client brief

Inspired by the New York Times Best Seller, “Beautiful Disaster,” NovelCraft allows players to step in the shoes of favorite characters, and take control of their fates. With over 21 episodes to unlock, your choices will determine how the game ends.


YEAR - 2019




introduction to game story

Novelcraft centers on two main characters, Travis and Abby, and each episode lets you make an intriguing choice that shapes the course of the game that will keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.


the problem

We knew that the biggest challenge with a project of this magnitude would be to get every detail exactly right, and make sure the representation of characters would satisfy even the staunchest of fans. Every character’s model was based on the descriptions in the novel, from eye color to hair texture, so our team had to make sure that everything was absolutely accurate.




the solution

We designed the entire game on Unity 3D and implemented a systemic sequence of algorithms, based on the choices that players could make. We were able to create an exquisite collaboration of the chararcters and the world around them. Our artists created detailed background settings and displays that defined the game environment and provides a flow of captivating affairs for players to engage with.

game elements


the highlights

The fluid graphics, character details and animations are what makes Novelcraft stand out. We made sure that each character’s animation delivered the best experience possible for fans and gamers to enjoy.

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