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Turn your app ideas into reality with our top-tier app development company in Toronto. We are your go-to partner for custom mobile application development that guarantees seamless user experience, flawless performance, and accelerated business growth.

From native Android and iOS app development to hybrid app development and more, our seasoned app developers in Toronto can help you build a seamless mobile application that gives you an edge over the competition. Let's work together to take your app from concept to launch and beyond.

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Top-Rated App Developers in Toronto

Native & Cross-Platform Application Development Services

We boast of having the finest designers and app developers in Toronto, specializing in building both native and cross-platform mobile apps with intuitive design, flawless efficiency, fail-proof security, and options to scale sustainably.

We combine cutting-edge technology with a user-centric approach to create superfast, feature-packed mobile applications that exceed the expectations of both stakeholders and end users. Whether you want to build an app from scratch, create the iOS or the Android version of your existing app, or optimize it in terms of speed, accuracy, functionality, user interface, and design aesthetics, we have got you covered.

Native App Development

Our native app development services create apps that leverage the platform's full potential, ensuring seamless performance, offline capabilities, and access to device-specific features. We specialize in iOS and Android development, creating intuitive, engaging, and efficient apps.

Hybrid App Development

Our hybrid app development services combine the best of both worlds - native and web - to create fast, flexible, and scalable apps. We use technologies such as Ionic, Cordova, and Phone Gap to create offline apps that are easy to maintain and can be updated with minimal downtime.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our cross-platform app development services create apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms, saving time and resources. We use the latest frameworks and technologies, such as React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin, to create high-performance apps that deliver a consistent user experience.


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Application Development Company

At TekRevol, we take pride in our ability to craft feature-rich, intuitive mobile apps that provide real value to the users. We understand that an app's success depends on more than just its appearance - it must also meet the target audience's needs and align with the stakeholder's vision.

Our team comprises experienced mobile app developers, designers, and project managers who have worked with clients across diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, real estate, automotive, and e-commerce. We work closely with the stakeholders to build seamless mobile applications that are aesthetically pleasing but also functional and intuitive, ensuring exceptional user experience.

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Awards & Recognitions

Our work and commitment have been recognized by some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Redefining The Future of Toronto Development Applications

The evolution of Toronto's development landscape has been swift and dynamic throughout the years, and now is the time to adapt to the change positively! TekRevol - a leading Toronto app development company, recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve and building mobile applications that are robust, sleek, and captivating. With an experienced team of tech experts armed with customer-centric, data-driven, and technology-based approaches, TekRevol has been empowering businesses to navigate this new era of development successfully, creating a benchmark in the digital realm.

Future-Oriented Mobile App Development Company in Toronto

We specialize in developing native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms and hybrid applications that can run on multiple devices and platforms. Our mobile app development process is primarily divided into three stages.

Each stage is crucial to the success of your mobile app, and we ensure that you are involved in every step of the process.


Discovery Stage

We gather information about your business, target market, and goals to understand the project's scope. We also conduct market research to identify your industry's latest trends and competitors and tailor our mobile app development approach to deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations.


Design Stage

Our design team creates wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app's layout and user interface. We ensure the design aligns with your branding and that the app's functionality resonates with your objectives. We implement only the best practices to ensure unparalleled user experience.


Development Stage

Our development team brings the design prototype to life by coding and integrating state-of-the-art features such as user authentication, data storage, and third-party integrations. We follow the latest industry standards and ensure your app is optimized for performance and security.

Our Approach – How We Build Mobile App Development
in Toronto

At TekRevol, we believe in a user-centric approach to app development. We put your target audience at the center of everything we do and strive to create functional and delightful apps. Here are some of the fundamental principles that guide our approach:

User Research & Insights

We conduct user research to understand your target audience and their needs. We use various research techniques like surveys, interviews, and analytics to gain deep insights into your users' behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Design Thinking and Innovation

We use design thinking and innovation to create unique and creative solutions to counter the barriers of app development. Our team of designers and app developers in Toronto work together to brainstorm and prototype ideas that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Agile Development & Collaboration

We believe in an agile and collaborative approach to mobile app development. We work in sprints and involve our partners in every process step, from ideation to launch. We use collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, and Asana to keep you in the loop and ensure your feedback is heard and implemented.

Improvement & Optimization

We believe that mobile app development is an ongoing continuous improvement and optimization process. We monitor your app's performance, analyze user feedback, and make continuous improvements to ensure that your app stays relevant and valuable to your target audience.

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for Mobile
App Development
in Toronto

We help SMBs and enterprises embrace digital transformation and leverage the power of technology and innovation to become the industry leader.

From enterprise consulting to full-fledged app development services in Toronto, we offer a suite of future-oriented services to give our partners a definite edge over the competition and accelerate their progress with sustainability.

Our app development services include:

  • Native Android app development
  • Native iOS app development
  • Cross-platform app development with Flutter
  • Cross-platform app development with React Native
  • Hybrid app development



We partner with businesses for ecommerce app development that drive customer engagement and boost online sales. Our mobile-responsive interfaces provide seamless shopping experiences across devices, while our innovative features streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.



We help our partners in the healthcare industry build feature-rich mobile applications like e-pharmacies, virtual doctors, and fitness with intuitive design, clean user interface, and impregnable security to foster a sustainable health-conscious society and promote awareness for e-health.


Real Estate

We specialize in real estate app development, from property listing and management to transaction processing and financial reporting. Our customizable, user-friendly interfaces give real estate businesses the tools to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve their goals.



Our fintech app development services leverage the latest trends and technologies to deliver robust, scalable platforms that can handle high volumes of transactions. We understand our client's needs and provide tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

TekRevol Toronto App Development

Offering Business-Friendly Engagement Models to Maximize Your ROI

As a leading app development company in Toronto, we believe we must offer flexible pricing plans and engagement models that entrepreneurs and startups find cost-effective and genial. Thus, we offer the following three pricing models for mobile app development in Toronto:

Augmentation Model

Our augmentation model provides you with highly skilled and experienced app developers who will seamlessly integrate with your team and contribute to the development of your mobile app.


Project-Based Model

Our project-based model offers a comprehensive solution for mobile app development, from planning to execution, to ensure that your mobile app meets all your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Partnership Model

Our partnership model fosters collaboration between our team and yours to develop a mobile app that reflects your brand and vision, utilizing our expertise and your insights to convert your app aspirations into reality.


Rev Up Business Potential with Top-Rated Mobile App Developers Toronto

We have a pool of talented Toronto app developers using cutting-edge technologies to build state-of-the-art applications. Whether it's native or cross-platform applications, our mobile app developers in Toronto will help you achieve your business goals at an unprecedented rate.

Redefining App Development in Toronto

We are a mobile application development company in Toronto redefining app development with our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on user-centric design, flawless performance, and fail-proof security, we are committed to delivering value and impact to our clients.

Why Choose Us – The TekRevol Differentiator

We are a fast-paced, future-oriented mobile app development company in Toronto committed to helping ambitious startups and enterprises achieve exponential growth and sustainability. After conquering the US and the GCC region bagging dozens of globally acclaimed awards and accolades, our goal is to establish a strong foothold in Canada and add value and positive impact to our partners and stakeholders with our mobile app development services in Toronto.

App Scope &

Tailored app scope and strategy that drives growth, backed by research, insights, and best practices

User Interface

Intuitive, engaging, and visually stunning user interfaces crafted with user-centric design principles and brand alignment

Front End

High-performance, responsive, and scalable front-end solutions using the latest technologies and frameworks

Back End

Robust, secure, and scalable back-end solutions supporting your app's functionality and growth

Quality Assurance

Rigorous automated and manual testing to ensure your app meets the highest standards of performance, functionality, and security

Deployment &

Seamless deployment and ongoing maintenance services ensure your app is always up-to-date, secure, and compliant

App Scope &

Tailored app scope and strategy that drives growth, backed by research, insights, and best practices

User Interface

Intuitive, engaging, and visually stunning user interfaces crafted with user-centric design principles and brand alignment

Frequently Ask Questions

Start by researching app development companies online and checking their portfolio of past work. Look for companies with experience in your industry and positive customer reviews. Consider factors such as pricing, turnaround time, and customer support before making a decision.

The cost of developing a mobile app varies depending on factors such as the app's complexity, the features and functionality required, and the amount of time it takes to develop. It's best to request a quote from the mobile app development company in Toronto to get an accurate estimate.

The time it takes to develop a mobile app depends on various factors, such as the app's complexity, the features and functionality required, and the level of customization needed. A reputable mobile app development company should be able to provide you with a timeline for your project.

The steps in mobile app development typically include creativity and planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. Each step is crucial in ensuring the success of the mobile app, and a reputable app development company should have a clear process in place for each step.

A reputable mobile app development company in Toronto will always prioritize the security and privacy of your mobile app. Look for companies with experience with secure app development and adhere to industry best practices for data protection. Ask about their data security measures and protocols for handling sensitive information.

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