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Helping organizations meet imperative objectives through industry-leading digital solutions powered by modern technologies enables our healthcare software developers to improve the global healthcare experience.


Healthcare App Developers Dedicated to Providing SaaS Led Healthcare Solutions

Tekrevol is a US based healthcare app development company that has helped multiple world-class institutions develop top-notch technology solutions. Our team has paved the way for healthcare institutions to acquire customizable and scalable healthcare app solutions without investing a significant amount of time or financial resources.

Our healthcare app developers ensure that our solutions revolutionize the healthcare app industry and help all stakeholders achieve their major objectives.

As a global healthcare app development company, we are primed to offer premier app solutions to all individuals and organizations working in the healthcare industry.

From primary healthcare institutions like hospitals, government health institutions and global health initiatives to secondary institutions including pharmacies, our solutions can be utilized, leveraged and customized to serve all kinds of medical and healthcare tech needs.

Healthcare App Developers

Delivering The Best Innovation, Tech Integrations & Data Privacy Is Always A Priority In Our Healthcare App Solutions.

Our top priority is to ensure that the healthcare industry’s rising demands related to tech are met through the delivery of the best-in-class healthcare apps that meet a wide number of use cases.

From appointment automation to AI-assistant, we can handle a variety of healthcare app needs and customize apps that solve your issues in the most transparent and efficient manner possible.


Medical & Legal Compliance Are Key

For us, nothing matters more than ensuring the safety of the stakeholders that use our apps. Whether it’s the patients or the doctors or even the healthcare institutions themselves, we take all measures to ensure that our end user products i.e. apps are legally and ethically compliant.


The US Foods & Drugs Administration legalizes and authorizes the use of all medicines, food products and any other edible or consumable item. We ensure that any product listed on our healthcare app is approved by this authority at all times. On top of this, we ensure that all features in our apps like geo-tagging, personal details are stored in compliance to FDA standards.


Medical records are sensitive and when you digitalize them, data privacy becomes a major concern. Ensuring secure transactions and providing secure digital solutions has always one of our top priorities in undertaking any healthcare project.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is what we comply with, to ensure that the data you provide to the app and store in it, remains safe and secure.


The transfer of health records electronically between different healthcare organizations is handled under the EHR umbrella in our apps.


TekRevol’s Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

Our white label healthcare app development services have been widely recognized in the industry and in recent years, we have partnered with world’s leading healthcare organizations to build an incredible set of solutions that are revolutionizing the industry.

If you are looking for a medical mobility related app solution, then here is a full range of healthcare app solutions that we can provide:

  • Wellness & Fitness Apps
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Apps
  • AI-Based Voice Assistant Apps
  • Prescription Management & Automation Apps
  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Secure & Private Communication Apps
  • Emergency Response Apps
  • Staff Training & Conferencing Platforms
  • HL7 Service Apps

IoT Based Healthcare App Solutions

With the rise in the integration of the Internet of Things in healthcare and its wide ranging applications, our healthcare app solutions can help you pull off initiatives that can seriously improve your functionality and reach as a healthcare organization.Partner with us to develop IoT based healthcare app solutions like Alzheimer’s diagnosis platform, vital sign management & tracking apps among others.


iOS HealthKit, Google Fit Integration In Your Apps

Both Android & iOS allow you to utilize their health-based integration kits in your apps to make them more agile and responsive to modern day needs. We can integrate both of these kits in your apps for mobile devices, wearable devices, tablets, office equipment and more.


Live/Run-Time Healthcare App Solutions

Nowhere is on-demand service delivery more crucial than in healthcare. Whether it’s providing medical assistance to pregnant women in remote areas or accessing medical help in emergencies, our health app developers can develop custom-white label healthcare app solutions based on technologies like AI, Big Data and VR/AR to fulfill these needs.


Efficient Hospital Management Apps

Patients require multiple services that aid in their acquisition of healthcare services like prescription management, patient record management, in-outpatient services, appointment scheduling and more. As a healthcare app development company, we can help you create all these services through our dedicated white label healthcare app solutions.


Fact Is Path-Breaking Developments Are Taking Place in Healthcare Right Now

Tekrevol is committed towards utilizing big tech solutions like AI, Big Data & VR among others to disrupt the healthcare space and improve the delivery of healthcare services globally.

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Here's What We Did for a Healthcare Client

Helping Mothers In Remote Areas Survive Postpartum Hemorrhage

PPH was a custom healthcare solution that our team built. Its primary purpose was to ensure that childbirth can remain safe and hassle-free, even in remote areas where qualified medical help is neither available nor accessible.

The app provides first-helps like mid wives or any other person with directions on how to control or mitigate the effects of postpartum hemorrhage while giving birth, so that women and their children can survive such complications, and lead healthier lives.

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39899 Balentine Drive,
Newark, California
4201 Main St STE 200,
Houston, TX 77002
405 Lexington Avenue
9th floor, NY 10174
44 Tehama St, CA 94105, San Francisco 400 NW 26th St, FL 33127, Miami 740 15th St NW 8th Floor, DC 20005, Washington
4915 54 St 3rd Floor
Red Deer, Alberta
Level 5, One JLT Tower 1 - Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fl 3, 2nd Floor, Block 3,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
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