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Mart Book – mobile
app development

Revolutionizing livestock farming for modern-day farmers.

client brief

Mart Book is an interactive platform designed for modern-day farmers, where they can pre-book
their animals, or sell and buy animals through the convenience of their mobile devices.


YEAR - 2019



mobile app

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Mart Book app is the more convenient option for farmers to explore regional markets and buy or sell animals of their choice in just three simple steps. Mart Book app is a step ahead of its time, it helps farmers to catch up with fast-paced dynamics and changing trends of the business world.


the problem

The major concern with the app was to make it simple enough for farmers to use on a regular basis. The features and functions of the app were required to represent the needs of the niche and offer them unmatched value.

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the solution

A simple and intuitive user interface and a visually rich experience, we have designed and built the Mart Book app to provide users valuable experience. We have also offered impeccable ease for users with seamless and well-planned user journey.


the highlights

The unparalleled user experience and the extraordinary functionality are two major highlights of Mart Book app. Users can view upcoming lots, generate reports, go through their booking history, get live notifications and make descriptions as detailed as they’d like.

beach bandits

the results

Mart Book app is very advanced for its industry and it enables farmers to get ahead of the ineffective conventional practices and revolutionize livestock farming for more productive results. This user-oriented mobile app provides a personalized experience and serves its targeted audience very well.

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