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Cloud POS Solutions Are Disrupting The Retail Industry

22% of retail businesses are using cloud-based retail solutions to streamline their retail operations and deliver an exceptional experience to the end users.

On Point Payment Infrastructure

Our POS developers have worked with niche-based businesses to create customized, integrated POS systems to reshape their payment infrastructure.

We house a team of product strategists and professional technical developers, creative UI and UX designers, and business analysts who work together to bring impactful solution ideas to digital realities.

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TekRevol’s Holistic POS Development Process

TekRevol has a holistically curated product development approach with a strong emphasis on strategy and the right technology stack selection. All our processes aim to create impact, and we work on diverse forms of innovation each day, from automating analytics to hyper-scaling systems on the cloud.

Different industries and niches have various use cases for POS systems. That’s the reason TekRevol prioritizes customization. In the first stage, we complete a comprehensive audit and identify the needs of the business while matching it with current revenue, business objectives and future growth goals, industry standards, and the size of the team.

After finalizing the POS functionalities required by a specific business , our UI and UX designers work alongside developers and product strategists to develop layouts that establish solid technical foundations for code, product features, and automation.

With a technically sound and battle-tested digital product, we deploy the system, connect analytics and bring the POS system to action. We further strengthen the features with post-launch evaluation and identify areas that can be automated and scaled.

Business Benefits Of Integrated POS Systems

With our fundamentally value-driven and technically good Point of Sale systems, we have enabled businesses to yield the following use cases:

With our fundamentally value-driven and technically good Point of Sale systems, we have enabled businesses to yield the following use cases

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Industries we serve

POS Systems in the healthcare industry allow more freedom to patients and help bridge the gap between the demand and supply of services. TekRevol has helped healthcare organizations build and deploy customized POS systems reshaping their inpatient and outpatient care, and recreated the in-hospital and telemedicine payment service for patients with a solution that generates invoices, processes insurance claims, loyalty points, and discounts in real-time – during routine visits as well as emergency cases.

In the real estate domain, POS systems can significantly help realtors and tenants keep track of their rental properties, residential houses, and commercial offices listed for sale. They can also offer integrated payment solutions for collecting rent, utilities, brokerage, and commissions.

Gaming companies and game entrepreneurs, especially those working with digital entities that monetize through in-app purchases and digital downloads, have ideal use cases for integrated POS systems. TekRevol’s customizable POS solutions can help such entrepreneurs automate their digital invoicing.

For startups and established ecommerce businesses, retail stores, and online sellers, TekRevol can create integrated Point of Sale solutions that bring inventories, analytics, and conversions to one digital dashboard. Keep track of your stock, leads, daily to yearly payments, revenues and ratios, and financial health of the stakeholder side of the business.

In the lifestyle niche, POS systems have innumerable transformative use cases for businesses selling products, providing services, or capitalizing on informational content. From real-time inventory and SKU updates to online invoicing and payment, an integrated POS system can reshape the online and in-shop customer experience.

Take data from your cloud kitchen to invoicing of the Quick Service Restaurants; TekRevol has built integrated POS solutions with seamless Restaurant Management Systems that work together to automate food businesses. From on-table systems to order tracking to payment automation to discount applications, we offer all-in-one solutions tailored for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

POS Development Services At TekRevol

TekRevol is a full-stack software development services provider covering a wide range of all-things-tech and automation. Specific to our POS development, our main offerings include:
  • Omni-channel payment integration
  • Online payments API integrations
  • Custom POS development
  • POS integration
  • POS code review and audit
  • POS testing and automation
  • POS integration with on-table hardware

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Our Technology-Stack

At TekRevol, we use multiple technologies to develop software systems. These technologies and languages may differ as per the requirements.

Products we deliver meet international security standards
  • TX-HB300
  • HL7
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CC

Our Clients

We contribute to these partnership programs, supported by global technology experts. Partnering with industry leaders, we offer quality technology solutions that meet your business needs.