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Building The Technology of Tomorrow

Our custom software development company Dubai team is on a mission to create sustainable, top-class digital products that allow clients to compete in the competitive GCC region. With our sound presence in the GCC region, we aim to help companies create and acquire solutions that improve their customer engagement channels and revenue generation streams.

Working with a software company in Dubai is investing in digital transformation, cloud-first solutions, citizen-centric digital services, achieving cyber resilience, future-proof data governance, and expanding into AI and Metaverse.

TekRevol is a software development company in Dubai committed to building the technology of tomorrow, enabling startups and enterprise-level businesses to foresee their future, identify their strongholds, and capitalize on them through sheer reliance on robust tech stacks and platforms.


Brainstorming, Ideation & Strategy

The first phase is where we start working on your solution for brainstorming, ideation, and strategy. This phase incorporates all the research work and defines the pathway for your project and the expected outcomes.

We also take care of the project timelines, mitigation strategies, project budgeting and scoping, and in-depth competitor analysis. In this stage, we take all the measures necessary to proceed seamlessly in the upcoming stages.

Software Design & Development

The software design and development phase is segmented into two parts. The first part is where the interface of the software is designed based on the instructions finalized. This gives an idea of what it will look like after its completion.

The second part is where the custom software starts taking shape. As an expert software development company in Dubai, we leave nothing behind. We start developing the software solution you want using the latest technologies, with all the required features and functionalities.

Manual & Automated Testing

Once the project is designed and developed, it moves into the testing phase. Our testing department reviews and tests the software on multiple standards. Depending on the compliance needs, we carry out different tests.

Like any leading software development company UAE, we test software through manual and automated techniques to ensure the QA process is up to the mark and the software serves its intended purpose for the owner.

Launch & Deployment

The last phase of the project is where it all matters the most. The launch and deployment phase is when the project goes into the users’ hands. We take necessary measures depending on the audience, whether it is launched on the intranet or extranet.

We always prepare special SOPs to deal with unforeseen situations in the initial launch and deployment period. Although it is doubtful that something unexpected will happen after an exhaustive testing session, we always like to be prepared – just in case.

Industry-Leading Custom Software Development Company
Custom Software Development for All Industries

TekRevol houses an experienced custom software development company Dubai team building products and solutions and helping startups and enterprises recognize their true potential. We help Dubai, or GCC-based clients build scalable, robust applications which help them acquire a significant market share and go global.

Our software development company UAE team helps startups and enterprises across various industry verticals with end-to-end development services for transformational experiences. Custom software development Dubai companies are competing to produce and deliver the best solutions, and TekRevol equips all the required resources to provide top-tier solutions and revolutionize the GCC ecosystem.


The gaming industry is among the leading technology domains, generating millions yearly. From mobile games to PC and console gaming – the gaming industry has been the fastest growing over the past few decades. But to get the right results, you need to build and market the game appropriately.

Healthcare & Wellness

Regarding accuracy and precision, no industry demands it more than healthcare and wellness because nothing more precious can be at stake than human life. TekRevol, as a software development company UAE, knows how you need to build a perfect digital solution and deliver an unmatched experience to your users.

Real Estate

TekRevol’s agile methodology to build and deliver digital solutions has helped serve some of the leading institutions around the globe over the past years with their real estate needs. From developing a system to finding the right location to suggesting the ideal locations based on budget, we have built it all and proven our mettle in the real world.


Education with technology is no doubt new, but the world is slowly coming to an understanding that education aided by technology will only make the upcoming times better and produce better citizens. TekRevol specializes in EdTech, building all kinds of systems to comprehensively ease the digital learning needs of the modern world.


The music industry has thrived over recent years – thanks to the digital platforms that have allowed content creators and artists to reach people in distant locations around the globe. TekRevol, a renowned software development company UAE, knows what it takes to develop a custom solution for the music industry.


The lifestyle is among the most diverse markets around the world. With digital products now reaching far and wide, we can only imagine new possibilities and better implementations through the effective use of technology. TekRevol, having a significant digital experience, can build the right lifestyle solution to help you reach where you want.


Entertainment apps, especially those with video streaming functionalities, are among the most used web and mobile applications around the globe, with immense potential around the globe. Getting your chunk from the largest traffic source is easy when you can build a perfect solution – TekRevol can help you build those solutions and climb the ladder of success.


Ecommerce can not be sidelined when talking about custom solutions. Our solutions will help you achieve your organization and revenue goals with convenience. Over the past years, we have built several digital commerce solutions for businesses worldwide, including Dubai and GCC, enabling them to tap the untapped market potential and explore new opportunities.


Why Choose TekRevol
As your product development partner in the GCC?

Our software company in Dubai boards the right in-house talent and expertise to serve businesses of all sizes and scopes and create and deliver the best solutions. Companies get to work with customer-centric teams that are well-informed and equipped to build the robust digital solution they need—with all the features and functionalities.

Having worked with more than 500+ businesses over the past few years, including Fortune 500 companies, gives our software development company Dubai team the confidence to take on more considerable challenges and continue our legacy to build powerful technology solutions and a better world.

All our software development company UAE workforce—software engineers, designers, digital marketers, ASO experts, and strategists give us an edge that we leverage to build the best possible solution and deliver a quality experience to our clients and their customer base.


Let’s do something great together!

TekRevol is more than a custom software development company; we’re equally invested in contributing to corporate social responsibility for the greater good. TekRevol’s vision is to impact 20 million lives in the next five years and to accomplish this ambitious target of ours, and we are working on projects that align perfectly with our vision.

Our software company in Dubai has a knack for creating digital breakthroughs and partnering with leaders of technology in the digital ecosystem. We are on track to build technology solutions for the years to come and foster experiences that are not confined but sustainable and at the disposal of futuristic needs and demands of the market.


Following agile principles for your business success

Building custom solutions by translating the client’s needs into fully-functional products is the key! Our software development company UAE understands that designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software cater to your designated users, companies, and functions.

Our results-driven and number-focused outcomes fuel us to build systems that have an actual impact on the users and add value to their lives.

As a leading software development company, TekRevol helps you multiply your growth by:

  • Helping You Find Inefficiencies In Your Process

  • Reaching And Acquiring New Customers

  • Retaining Customers By Offering Value Bundles

  • Improving Customer Engagement Rates

  • Opening New Revenue Streams And Directing Energies

  • Focusing On Transferring The Impact To The Users

We do more than that – tell us what works for you, and our digital experts will be in line to provide you with the ideal digital solution – custom-made for you.

To Build The Best Technology Solutions
We Use The Best Technologies

As a premier software development company in Dubai, TekRevol understands the importance of continuous innovation. To carry on our tradition, we use the best technologies available to build the best technology solutions.

We Don’t Say It Ourselves, Numbers Do!

TekRevol is a digital transformation and customized software development company that develops all kinds of digital solutions, including web and mobile apps, custom software, SaaS products, HRMs, CRMs, custom tools, management systems, automation solutions, ERPs, and much, much more. Here is what we have built so far.


Applications Delivered


Businesses Transformed


Industries Served

Want to know more about custom software development?

Here Are the Top Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses opt for custom software development primarily due to the following two reasons:
1. Either the existing software they use has limitations or flaws
2. Or the subscription price of the software they use is breaking their bank
The first reason is obvious, as no business wants to experience limitations in its workflow. Apparently, the second reason doesn’t make sense, as any credible Custom software development company in Dubai would charge a substantial amount to build their software. However, some software subscriptions are extremely expensive and can eventually empty your bank. Thus, most businesses prefer building custom software of their own instead of perpetually buying ridiculously expensive software subscriptions.

The primary difference between custom software and commercial software is that custom software is tailor-made to address specific problems or concerns of a particular business, while commercial software is designed keeping general business needs in mind.

The cost of custom software development primarily depends on the following three factors:

  • The geographical location of the software development company
  • Nature of the project
  • Project deadline

The average cost of custom software development in Dubai ranges from ABC to ABC. However, the cost is influenced substantially by the development company you partner with. The average development price quoted by a software development company UAE will be closer to the price quoted in Qatar or Bahrain but will be significantly lower than the average development price in the USA. You can use our software development cost calculator to get better and more accurate cost estimates.

YIf your business is facing workflow obstacles and no commercial software is available to address those concerns, you should opt for building custom software to optimize the workflow.

You should consider building a custom software if:

  • Your business is performing well and growing at an exponential rate.
  • Your monthly software subscription costs are breaking the bank.
  • You can optimize efficiency and reduce workflow limitations in the long run.

If any of the above conditions is true in your case, conduct interviews with potential candidates for custom software development in Dubai and kickstart your development project.

Yes. There are thousands of SaaS (software as a service) companies offering subscription-based software services. Canva, Slack, Asana, Trello, SalesForce, Veeva, etc., are among the top SaaS companies that you can take inspiration from for your custom software.

Find your niche, create a software development roadmap, plan monetization strategies, and hire a software development company Dubai team to kickstart your software development project.


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