Top 10 Couple Apps to Improve Relationship Building in 2024

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March 24, 2022 - Tekrevol Team
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Like all the other imperative things in life, you’re required to work on your personal relationships as well to keep your loved ones happy, and sometimes, it takes more than just a bouquet once a year to pump some energy back into your love life again.

Fortunately, we’ve got paid and free apps for couples that have taken on the responsibility to help couples regain the long-lost charm of their love life.

Like image recognition apps or augmented reality game apps, there are apps for couples that individuals can download, and if you’re someone with a deep interest in downloading relationship apps, you’re at the right place.

Today, we’re listing down the best relationship apps that will enrich you with creative date ideas, enable you to create to-do lists for special occasions such as valentine’s day, and amplify your private messages sending experience instantly.

From the best apps that offer a premium subscription to free couple apps that have gamified the whole healthy relationship maintaining process, the mobile apps for couples on this list will surely address your every relationship need.

The couple apps we’re bringing to you today are known for certain features such as relationship quizzes, providing tips for sex life, and innovative date ideas.

In short, they’re the best remedy for spending quality time with your loved one or strengthening long-distance relationships.

Without any further ado – let’s skim through the list of best relationship apps.


10 Best Relationship Apps for Couples

1.  Love Nudge: The Habit-Forming App


Love Nudge is #1 on our best apps for couples list, and there are some pretty good reasons why this couple messaging app is on top.

Based on Gary Chapman’s “a marriage counselor’s 5 Love Languages” and advertised as the assistant for relationships, Love Nudge provides a more modern way for couples to strengthen their relationship – it basically takes your relationship app experience to a whole new level.

Additionally, Love Nudge is a free app that is fun, designed based on real-life connections, and helps you to intentionally express love in the most meaningful ways to your partner.

The free app is known to solve the stress and woes of relationships with its impeccable features that basically enable you and your partner to work on your mutual compatibility, adopt healthy habits and read relationship ideas that solve relationship challenges.

Features of Love Nudge

  • You can take the official 5 Love Languages quiz and explore your preferred love language.
  • You can use the app to invite your partner to download the app, link your profiles, and take the quiz as well.
  • You two can set your goals as a couple and engage in activities that align with your and your partner’s love language.
  • You can playfully nudge your partner to suggest activities you both could do together.

2.  Lasting: Best App for Marriage Counseling



Lasting uses its vast collection of data to provide marriage guidance and relationship counseling to married couples.

It also helps boost couples’ mental health by giving them actionable suggestions and recommendations to maintain their relationship with each other.

The comprehensive counseling sessions of Lasting are designed to help nurture and repair the relationship and emotional bond that you and your partner share.

The free version includes audio recordings on relationship health, as well as conversation starters and other prompts to help you ease into the counseling process.

Plus, Lasting’s intelligent algorithm gives you suggestions based on your set preferences and unique needs.

So, in a nutshell, lasting is a great app for couples with trust issues, couples who want to learn how to approach disputes, address partner’s desires, perform household chores, get on the same page or simply have a personal assistant by their side all the time.

Lastly, by simply spending a few minutes on this relationship app, you’ll be able to build a stronger bond, period.

Features of Lasting

  • The sessions Lasting help you and your partner realize the importance of emotional connection in a marriage.
  • The seamless U.I. and navigation of the app enable users to quickly learn and establish healthy communication with their loved ones.
  • The app helps you and your partner to adopt selfless behavior to strengthen your emotional bond and trust in each other.

3. Between: Let’s You Do Much More Than Just Communicate Privately

Between (1)

One of the best things about being a couple or in a relationship is the memorable moments two people share with each other, the fun conversations they have, date night plannings, and the late-night conversations.

The Between app takes all of the above-mentioned aspects to a whole new level while bragging about how it is one of the best apps for couples.

Quite honestly, some amazing features of Between actually make it the best app for married couples, and long-distance couples can surely use this app’s features to stay in touch with each other in a different yet exciting way.

For instance, married couples can send private messages with free emoticons along with their pictures, create reminders, make phone calls, send audio recordings and voice messages.

In addition to that, you can also snap photos with Between that can be later organized, and the album of the special events that you’ll create will be displayed as a “Story” of your relationship.

You can also use the app to plan events, and like Google Calendar has the event reminding feature, you’ll get reminded of your special occasion before the upcoming events enabling you to be get prepared on time.

Users can also visit each other’s calendars to see what the other person is up to and what’s even more interesting is the fact that Between’s intelligent algorithm calculates the countdown till the events, which is designed to make both partners excited.

And while using simple messaging apps can be boring at times, Between is one of the best apps for couples that come integrated with fun designs, emoticons, and animated gifs that your special someone will surely adore.

Features of Between

  • Since the data is encrypted, you can keep your photos, notes, videos, and other precious items safe by storing them in the Between app.
  • Share stickers, gifs, themes with your loved one. You can also add certain animated components to your pictures.
  • The free version of the app has in-app ads. However, there are different flexible paid options that help you go ad-free while unlocking more features.
  • You can make high-quality audio and video calls to your family members with ease.
  • Married couples can share their calendars, set important event reminders, and plan occasions ahead of their time.

4. Couple Game: A Game App for Couples

Couple Game

If you read the NYTimes article, “36 Questions that can lead to love,you’ll immediately recognize that the Couple game app is based on a similar concept.

Right from the get-go, this couples app throws questions at you that help you gauge how well you know your partner, and once the results are shown, you see how well you did in the relationship quiz.

The relationship quizzes of the app are centered around the personality traits of your partner, their sex life, food preferences, romance, what you find beautiful in them, and literally, every topic under that sun that married couples can think of is present.

Although the concept is simple and couples can seamlessly give answers to the relationship quizzes that the app gives but it is the gamification of the entire experience that sets Couple Game apart from other relationship apps.

From a statistical standpoint, thousands of couples around the globe have downloaded this game app to learn more about their partner.

In addition to that, a chat feature is also available just in case you want to talk or flirt with your partner while you’re giving answers.

Last but not least, along with a free version, Couple Game also has a paid version that lets you access all the current and future packs, decks, and coupons before other users.

Features of Couple Game

  • Hundreds of questions make Couple Game one of the best free relationship apps in the market.
  • The questions cover a wide range of revealing topics that take your knowledge about your partner to the next level.
  • You can play the Couple Game at your own pace. You can save your progress and play the game later whenever you feel like it.
  • The game automatically saves every answer that your partner gives, and this data can be used later on when you’re planning a surprise party, need to remember important dates, or selecting a holiday destination for your partner.

5. Honeydue: A Finance App for Couples


Honeydue is the marriage app that allows you and your partners to manage your finances easily and under one roof.

The app fosters high communication, transparency and gives you features that allow you to track your finances on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

For married couples or individuals in a long-term relationship, you are likely to need an app to manage your expenses better, and for such couples, Honeydue is an excellent app for couples.

In addition, once you’ve added information and set financial goals in the app, the app reminds you of bill payments, due dates, and other important tasks through push notifications.

Stretching a bit more on the features of Honeydue, this app helps you get rid of paperwork, long lengthy worksheets, or managing your bills manually by automating the entire process.

With all your finances organized and figured out, you and your partner can avoid a lot of quarrels and focus on more important matters, and this is specifically what sets Honeydue apart from other apps.

Features of Honeydue

  • Enables you and your partner to track all of your bank accounts, investments, and loans using one app.
  • Add various categories based on your financial preferences to efficiently plan your finances.
  • The shared calendar of the app allows you and your partner to get on the same page in terms of knowing where the other person would be spending their money.
  • The app offers bank-level security, assuring that your personal financial data will never be hacked or stolen.
  • You can use Honeydue never to miss another due date. You can set bill reminders to avoid penalties.
  • Assigns account numbers and sends debit cards on top of a shared balance that enables you to track your balance individually and collectively.
  • Chat feature that allows you to instantly know where a mysterious purchase came from.

6. Kindu: Warning! Romantic Ideas Ahead

Kindus (1)

The adorable user interface, seamless navigation, and 1000+ romantic ideas make Kindu one of the best apps for couples out there.

Designed to empower couples and restore that long-lost charm back into the relationship, Kindu gives exciting date night ideas, outing ideas, romance ideas, and bedroom activities that you can your partner can enjoy.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact that Kindu was created by a group of doctors who were inspired by a health class they took in med school.

Incorporating their knowledge in Kindu, the developers aim to promote a healthier and positive lifestyle.

Furthermore, the app also supports the LGBTQ community, and by setting preferences in the app, couples can improve their intimacy, learn new things to do, discuss relationships in a positive way and begin a whole new experience with the addition of a simple app.

So, in a nutshell, Kundu is a desire app that directs your fantasies in perhaps the most spectacular way possible.

Features of Kindu

  • Password manager that enables you to keep your desires and personal stuff a secret.
  • The app can be used on two separate devices simultaneously.
  • Create a list of your favorite by using the favorite option and keep everything streamlined.
  • Wildcard feature allows you to submit your own dares or ideas anonymously.
  • The app provides lots of ideas, exciting activities, and more that you can do with your partner.
  • Option to express your view about any suggested activity to let your partner know about how you feel about specific activities.
  • It helps you find common ground with your partner by showing you the activity matches.

7. Raft: Calendar Sharing, Made Easier

Raft – Couple & Family Calendar

Raft is yet another beautiful calendar sharing app for couples that allows individuals to share their important dates with friends, family, and other relatives.

The app’s features can be used for robust planning, but the way that the app lets you plan, create events, and make appointments is what sets this app apart from others.

For starters, Raft is not your conventional marriage counseling app, but it is much more than that as it allows you to spend quality time with any of your loved ones by sharing a calendar with them and seeing if they’re free for a get-together or not.

Couples already know that keeping in touch on busy schedules can be a challenge and the whole scenario becomes even more difficult when kids enter the situation.

For such Couples, Raft is the best solution as it allows them to sync their calendars, manage and prioritize tasks accordingly, and get connected – just like that

With all of that out of the way, let’s get down to the features of Raft.

Features of Raft

  • Sync your calendar with your partner, family, BFFs, and relatives.
  • Individuals can like and comment on each other’s plans and suggest changes, if any.
  • Emojis, animated GIFs, and images can be used in your personalized plans. You can also use photo editing apps to edit your photos before uploading them.
  • You can keep your plans private from others.
  • Set countdowns to an upcoming event, i.e., anniversary, party, birthday, or more.
  • Get an invitation on the due date and instantly join the event.

8. Merge: One of the Best Apps to Stay Organized

App Managers (1)

Merge is an app that helps you and your partner stay organized and manage your day-to-day activities with ease while keeping the communication aspect strong.

The app acts as a to-do list only this time; the list is digital, backed by emerging technologies, comes packed with high-end features, and keeps track of your daily activities.

Whether you’re a married couple or you’ve just moved in with your partner, Merge will give you solid recommendations on how you can improve your household and manage all the tasks.

For instance, the app gives you four various categories Chores, Shop, Vote, and Pay.

All of these have different purposes. For, i.e., Chores, as the name suggests, is meant for completing household chores.

The shop helps you with your grocery buying activities.

The vote is designed to foster better collaboration, communication, and coordination to tackle big or small tasks.

Last but not least, Pay allows you to manage your payments.

You can create a tasks list, set due dates and reminders, edit and prioritize tasks, and above all – sync Merge’s calendar with your Apple calendar, and you can do this for all the different categories mentioned above.

Furthermore, since you and your partner both can crate calendars, the app gives you the possibility of checking out each other’s calendars to see who is doing what.

In addition, you and your partner can comment on each other’s tasks, give suggestions, and on top of that, organize and distribute them efficiently to stay super organized.

Lastly, the app comes with a free trial, after which you have to buy the premium subscription to keep going.

P.S: If to read books about relationships on your smartphone, check out apps for book lovers.

Features of Merge

  • Create tasks for the day, week, and so on, and assign them to your partner and yourself.
  • Add comments, set priorities according to the urgency, mark recurring tasks, and edit them to keep your partner updated.
  • Choose from the four different categories to manage preferences efficiently.
  • Merge’s status option enables you to find out what you or your partner have been up to and check in with each other easily.

9. Rave: Designed to Entertain


Rave is a fantastic app, particularly for couples in a long-distance relationship.

The app is certainly not meant for marriage counseling, but it is designed for pure entertainment purposes.

With Rave, you can check out the best from Netflix, chill with your partner even when you’re away, listen to music, share videos, and create your own mashups.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Rave is the “Watch Party” that allows you to connect with your partner, friends, or family and share music, videos, and more from platforms such as Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube.

Features of Rave

  • Stream movies, T.V. series, and videos from platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and more.
  • Text or voice chat with your partner as you binge on Netflix or listen to music.
  • Join public raves for a unique experience.
  • Connect with your partner or friends and enjoy a bonding experience around the globe.


If you are the funny person in the happy couple who likes to give small surprises and do cute things just to make the other person feel special, then you are going to love this app.

LokLok app allows users to share access to their mobile phone’s lock screen with anyone they like.

It opens up a screen with a shared whiteboard, and you can draw anything you want, write something cute or upload pictures.

Your message with show up on your partner’s lock screen, and vice versa, which means the next time your partner opens their phone, they are going to be greeted with your cute message.

Features of LokLok

  • You can draw on your partner’s lock screen without needing to unlock their phone.
  • LokLok users can give access to their lock screen to just an individual or create a group.
  • LokLok app functions as a lock screen and as a widget.
  • You can share the fun designs your partner creates for you directly on your social media accounts.

Over To You

That’s all, folks!

This was our list of the best apps for couples that will bring that fire and energy back into your relationship.

Whether you are married or in a live-in or long-distance relationship, the apps on this list are designed to best fit any case scenario you’re in, and with the features and functionality they offer, you will see the tides change in just a matter of months.

In fact, by knowing exactly what’s important to you or your partner, you’ll obviously make it way easier for the both of you to, first of all, eliminate the guesswork and have a surefire way to maintain and strengthen your relationship.

However, in the world of apps for couples, there’s still much room left for innovation, and the market still needs a revolutionary change in the niche, and this is exactly where Tekrevol enters the fray.

  • Let’s Build Your Relationship Apps

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