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Corporate Learning & Development Software Yields Huge ROEI

The usage of Learning management systems in corporate organizations and academic institutions has surged drastically post-pandemic, with a market size of $16.19 billion.

Learning Management System Development

With years in the industry, we are on a mission to create LMS for companies through emerging technologies for turnkey SaaS solutions, and high-end mobile apps. Our LMS developers are part of this impact team and can help you achieve higher ROEI (Return on Employee Investment), TekRevol’s dedicated e-learning management systems that do more than assigning and tracking employee training.

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TekRevol’s LMS Development Process

At TekRevol, we start any development procedure with a strategic audit and needs assessment of business objectives. Our team, including the LMS development department, designers, and business analysts, follow an agile approach to bringing ideas into successful digital realities. Here is our holistic process.

The first stage of development starts with a roadmap outlining the business size, requirements and future goals, and necessary features and LMS development objectives.

Creative designers translate the strategy document into UI and UX designs. After concept testing and the client’s approval, the designs establish the technical foundation with front-end, back-end, and API structures.

The LMS is ready to launch and deploy with code review and holistic in-house testing. Cloud-based LMS programs can be used right after deployment.

Business Benefits Of Integrated LMS System

TekRevol’s custom LMS systems and solutions help businesses achieve the following benefits:

TekRevol’s custom LMS systems and solutions help businesses achieve the following benefits:

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Custom LMS Development For Diverse Industries

TekRevol has contributed impact-oriented development to the healthcare sector by building custom software programs, SaaS solutions, and mobile and web apps for medical hospitals, wellness organizations, and telemedicine service providers. An industry-specific LMS can help these organizations invest training efforts in nurses, practitioners, primary care doctors, and other administrative staff to improve the patient experience.

Financial services is a highly consumer-centric industry, and an LMS that continually polishes the hard and soft skills of client-facing human resources can significantly improve leads and conversion rates. Tekrevol can help insurance, Fintech, banks, and asset management companies take their organizational learning and development efforts to the next level.

Considering the strict compliance systems in the hospitality industry, food businesses and hotels can train their staff to provide better customer and guest experiences at online and offline outlets.

The education industry has skyrocketed with learning management system development because of remote access to learning resources, progress tracking and assessment systems, improved student engagement, and automated educator with student communication.

Law firms can take their legal practice to the next level with an online learning management system. It can track conferences, trial results, mock trials, and the progress of new lawyers and provide convenient remote access to learning resources.

LMS Development Services At TekRevol

As a full-stack software development company covering digital strategies to design to implementation, our LMS development services include:
  • LMS database design and development
  • eLearning resource management and tracking systems
  • Education app and software development
  • LMS code review and testing
  • LMS development consultancy and strategy development
  • Cloud-based LMS development

Our Technology-Stack

At TekRevol, we use multiple technologies to develop software systems. These technologies and languages may differ as per the requirements.

Products we deliver meet international security standards
  • TX-HB300
  • HL7
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) offer numerous benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • Modified to Your Requirements: Custom LMS can be created to match your explicit educational goals, content, and roadmaps.
  • Scalability: They can be expanded and nurtured with your organization, catering to more users and content as required.
  • Branding: Custom LMS permits you to align the platform with your branding and offer a reliable user experience.
  • Improved Features: You can mix progressive features, such as analytics, gamification, and social learning, to expand engagement and learning results.
  • Data Security: Custom LMS can be developed with strong security measures to shield sensitive educational data.
  • Flexibility: Custom LMS can be developed with strong security measures to shield sensitive educational data.

The usefulness of Learning Management Systems (LMS) contrasts depending on educational objectives, but one of the most influential aspects is often the capability to track and study learner development. This feature permits educators and administrators to:

  • Manage learner engagement and accomplishment rates.
  • Classify dominions where learners may be struggling.
  • Examine the effectiveness of certain courses or content.
  • Make data-oriented decisions for course enhancement.
  • Offer custom-made learning experiences built on individual growth.

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