25+ Best AR Apps for 2023 – Augmented Reality is The Future

Author: Zain Ul Abideen | June 24, 2022 - TekRevol Team
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We are moving forward and exploring new boundaries, learning and adapting at a fast pace. Augmented reality (AR) might not be a recent concept to you.

We have been hearing about it for the last decade.

Has the industry evolved? Definitely so.

A future where digital reality and the real world could be inclusive of each other is not far ahead.

Think ahead.

The impact of AR technology is inevitable. Augmented reality games are already around you – generating millions in revenue and creating a substantial impact.

Groundbreaking graphics combined with realistic experiences let AR apps stand at the forefront of the tech world.

Look at the bigger picture. Think of all the development ideas. Everything will be interactive in a way.

Maps, healthcare, hospitality, and retail – these are just a few industries out of many. Get an AR app on your phone and see how things are changing. Know what you are missing on.

Your phone is capable of doing so much more than the ordinary. A lot of Apple products are now integrated with a LiDAR sensor, enabling consumers to experience AR unlike ever before.

Similarly, Samsung recently launched Dreamground – a place that aims to combine Samsung technology with augmented reality.

The goal is to create richer experiences for consumers. Now is the perfect time to step into the market and take charge. Look at trends. Create an AR app for your business.

Keep reading as we look at the top 25 augmented reality apps out there – learn and improvise. Let’s get started.

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1. IKEA Place

You probably didn’t expect to see an IKEA app on this list but hear us out. IKEA Place has changed the way consumers look at furniture.

The Swedish household name created an app where people can virtually add 3D models to their home and see what the furniture will potentially look like before making any purchase.

IKEA Place helps people decorate their rooms comfortably with just one tap on the phone. Open your camera, look up the directory at IKEA and scan the room. Place objects around the house and see what you like.

The models are scalable and embrace your house. Get your next sofa with the help of IKEA Place. Keep a lookout for the app – there is always something new coming up.

Download IKEA Place – iOS

Rating – 4.6

2. Google Lens

Google Lens

As the name indicates – Google Lens was designed to enrichen lives through the use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Over 500 million users have signed up on Google Lens so far and the number is growing exponentially.

Through Google Lens – anyone can take their phone out and scan nearby landmarks, text, images, and objects. The goal is to get more information.

Found a plant? Scan it and Google will identify everything about it.

Expanding knowledge and knowing the world in a better way is possible through Google Lens.

Google is taking AR and AI together on a progressive path – integrating them into every other app. Down the list, we will talk about Google Translate and Google Maps as well. The change is profound.

Google Lens is a part of the Google App for iOS and can be accessed through Google Photos and Search. Meanwhile, on Android – there is an exclusive app. Check it out.

Download Google LensiOS and Android

Rating – 4.5

3. Google Translate

Google Translate is changing how people connect, lessening the gap between them. The app has always been around and helped tourists navigate in a new country but now – with the inclusion of AR technology – the app is transforming.

Get real-time visuals on Google Translate. Take your phone out and point it towards a sign – the algorithm will automatically translate it instantly.

Roam around in a foreign country, and you will realize the impact Google Translate is making right now.

The app has been around for a decade and is currently used by more than 800 million people.

Google unveiled its AR-enabled translation glasses at the recent I/O conference – we are looking towards a promising future.

Download Google Translate iOS and Android

Rating – 4.4

4. SketchAR

Bring the artist out with SketchAR. AR-enabled apps can now help people draw in a better way. SketchAR helps people unlock their artistic potential in a digital way.

High-performance computing augmented reality, and artificial intelligence makes a terrific combination.

You need two things. Paper and a smartphone. Open your camera on SketchAR and you will be able to see virtual lines on the paper. Get a pencil and follow along the lines – create a drawing.

More precisely, turn images into art through AR. SketchAR also allows users to monetize their art and be part of a bigger community (more than 8 million creators).

In an NFT-enabled world, SketchAR is marking its presence.

Download SketchARiOS and Android

Rating – 4.3

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5. Just a Line

Just a Line has one goal, to help people create simple drawings with the help of AR.

An entertainment AR app at its essence – Just a Line enables consumers to connect with their friends and share drawings.

Play a game. Install Just a Line and record a short video where you are drawing virtual lines – share it around and start a doodling battle with your loved ones.

Just a Line allows you to be creative and experiment.

A project by Google – Just a Line aspires to create an AR experience where everyone can collaborate more easily.

Doodle with anyone without worrying about device compatibility. Live doodle sessions between Android and iPhone users are possible now.

Download Just a LineiOS and Android

Rating – 3.9

6. Magicplan

An app that makes moving around easy. Magicplan is an architecture-oriented app that allows users to find a space more comfortably.

Do you have a floor plan in mind? Need a blueprint? Is that plan actually possible in a house?

Magicplan solves all these questions. It creates floor plans, and prepares field reports, and sketches along the way.

Scan a floor and with the help of AR technology, Magicplan will give you accurate estimates. Enabled with both 2D and 3D models, get a clear-cut picture of your next potential home.

Magicplan is a leading name in the contracting industry and has more than 20 million downloads. Interior designing is easy with AR-enabled Magicplan. The app is free-to-use for up to two projects.

Download Magicplan iOS and Android

Rating – 4.1

7. Google Maps

This might be unexpected for you again, but you’d be surprised to know how well Google Maps has progressed over the years. Go around the city while Google Maps guides you with virtual signs.

Yes. When a tourist walks in a city – Google Maps allows them to experience an immersive view where everything virtual can be seen through the camera, almost like real-life.

It’s a fun journey. There are easter eggs involved. Walk around with a virtual fox guiding you or anything.

The possibilities are endless. With an AR-enabled Google Maps – even impaired people can use the app seamlessly. Inclusivity matters.

Over time, we expect Google Maps to come up with even more features. An AR-infused environment is confirmed for sure.

Download Google Maps iOS and Android

Rating – 3.9

8. Quiver

Quiver is a coloring app that is built on AR technology. Quiver provides kids an experience where they can ignite magic and bring color to their lives.

An app where kids where inspiration and creativity merge together to create a wonderful product.

Quiver promises to make learning fun for kids. There are more than 150 interactive AR-enabled scenarios in the Quiver Library.

Educators can use characters like an AR-enabled animal or an aircraft to guide students and help them engage in cool activities.

An educational platform at heart – Quiver has over 8000 registered educators who are willing to go the extra mile to educate the upcoming generation.

You can see how AR is not restricted to photography or gaming. It is everywhere.

Download Quiver iOS and Android

Rating – 4.2

9. YourCam Makeup

YourCam Makeup is a camera application where users can sign-up and take AR-based selfies. There’s an entire library of virtual makeover filters that people can try out.

Get a click and go through tons of customization options.

YourCam Makeup allows users to take a selfie and edit them in a creative way. Everything can be tried virtually – lipsticks, eye makeup, blush, and more.

Through AR assistance, users can even try NFT-based looks. There is an exclusive NFT tab.

To sum it up – consumers can redefine their look with tools and makeup – all virtually with the help of augmented reality.

YourCam Makeup showcases how AR can help every industry upscale.

Download YourCam MakeupiOS and Android

Rating – 4.5

10. Snapchat

Snapchat has used augmented reality since the very start. The social media app thrives on AR-based technology.

Snapchat stood out from the rest when it emerged into the market because of its interactive filters and special effects (lenses).

Think about it. You can use realistic effects and swap your face with a friend or anyone.

Snapchat was quick enough to release Snap AR Lens Studio – a separate place where developers and artists could unleash their creativity and build entirely new augmented reality experiences for consumers.

Anyway, Snapchat has expanded a lot with the help of AR technology. The app was one of the first to embrace the potential of AR and had 330 million daily active users.

Download SnapchatiOS and Android

Rating – 4.2

11. Instagram

Instagram was an app where people could showcase their photography skills, but the idea has expanded since then, and Instagram has ventured into all sorts of places.

The integration of AR is one of them. Instagram is on an evolving path.

After Instagram Stories was released in 2016 – creative heads behind the app thought of innovative features to include, and AR filters were included in the long-term plan.

It worked well. Established brands now use Instagram Stories AR to run campaigns.

Likewise – consumers can browse through thousands of effects and have fun with their friends on the social media platform.

If we look at the bigger picture – as a part of Meta – Instagram is quickly venturing into the metaverse and marking its territory in a Web3 world.

Download InstagramiOS and Android

Rating – 4

12. World Brush

World Brush

World Brush takes two factors into consideration and excels on them – anonymity and creating art.

The app enables users to open their cameras and, through AR technology, create virtual paintings with different brushes.

World Brush offers highly customizable features. Get a brush and change its style, weight, and color whenever necessary.

A collaborative yet anonymous experience – users can see different paintings around the city -accordingly liking and disliking. Users even have the ability to report inappropriate art.

To pile it up – World Brush takes GPS, AR, and creativity together to create a digital product that provides entertainment to thousands of people.

The app is exclusive to iOS devices right now, but we expect an Android version to roll out soon.

Download World BrushiOS

Rating – 3.3

13. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was released in 2016 and took the internet by storm at the time. Pokémon Go is still a popular AR game and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The mobile game generated a revenue of $1.2 billion in 2021 and we expect further growth.

Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than a billion times over its lifetime and we like to credit AR technology and geolocation for its success.

At a time when casual mobile games were popular – the masterminds behind Pokémon Go went on an innovative path and decided to create an augmented reality game.

There is a simple gameplay model – players embark on a search journey and look for different Pokémon across the city.

Catch as many Pokémon as you can and collect them. A game where the real world feels fun.

Download Pokémon GoiOS and Android

Rating – 4.3

14. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is an experienced-based game that thrives on the usage of AR technology.

Creators of the game wanted to tell a story where it all could feel as real as possible.

Defend the city of Acre and protect The Holy Grail from a horrific army and safeguard the message of Christianity – becoming a hero for the entire kingdom.

With the help of AR and innovational game engines, you can become of The Knights Templar and be a part of the legacy. Live through history with Knightfall AR in a fun way.

It is an immersive experience where you can collect coins, unlock characters, and attack enemies on the go with an arsenal of weapons.

Play around and share a snap with your friends when you defeat an enemy.

Download Knightfall ARiOS and Android

Rating – 3.5

15. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is another title in the franchise that comes with an out-of-the-box idea.

An augmented reality experience where players can embark on an adventurous ride, Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is centered around an environment where the infamous island’s jungle feels almost real.

Now, you can destroy their hideouts and towers. Achieve victory as you defeat pigs with a slingshot.

A whole new point of view built on AR – this edition of Angry Birds quickly gained popularity and was downloaded thousands of times.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs give you better control of the slingshot through AR – make the most out of it and defeat greedy pigs.

Download Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs iOS and Android

Rating – 3.9

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10 More AR Apps That You Can Have a Look At

The apps we listed are from different categories, so you could get an idea how what the market looks like and how it is evolving.

We talked about apps that help artists and architects do their work in a better way –covering mobile games and beauty care as well.

The point was to show how AR is excelling in unimaginable ways.

Every app you see is integrating augmented reality in one way or another.

Before you reflect on your business strategy and come to a conclusion – there are a few more AR apps that you should look at.

Out of thousands – here are 10 other AR apps:

  • Tiktok
  • Inkhunter
  • Sketchfab
  • Star Chart
  • Wanna Kicks
  • Smart Tanks!
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  • Sky Map
  • Civilizations AR
  • Star Chart

You can see how each app is different from another and belongs to an entirely another genre. AR technology is helping all of them evolve together, though.

Final Thoughts

Let the numbers speak. Statista tells us that the market size for mobile AR applications is worth around $9.5 billion right now and over 810 million users are actively using AR technology.

In a more connected world – with the emergence of the metaverse, NFTs, and Web 3.0 – augmented reality is going to be a founding pillar.

If you want to learn more about AR apps and how the architecture works, we suggest you read about AR frameworks and SDKs – it will give you an idea and a blueprint of what’s to come.

At TekRevol – we are familiar with game development and how to create a digital product that lives up to today’s standards.

Check out how we created an interactive app that helps gamers find, stay updated and share their reviews.

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