Augmented Reality App Development Solutions

Augmented reality apps help you build an interactive experience & establish a better connection between your customers and your brand.

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Types of AR Application Technologies

Tekrevol is one the leading augmented reality development companies and we have built various AR apps for our clients using different AR technologies.

Location-based AR

We build AR apps that accurately pinpoint location of a device using GPS, compass & accelerometer.

Marker-based AR

It is used for image recognition, to identify visual markers on physical objects & to predict position of a camera in a real world frame.

Superimposition-based AR

We create advanced AR apps with object recognition that replace existing view of an object with augmented views.

our process

We use AR technologies to provide enterprise solutions that solve business-specific problems with the help of AR & VR apps that deliver.


We have experienced augmented reality consultants who can educate, entertain and market a brand like no one else can.


Only a powerful strategy can help develop a powerful AR app. We help you speed up to the latest AR technologies.


Our qualified, expert AR developers offer unparalleled AR app development end-to-end solutions.

  • Customer experience

    With the help of AP technology, you can deliver engaging customer experience to increase brand loyalty & bring sales.
  • Marketing

    We can help you reach your existing & potential customers using AR based marketing & promotion campaigns.
  • Business operations

    You can use AR technology to simplify assembly & maintenance processes & allow accessible interactive digital content.
  • Education

    We can create feature-rich interactive apps with learning & development modules & unique representation of digital content.

The reach of AR app development

Augmented reality apps can help you offer a much more interactive experience that enables two-way communication between your customers and your brand. This can have a great impact to take your business to the next level.


Technologies and Tools

We consider current trends and emerging technologies in AR & VR solutions and use tools that best suit the business-specific needs of our clients.

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