Mr. Jeetu Kataria, the Co-Founder, and CEO at Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX)

Season3 Episode#09
  • 0:43 Introduction
  • 0:57 About Guest
  • 4:03 About DIFX Trading Platform
  • 9:38 What Happens to Your Bitcoin When You Die?
  • 13:33 Transitioning from Finance to Technology
  • 16:03 Entrepreneurial Journey
  • 19:38 How’s 2022 for DIFX so far?
  • 21:08 Patent & Licensing in Fintech
  • 22:54 Importance of Educating Potential Clients
  • 27:28 What’s next for DIFX in Dubai?
  • 29:33 Advice for Up & Coming Fintech Entrepreneurs

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