
Instantly finds your celebrity lookalike
Download Link Download Link
Star by Face Face detection and pattern creation.
Neural Network-based comparison.
Increased quality of recognition.
Free For All Users.
Download Link Download Link
Gradient In-App photo sharing feature.
Filters, Glitches, Artistic and Double exposure.
Professionally edit your photos.
Free For All Users .
Download Link

We’re living in the digital world, and apps are increasingly becoming the new norm. The daily usage of apps is increasing day by day. According to research, the download count of mobile apps is said to surpass 250 billion in 2022.

That said, there are several apps today that are offering innovative and pretty useful features, and these apps are evolving as we speak.

With newer technologies such as IoT, neural networks, and machine learning, we are literally on the brink of increase the performance and user experience of several apps to a great extent.

Hence, facial recognition apps are not an exception. According to several resources, facial recognition technology was invented by Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe in the 1960s.

Since then, the technology has gone through several improvements and evolutions, and finally, today, we have developed sophisticated algorithms used to identify and detect faces.

The celebrity look-alike apps leverage the same facial recognition technology to identify the user’s facial patterns and match them with the celebrities. These apps use machine learning or AI to improve accuracy while identifying the celebrity that resembles your face.

Here are some of the best and latest celebrity doppelganger apps in 2021 that utilize facial recognition technology to give optimum results.

The apps mentioned below were selected purely because of their innovative features and performance. Let start learning about these seven amazing celebrities’ look alike apps.

1.   Facer App

Facer App

Facer app uses AI-based facial patterns recognition to discover your celebrity’s best look alike. It has a database of 1000 celebrities from which it extracts the face that looks similar to your face.

The app has a simple yet feature-rich user interface that lets you quickly take photos and generate results. You can also toonify yourself in the app, which means you can turn yourself into a cartoon.

However, the app does have in-app purchases and advertisements.

Here are some other reasons why this celebrity looks alike app is popular:

  • The results generated by the Facer app are super-accurate, and users love them.
  • The AI-based algorithms help in improving celebrity look-alike
  • A percentage of similarity follows the generated results.
  • Facer has a massive database of pictures of actors, athletes, politicians, and musicians.

Moreover, the app advises its users to upload a clear and sharp picture to get the most optimum results.

2.   Gradient App

Gradient App

Gradient celebrity look-alike app offers much more than just the doppelganger feature. The application offers photo editing, and its unique selling proposition is the safety of the user’s data.

Moreover, Gradient lets users upload their images and get a preview of the best celebrity look-alike instantly. The app’s AI-based approach and beautification features are innovative and promise a wonderful experience for its users. The app also has in-app purchases and advertisements.

Some other features of the app include the following:

  • Gradient has many filters and textures that enhance your pictures.
  • The AI-based approach enables impressive and quality outcomes.
  • You can take engaging AI portraits.
  • AI lets you estimate your beauty score.

3.   Celebs App

Celebs Celebrity Look Alike

The Celebs app is yet another powerful doppelganger app specially designed to answer the users who are always wondering, “who do I look like?”

This app has impressive features and technology to extract the most accurate and relevant celebrity look alike.

Moreover, the app leverages the machine learning approach to identify the emotions and expressions in a picture. This revolutionary approach helps it in determining the best possible outcomes.

The app has in-app purchases and advertisements.

Some other optimum features of the app include:

  • Accurate identification of your look-alike celebrity.
  • Instantly searches for the best look alike and shows results.
  • Identifies twin-faces.
  • You can also extract the results of the best animal you resemble.

4.   Star By Face App

Star By Face

Star By Face generates a picture of you that looks exactly like a particular famous personality. The facial recognition technology within the app is revolutionary and innovative.

It allows users to upload photos to the app and analyzes the user’s facial patterns to identify the best celebrity match. Moreover, the application does not save or share the user data.

All of the photos generated by the user are deleted once the facial recognition and resemblance process is completed. Also, the quality-oriented result makes the difference and enabled this spectacular celebrity look alike app to make this list. Additionally, the app also has in-app purchases and advertisements.

Some other features of the app include:

  • Star By Face generates high-resolution photos.
  • Every photo is modified to look amazing.
  • The app has a massive database that consists of thousands of celebrities.
  • Machine learning technology improves the functionality of the app.

5.   Y-Star App


This celebrity look-alike app is all about providing users with instant results. You can simply download Y-Star and take a photo from the camera. The app automatically scans the facial features of the users and generates spectacular results.

The app matches your facial patterns instantly with the available collection of celebrity data and identifies the best look-alike celebrity. However, the app offers in-app purchases and advertisements.

Moreover, the application’s main objective is to provide the users with the best solution as per their needs. However, the app doesn’t distinguish between genders. It calculates similarity based on facial features to provide relevant results.

Some of the best features of this app include:

  • The application is capable of creating impressive results, even with selfies.
  • You can also leverage your phone’s front camera to take amazing pictures.
  • The application uses face mapping to fetch the best outcome.
  • Y-Star also focuses on the user’s eyes, nose, mouth, and forehead to generate results.

6.   My Replica App

My Replica App

My Replica app is not just a conventional celebrity look-alike finder or a doppelganger app; it is more. The app lets you professionally edit your photos.

The app offers filters, redo features, retouches, and helps you create the most attractive photos. You can effortlessly apply filters to your photos and share them on your social media profile from within the app.

Moreover, when matching your face to a celebrity, the app excels with its huge data collection of celebrities and quality-oriented results. Also, the app offers in-app purchases and advertisements.

Some other features of the app include:

  • The app gives you answers to questions like;Who do I look like?” or “who is my celebrity look-alike,” “find my celebrity doppelganger.”
  • The suggestions provided are highly relevant and accurate.
  • The app’s database consists of several important figures, i.e., politicians, musicians, and actors.

7.   Looky App


There are several benefits of using this doppelganger app. From incredible features to amazing user experience, Looky has got it all.

Moreover, the most standout part of the application is the seamless downloading and integration with your smartphone.

You can simply download the app, take a selfie within the application, or you can also upload it from your smartphone gallery.

Once you’ve uploaded the photo, you’re instantly greeted by remarkable results. If you’re not happy with the results, you can opt for another research (the second attempt is more successful). You can also save and share your images from within the app.

Some other features of the application include:

  • Simple but powerful features.
  • Generates the best celebrity look-alike instantly.
  • Offers the “Try Again” feature to help the user generate more results.
  • You get all the features such as sharing, saving, and photo capturing within the app.

This great app’s only drawback is that it is only available for 24 hours after the initial download. Afterward, you’ll have to buy the app to keep using it.


Ideas You Should Consider To Build A Celebrity Look-alike App

Look-alike App Based On Voice Recognition

Tekrevol is known for leveraging the latest technologies in innovative ways so, here we would suggest that you make use of the voice recognition technology for your doppelganger app.

The apps mentioned on this list are using your smartphone’s camera, their database, and an algorithm based on machine learning or AI to generate results, right?

How about building an app that would allow the users to easily choose the best look-alike celebrity by just speaking the celebrity’s name.

For example, when the user takes his/her picture, and the app generates results, the user gets the feature of speaking the celeb’s name to choose the specific celebrity he wants to match his facial features with.

However, you would need to utilize voice recognition technology to develop this kind of doppelganger app.

If you want to read more about facial recognition apps, check out our blog, in which we’ve listed the Top 10 Facial Recognition Apps.

A Cartoon Lookalike Apps For Kids

It’s a fact; kids are in love with smartphones. They’re using these smartphones to play games, watch videos, learn and do much more. However, specifically, they love to watch cartoons and listen to poems.

So, what if there was an app that could easily let kids find their cartoon characters look alike?

The idea of getting an app primarily developer for the kids, equipped with an extremely user-friendly interface, would perform amazingly well in the competitive market of today.

You can also integrate more features for kids like sharing their photos, adding fun elements, and quizzes related to their favorite character. You can capitalize on countless possibilities to bring innovation to the market via a mobile app.


The Revenue Model of Celebrity Lookalike Apps

So, I presume you’ve come up with a great idea for your doppelganger app. Now, you may need to decide the ways you can make money with your celebrity look-alike app.

There are several opportunities through which you can earn money with your celebrity look-alike app. For example, you can offer premium features within your app that the user needs to pay for to use them.

However, here are some of the most basic ways through which your app can earn money.

Monthly Or Annual Subscription

One of the most beneficial ways to earn money through your app is selecting the amount you need to charge from the users for using your app.

However, you may need to integrate the best functionality and features within your app to make it worth it for the users to buy.

There are several features that you can offer to your customer after they’ve bought a monthly or annual subscription to your celebrity look-alike app.

For example, you can offer market-leading solutions like video tutorials, cloud storage, premium editing options to your customers once they’ve bought your app’s subscription.

In-App Ads

If you’ve decided that your app will be free for all users, you must include in-app advertisements to earn revenue from them. According to eMarketer, in-app advertising is estimated to grow by 27.6% per year until it reaches $18.01 billion.

The stat mentioned above is enough to persuade you into featuring ads in your app. So, once the user downloads your application, you can show them the ads and get paid each time an ad is displayed or clicked on.

This is yet another viable revenue-generating idea that you can leverage to earn money from your app.

In-App Purchases

Offering In-App purchases is perhaps the simplest way to earn revenue through your mobile application. This approach involves the selling of virtual items within the app to the users.

You can include some premium features that are only unlocked once the user buys the feature from within your app. They can pay for the feature via PayPal, debit card, or any other payment method.

However, to see the magic of in-app purchases in action, you need to integrate useful and innovative features within your app that attract more users and intrigue them to buying the feature.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about the revenue your app can generate, check out our blog, “How much money can an app make?”.

Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What App Shows Your Celebrity Look Alike?

A Celebrity Lookalike App analyzes your facial patterns and features. After analyzing, it utilizes an algorithmic approach to extract the best celebrity that matches your facial features.

You can upload your image from your smartphone to the app or take a photo from within the app to let the celebrity doppelganger feature extract your celebrity look alike.

How Do You Find Your Doppelganger?

You can use the following apps to find your celebrity doppelganger:

  • Facer.
  • Gradient.
  • Celebs.
  • Star By Face.
  • Y-Star.
  • My Replica.
  • Looky.

Over To You

So, these were some of the best celebrity look-alike apps that you can use to find your celebrity doppelganger. From the revenue model to celebrity look-alike app ideas to features, we’ve covered everything in this article for you.

If you were looking for a celebrity look-alike app, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect app by learning about the apps in this article.

However, when it comes to developing an app for business purposes, you may need the help of a company that possesses strong command over mobile app development.

Tekrevol just happens to be the perfect choice for understanding clients’ requirements and providing intuitive and detailed solutions for their apps.

So, if you’re willing to get a celebrity look-alike app developed, reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your query.


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