Integrated HRM Software Development Services

Why Do Businesses Prefer Custom HRM Software?

Around 55% of corporate enterprises prefer using custom HRM software tailored to their business needs to manage their organizational tasks more effectively.

Turnkey Human Resource Development And Management Solutions

Deploying a tailor-made business-centric HRMS solution for your enterprise is one of the earliest steps you need to take toward 360-degree digital transformation. TekRevol’s HR solutions deliver value and create impact by empowering employees at different levels, creating performance accountability and transparency, and providing the freedom for remote work management.

Building from scratch or using any other platform, our experienced CMS development team knows what works best in the real world. Our customized CMS solution helps you in every phase – from creating content to organizing and storing it appropriately to giving out permissions and rights and managing all sorts of media files – manage everything from a single platform.

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TekRevol’s HRMS Software Solution Development Process

Being one of the best HRMS software companies for HR solutions, we find the right intersection between technology and business use cases, match the size and nature of the business and create a value-driven solution that helps businesses achieve their human-resource-related objectives faster.

The planning phase starts with selecting the right technology stack and choosing between centrally hosted programs and cloud-based infrastructure. Project managers and designers translate the requirements into UI and UX for business process audits.

The UI and UX designs form the foundations of code – backend, frontend, and API side of the HRMS solution. It’s tested holistically for in-house and international software performance standards and is ready for deployment.

Once put into action, this HRMS solution automates essential business HR functions. More advanced versions with AI and ML deployments self-learn and transform the internal and external HR procedures.

Business Benefits Of HR Software Systems

TekRevol creates dynamic and turnkey HR programs that help businesses achieve these capabilities:

TekRevol creates dynamic and turnkey HR programs that help businesses achieve these capabilities:

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HR Solutions For Diverse Objectives

Businesses have two specific options for deploying the financial side of human resources. Firstly, you can build and deploy a fully integrated system, with finances and budgeting as a feature. Secondly, you can create a fully-featured system dedicated to the financial management of HR. This includes monthly and periodic payment systems, payroll calculation and processing, HR budgeting and future financial forecasts, and compensation management.

TekRevol can build a turnkey human capital management system that helps employers keep a pulse of the resource infrastructure of their organization. In this panel, businesses can create resource-related goals, plan their learning and development, track the impact of new training, and evaluate areas that need improvement. These panels also help manage work and productivity for businesses practicing hybrid and remote / work-from-anywhere arrangements.

This area is dedicated to internal and external data collection and works around performance metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Businesses preferably tag this panel with their organizations' project and task management programs to automate the calculation and evaluation of periodic workflow and growth.

This panel helps with hiring and adding new employees to the database. Dedicated personnel can send out interview invitations, update the status of applications, record results of recruitment and onboarding functions, and store documents required at the time of onboarding.

HRM Software Development Services At TekRevol

With a full-stack approach toward custom HRMS software development, TekRevol offers design and development services for these systems:
  • Integrated complete Human Resource Management System
  • Employee Access Management system
  • Applicant tracking and onboarding systems
  • Internal HR app development for mobile and web
  • Cloud migration of existing HR solution
  • Employee database management system
  • Employee training, learning, and development system

Our Technology-Stack

At TekRevol, we use multiple technologies to develop software systems. These technologies and languages may differ as per the requirements.

Products we deliver meet international security standards
  • TX-HB300
  • HL7
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Human resources departments of different enterprises and organizations normally utilize software like HR management systems or human capital management software. These tools assist in managing employee data, payroll, recruitment, performance assessments, and other roles related to HR Department.

The total cost of an HR management system can change extensively based on the size of your organization, required features, and if you pick an on-location or cloud-based solution. Prices can go from a few hundred dollars per month for small scale businesses to thousands per month for larger organizations.

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